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[Rules] Survival Inactivity Board (updated)

Started by xJade, Aug 07, 2019, 07:46 AM

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Aug 07, 2019, 07:46 AM Last Edit: Dec 31, 2023, 03:58 AM by Maya546
Inactivity Board Rules
All normal forum rules apply. Please read them here.

:slimeball: Only post on this board if you are going to be inactive for more than 60 days for guests/untrusted players OR more than 90 days for Member+

:slimeball: Please state what days you'll be inactive or when you're going to return!

:slimeball: If you are going to be gone for more than the stated times we cannot guarantee the safety of your builds from BCV. So, please add a person (with their consent) you trust to stay active to your protection!

:slimeball: Do not post on this board if you are planning on leaving SuperFunTime! Instead, message one of our staff members on Discord or on the forums! Their contact information and names can be found by clicking here.

:slimeball: If you do not specify a date, it will be locked after 3 months if there are no updates on the post during that time or a Manager+ cannot contact you on Discord.

Use this format when making a post.
[b]In-Game Name[/b]:
[b]Discord Contact Information[/b]:
[b]Return Date[/b]:
[b]Reason for Inactivity[/b]:
[b]Members to add to Protections[/b]:

Click here to make an inactivity post!

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*Updated inactivity requirments to make a post. :)

* Removed PE's inactivity link due to it being shut down.

*Pictures are clickable in the post.

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:heart:You MUST learn to help yourself. Thats how you become stronger. :heart:


 + Added Staff Contact information page.
 > Updated formatting for bullet points.
 > Updated inactivity policies.
 > Updated copy and paste format.
 - Removed Forum Mods section as all Manager+ manage Inactivity Board now.
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