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[Modded] FAQs & Ranks

Started by AtomicPulse, Sep 16, 2018, 03:32 PM

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Credit to @TheStarNomad for creating this.

Hello 1.7.10 players!
Whether you're new to the server, helping someone out or just need some info, this is the place for you!

My 1.7.10 is crashing everytime I log in/crashes on the launcher
This is just a list of possible fixes, if these do not work you can make a post about your problem.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the modpack-
Obvious how to do this

Give more RAM to Java/Technic-
1. Click the cog button to go to launcher settings
2. Press on Java settings
3. Click on the memory part, and set it to 3GB (MINIMUM!)
P.S - make sure you're using 64bit Java, 1.7.10 will not run otherwise
If you need Java go here:

Why can't I craft an item?
More than likely the item you're trying to craft is banned.
Check the banned item list here:,186813.0.html

I tried to place an item and it disappeared?
Some items need more space to be placed.
Normally it is placed back into your inventory and relogging makes it show again.
If it doesn't show after relogging then it has glitched out, and you can possibly get a refund from a Manager+.
Note: lying to gain items will result in a BAN.

How do I stop people from griefing my stuff?
1. Type /pos1 and /pos2 at either corner of where you want your claim.
2. Type /claim to create the claim. All info such as adding members, deleting the claims, list of claims, etc are also displayed by typing /claim or /cm.

Claims DONT go from bedrock to sky so you will need to worry about the Y coordinate.

My friend can't open any chests or build on my claim!
Just type /claim or /cm, this will open the gui which allows you to manage your claim.

Who are the staff on this server?
Check this post to view a list of staff members:,125222.0.html

How do I get staff?
Staff are chosen by current staff. To even be considered you must meet the following requirements.
  • You are required to have 75+ hours on the server.
  • Being friendly, helpful and active will increase your chances of being chosen.


Default Rank:Magic/Tech Path:Hours:
Novice .0 hours
Apprentice. 24 hours
AdeptMagic 100 hours
LabourerTech 100 hours
SpiritualistMagic 200 hours
TechnologistTech 200 hours
SorcererMagic 300 hours
MechanistTech 300 hours
SpellbinderMagic 400 hours
OverseerTech400 hours
IllusionistMagic 600 hours
IndustrialistTech 600 hours
ArchmageMagic 800 hours
Professional Tech 800 hours
OmniscientTop Rank 1000 hours

  • Someone who has contributed to the server / sft.

Duties expected of an Architect:
  • To build for the server whenever required.

Staff Ranks:

Duties expected of an Owner:
  • Admin duties and more
  • Restarting server after a crash
  • Profile resets
An Owner is someone who owns / runs the server.

Duties expected of an Admin:
  • Promotions
  • All Manager- duties
  • Forced rankups
  • Restarts
  • Buycraft issues
An Admin is someone who has been a worthy staff member and made it to the top staff rank.

An Elder is a resigned Admin.

Duties expected of a Manager:
  • Removing locks, furniture, and other protected items
  • Opening and closing emporium (do not repeatedly ask for emporium to open)
  • Hosting games (you may request games, but do not spam managers with messages)
  • Most of the things Mods do
A Manager is someone who successfully got promoted from Mod.

An Engineer is a resigned Manager.

Duties expected of a Mod:
  • Protect houses, buildings, and property of a player.
  • Set lava, and water for player
  • Adding members and owners to protections
  • Moderating the chat and resolving disputes (also a JMod duty)
  • Most of the things JMods also do
A Mod is someone who was successfully promoted from JMod.

Duties expected of a JMod:
  • Stopping griefers
  • Monitoring chat
  • Resolving disputes
  • Helping players who need it
  • Stopping hackers
  • General assistance and helping point players to the correct staff member
A JMod is someone who was successfully chosen to be staff.

Duties expected of an EventHost:
  • All JMod duties
  • Hosting events
BTeam Owner | Survival Admin | Creative JMod

Ex - Factions FMod | Prison Guard