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[Modded] Useful Commands and Warps

Started by AtomicPulse, Feb 17, 2019, 05:37 PM

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Feb 17, 2019, 05:37 PM Last Edit: May 17, 2020, 04:48 PM by AtomicPulse
Below is a list of all the available commands for each rank on the 1.7.10 Server (Staff commands excluded)

To see how to get each rank, look at the ranks guide.

Commands are correct as of 14/03/2019


Untrusted - This rank is when you are banned, you only get the following commands:
:grassydirt:  /money - Views your money only, you can't pay anyone.
:grassydirt:  /pstats
:grassydirt:  /tpa
:grassydirt:  /tpaccept
:grassydirt:  /tpahere
:grassydirt:  /spawn
(You can get some 3rd party plugin commands too such as /rtd, /lotto etc.)

:grassydirt:  /spawn - Takes you to the spawn in the world you are in.
:grassydirt:  /world1 (/w1) - Takes you to world 1. (Building world)
:grassydirt:  /world2 (/w2) - Takes you to world 2 (Building World)
:grassydirt:  /event - Take you to the EventWorld
:grassydirt:  /kit - Lists the kits you can use
:grassydirt:  /kit <tools, torches, etc> - Gives you the kit you select
:grassydirt:  /pos -Shows you your co-ordinates and world you are in
:grassydirt:  /home - Take you to your home.
:grassydirt:  /sethome - Sets your /home.
:grassydirt:  /money - Shows your money.
:grassydirt:  /pay <player name><amount> - Pays money to another player.
:grassydirt:  /pm <recipient> <text> - Send a message to another player.
:grassydirt:  /r <text> - Send a quick message to the most recent player you sent/received a message from.
:grassydirt:  /iv - Tells you the value of the items in your inventory for the Emporium
:grassydirt:  /who - Shows who is online.
:grassydirt:  /warp <warpname> - Teleports you to the warp location.
:grassydirt:  /warp create <warpname> - Creates a /warp.
:grassydirt:  /warp delete <warpname> - Removed a /warp.
:grassydirt:  /warp private <warpname> - Makes a warp that you created private so that only you can warp to it.
:grassydirt:  /warp invite <playername> <warpname> - Makes a player of your choice be able to warp to your private warp.
:grassydirt:  /warp assets - Shows you your own warps.
:grassydirt:  /help - Gives you a book that may help you.
:grassydirt:  /tpa <playername> - Requests a teleport to another player.
:grassydirt:  /tpahere <playername> - Requests a teleport so the player can teleport to you.
:grassydirt:  /tpaccept - Accepts the teleport request.
:grassydirt:  /random - Takes you to a random spot to build
:grassydirt:  /nether - Takes you to the nether
:grassydirt:  /end - Takes you to the end
:grassydirt:  /pstats - Shows you the stats of your account (Uptime on all SFT servers, votes etc.)
:grassydirt:  /ranks - Tells you the requirements for each rank
:grassydirt:  /rankup <rank> - Ranks you up to that rank
:grassydirt:  /lotto - Displays lotto commands and latest results
:grassydirt:  /ml - Shows you the global market, click 2 times on an item to buy it
:grassydirt:  /recv - Shows you who can see your messages when talking in local chat
:grassydirt:  /talk - Enable/Disable World-only chat
:grassydirt:  /sh - Send a message to all worlds (just use /talk)
:grassydirt: /rg i - View information of your claim (Only works if you're added as Owner)
:grassydirt: /rg am <claim> <name(s)> - Add a member to your claim (Only works if you're added as Owner) (Get claim name from /rg i)
:grassydirt: /rg rm <claim> <name(s)> - Remove a member from your claim (Only works if you're added as Owner) (Get claim name from /rg i)
-------------------Party Chats------------------- 
:grassydirt:  /party create <name of party> - Creates your own party
:grassydirt:  /p - Toggle party Chat or send a single message to the party
:grassydirt:  /party invite <party name> - Invite a player to join your party
:grassydirt:  /party accept - Accept any pending party invites

You will receive a kit for each rank you get.


:grassydirt:  /warp shop - Takes you to the shop
:grassydirt:  /warp emp - Takes you to the Emporium
:grassydirt:  /warp staff - Takes you to a list of staff
:grassydirt:  /warp arena - Take you to the PvP arena
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