[Pixelmon] Pumpkin winners!

Started by Dpa1991, Nov 03, 2017, 01:02 PM

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First place:

Second place:

Third Place:

@TheTrueMadKing and @DoctorFireclaw  post here with what prizes you would like to receive.

1st place: Random legendary OR random shiny
2nd place random shiny OR 16 rare candies.

I appreciate everyones entry and we will be doing more of these for sure. What kind of build themes would you like to see?

I'll also be giving out 3 rare candies for each entry who did not win, so the following people
@Chocobo123456 @JJ Inugami @Kray0ns @TheBluePill @Bronsokip222 @garow93 @AmberKat

will be receiving 3 rare candies upon their next login.




Those are so cute! Congrats to the winners :D


Omg! Thank you so so much! May I please have the random legend? Ahhh the suspense will kill me I gotta work today so I won't be able to see it till later! I hope its something good!~

The Mudkip Whisperer

Nov 03, 2017, 05:24 PM #5 Last Edit: Nov 03, 2017, 05:50 PM by Bronsokip222
Congratulations :)
Edit: In the future I would like to see a build theme of Pokemon battle areas, so we can have more cool places to have battles.



Gg to all

and to the @TheTrueMadKing better hide or my pumpkin might come and get you xD



Grats, Halloween never ends....

On October ;)


I'd like the random shiny please.

Congratulations to the other winners and to everyone else who entered, and good luck in whatever competitions may come next!


My invisible pumpkin was lit!