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Player Group Photos

Started by Katherine, Jan 20, 2015, 12:28 AM

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This is Katherine0496 and I back when we first joined SFT. We was building our huge house :3


Ultimatum599's amazing build. :D


Haha you can just barely see me.... with the diamond armor  :laugh: :laugh:


First selfie!

Bird's eye view shot.

Ground view selfie.

Random crazy selfie! :D
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Guessing everyone's going on the server now and saying " tp to me for a group pic!! "


Quote from: GotAnError on Jan 26, 2015, 12:39 AM
First selfie!

Bird's eye view shot.

Ground view selfie.

Random crazy selfie! :D

lol im the iron golem XD


So we took some pictures of players today because katoon needed some for the new server favicon he's working on, and here's some that I liked.

Some older group pictures that I had in my screenshots folder:

And a picture of a cool mansion that I had laying around (forgot what it's of)

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Isn't the mansion pimmerts?


Quote from: Fire_Lord_Nero on Jan 26, 2015, 02:23 PM
Isn't the mansion pimmerts?
I was thinking it was pothnozz's :P
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Staff team should have one together, each group to a specific gmt


Me and Swindy with peanut butter jelly time :3

Group photo outside Swind's house



awwww i wasn't jumping  :'(  :tnt:


Team fuck shit up


Wishing I had photos from early 2012 still but sadly those are long gone.
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Me, Myself and I

Lots 'o' people

My good friend enderdragon and I

Some staff :D
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Katherine0496 and I looking fabulous as ever with each-other's heads on


New permanent skin and a selfie :)


Me, Green_Giant, IridecentWinter and enderman2004 after making the "MIGE PIE"

Just outside of my house. Fun times.
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I'll definitely post some later :)


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Kfc and his buddy's  :egg:   And the owner crew  8)


Everyone's me :0

Me & Funky back in 2013

The Avengers higher team

Not a picture, but amazing none the less. Drawn by YumiTheCutie in 2013

The Avengers crew


Our Lord and Savior, Pikachu.



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From left to right: Clobbery, Slaey, DreamEnder, tychodonas, me & Toffenut

Panda selfie 8)