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ALevel Chemistry help

Started by TheMop123, Sep 11, 2016, 03:31 PM

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Hey guys,
I'm taking Chemistry at ALevel and I need some help.
I've been set some questions from a textbook that I do not own or have any access to.
If you own the ALevel Year 1 & AS Chemistry Text Book by CGP for OCR A, please can you give me the questions for pages 29, and also some key points from pages 28 and 27? 
I don't need the answers, only the questions and some key information, thank you!
(A picture of these pages would be gratefully received.)


The cover ( last pic)

Order of page (top to bottom)




Not sure if the right one. Please verify.


Thank you but this isn't the right stuff. :s
Just to verify, the topics covered in these pages are The Atom and Atomic models.
Also, ALevels are British qualifications.

Thank you though Bakon :)


Completed this yesterday.