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Its been a good run

Started by xQuicScopex✪, Jun 04, 2019, 02:45 PM

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just so people dont flock to me asking questions, but i have fully resigned from sft (as owner/dev/discord admin/any other rank i somehow have) this was not because of anything in sft (like certain people or something being ran bad) but because i just dont have the time needed to actually put in the work that sft actually deserved, this wasnt a decision i made lightly either (its actually been an internal battle for ~2 months now) but i feel that its my time to leave and let others pick up where ive left off

@Mord3005 / @ceddy24 : i trust you both to take care of 1.7.10/pe from now on (dont let me down)

@Towelie : sorry for the short notice but thanks for everything you taught me/helped me with over the years, you really do have an amazing community and im so glad i got to be a part of it for the last 6 years

and to everyone else, dont just let your dreams be dreams, sometimes you have to make hard decisions to progress as a human being and that is ok, it will make you a better person and let you have experiences that nobody else can have (or everyone can have if youre as boring as me)

Until we meet again sft

-Quic :>

(direct copy of message i left in announcements)
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@xQuicScopex✪  - Thank you for your service and I wish you the best of luck in life.
Don't be a stranger, and don't forget about that small gaming community called Super Fun Time.
It won't forget about you, I can tell you that.

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I'm gonna miss you dude.

It feels like just yesterday that us two idiots who had no idea what we were doing decided that we were gonna try to make a difference and show some love to a place that'd shown so much to us. Damn, so much has changed since then...

I'll always consider you a great friend and I wish nothing but the best for you in life.

If you ever need anything or just wanna talk you've got my discord and phone number. ;)
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Anyone who finds the time to dedicate into a community for the enjoyment of others should feel accomplished. I don't know you personally, but as an ex-Admin, I understand the effort it takes to support a large community like SFT.

If life demands more from you, then go do what you gatta do and then get back on the horse whenever you're ready!

Thanks for everything you've done for everyone.
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Damn, we'll miss you dude, dont be a stranger. Feels like just yesterday you were abusing helping us PE nerds be decent staff. Show up every now and then so we know you're still alive haha ;) take care man

throw back to the edgar days lmao
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It's sad to see old players like you leave, but it happens in life sometimes, ofc there is always memories of fun times with old friends that were always great, thank you for being awesome part of SFT quic! 😁


Good luck with everything Quic, thanks for being an amazing person.
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