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[Survival][Weekend Event] Cake Fall

Started by Mrs_Ender88, Dec 06, 2017, 07:34 PM

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Hey everybody I'm happy to let you all know that this weekend's event will be a few rounds of the new event Cake Fall made by our very own Blakus87. It will be hosted at /warp CakeFall . It will be hosted by myself and @blakus87. It will be hosted on Sunday December  10th at 9:30 EST.

 :slimeball: What is Cake Fall?
Well it kinda like spleef but a little bit different. You will stand on top of the cakes and we will break them and the last one standing will be the winner. Rules are no flying, and no breaking the cakes yourself.

They prize will be 100k per round. I hope to see you all there and good luck.
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Isn't it basically CakeLuck, not spleef?
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Hosted 6 rounds. Lots of fun! locking
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