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[Modded] Rules

Started by werewolfxx5, Oct 03, 2018, 02:25 PM

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1.7.10 Rules:

You are allowed to curse but not at others or excessively.

Do not insult staff or players.

Do not use mods such as X-Ray.

You may only have 2 auto-spawners running.

Do not advertise other servers, pages, etc.

Do not grief even if there's no owner or protections.

Do not try to steal, it won't end well.

Do not raid other player's graves.

If you find a glitch report it, don't abuse it.

AFK is NOT allowed! You will be banned if you use an AFK machine or AFK in excess.

Do not ask for staff ranks as it may lower your chances of becoming staff in the future

Do not wear inappropriate skins.

Do not impersonate staff members or players.

Do not overuse caps when talking in chat.

Do not use magic against others without their permission.

To find these rules in-game use /warp rules and if you have any questions about them please feel free to ask a 1.7.10 staff member. The staff list can be found here.

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