May 12, 2021, 10:49 AM


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[Survival] Changes to Brickport

Started by UnicornOnACob, May 04, 2021, 08:42 AM

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Some changes to the Brickport housing market have been made, as suggested by omelott and discussed by the Manager+ team.

New prices are as follows:

Central square house standard - 300k
Central square house corner/centre - 500k
Standard house - 200k
Corner house - 250k
Marketstall - 200k
Shopbuilding - 500k

The rules are as follows, with changes made to the rules being in bold:

-No changes can be made to the exterior of the houses
-Players can now have more than one house but only one within the inner/central ring
-Only one marketstall/shopbuilding per player
-The player must frequent the location (includes decorating the interior in some way) but is not required to live there
-Players who are inactive for 2 months will be evicted from their homes without the return of their money but with return of items within the building
-Staff no longer get discounts on these prices

In order to purchase you will still need to contact a Manager+ and pay them the money before you are allowed to have the building protected.

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