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[B-Team] Steveco. Crate Suggestions

Started by ep9954, Mar 26, 2022, 06:34 PM

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Please use the following form when creating a post that suggests new crates and check our current list of crates before suggesting here:

[b]Name of Crate:[/b]
[b]Item 1:[/b]
[b]Item 2:[/b]
[b]Item 3:[/b]
[b]Item 4:[/b]
[b]Item 5:[/b]
[b]Item 6 (Optional):[/b]
[b]Item 7 (Optional):[/b]
[b]Item 8 (Optional):[/b]
[b]Item 9 (Optional):[/b]
[b]Item 10 (Optional):[/b]

Note:  Please include the following in each item you suggest: 1. Item name, 2. Item enchant, 3. Item description. Please also note that one out of the 5-10 items must be fail prize. (Something that is of worse value then its other contents). You may also wish to include what color you want the name of the item to be! Please note that if a color is not named, a random one will be picked by me during creation.

Please note some modded items may work, but not all!
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