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Started by xaliejx, Oct 29, 2015, 02:55 AM

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Hello Superfuntime people,
I have to write a short story (1,000 to 10,000 words) for my creative writing class. I am really struggling to find a topic, also I really struggle to write stories.
I have 2 classes left to write the story, and about 3 other weeks in my own time to write it.

Send help please! <3
Be creative.
Yr9 level please <3


-One night, the stars go out. Nothing can be seen in the sky. Why?
-A little girl always comes to school wearing tall purple rainboots. A young boy wonders why. At the end, it's revealed she has a prosthetic foot.
-A woman wakes up and the earth is completely free of life, save her. What happened?
-A young boy digs up a locket in his backyard, and searches for the owner his entire life, his search taking him all over the world
-A story told by the perspective of a dog who is being given away
-A woman is told she has 24 hours to live. What does she do?
-A boy outran some gang members and now finds himself stuck in some tunnels deep below the city, where do they go?
-A story told from the perspective of someone who just died, and is seeing the events play out following their death (they are in a spirit form)
-A team of ocean explorers discovers a civilization of creatures living deep in the ocean. Who or what are these creatures?
-A story about a balloon and its travels as it flies around the world

I dunno. Hope these help a bit, it is all I can think of at 11pm. :p