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Survival and 1.14.1

Started by Towelie, May 13, 2019, 12:14 PM

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I am expecting 1.14.1 to come within 2 weeks.
From what I've found, they've fixed a lot of bugs, including the extremely annoying chunk loading lag and other lag causing issues.

In fact, you can see here all the fixes in 1.14.1:

Now, when this comes, we should be set to update right away, provided nothing else happens like it did in 1.14 (basically I worked for 6 hours in one sitting trying to upgrade only to encounter a lot of really bad issues such as players crashing on join, extremely bad performance with chunk loading and all that.

I would like to ask, as a precaution this time, that you remove all your items from a) CrazyAuctions (/ml) b) Slimefun backpacks the moment you see 1.14.1 is out (I will not post any further warnings, in theory the transition should go smooth and no item loss should occur from the above mentioned containers, but you never know and WE WILL NOT OFFER ANY REFUNDS (since there is a warning)

Lastly, I hope that 1.14.1 is not the mess of an update that 1.14 was, and I hope everything will go smooth during the transition from 1.13.2 to 1.14.1 and the world conversion (during my upgrade attempts for 1.14 a lot of things went wrong, including the world being corrupted - but I had backups -.

I cannot fully exclude that a world reset will be needed, but it is looking like we shouldn't have any problems with that.

PS: For the past few days I've been on a mini break from SFT which will now extend (hopefully for only a few more days) due to my health. Sorry if I've neglected any tickets or haven't been around a lot lately, that's going to improve once I get back on my feet and 1.14.1 comes out.

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They also seemed to fix a bug I liked to call crash-a-lot. This bug caused the server to crash randomly, when someone loaded chunks and it was a pain, and made me almost give up life when trying to update to 1.14 :)

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Sounds good, hope you feel better soon. :)
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Thanks for all the work you have done for this, get better soon, :)


Hope the update goes well!


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Can't wait to start an army of foxes  ;)


dang. wish i could be there :)