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Cluescrolls: Revamped!

Started by Trojan, May 25, 2022, 09:17 PM

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Cluescrolls Re-release

Hello Survival players, today I have an exciting announcement to make: Cluescrolls have been completely revamped to be more fun, more rewarding, and more challenging! Every aspect from clues to rewards have been revamped and improved so there are more ways to get more and better loot.

New Features:

New Clues

Clues have been completely revamped to include new and fun challenges with added variety, with changes made for balancing. Clues that are impossible or hard on SFT have been removed or altered, and some new types of clues of varying difficulty have been added, including but not limited to:

  • Altered mob kill quotas
  • Fairer crafting and mining clues
  • New clues, like crafting tricky items, exploring, and voting
  • A mix of challenging and moderate legendary and special clues
  • Some joke-based clues, added for fun
  • New plugin-integrated clues planned for the future!

New Rewards

 :slimeball: All low quality rewards like the enchanted tools and horse armor, along with many inadequate prizes like ores have been removed from all tiers.

Common Cluescrolls: Common cluescrolls have been revamped to have better loot, including vote tokens, steve co crate keys, slimefun items, pyrofishing items, enchanted books, custom enchanted items (TBD soon), and more lucrative vanilla options. Each cluescroll gets you 3 rewards after you solve no more than seven low difficulty clues.

  • Hazmat Suit
  • Infinity & Flame Book
  • Pet spawn eggs
  • Prismarine Crystals

Special Cluescrolls: Special cluescrolls yield higher loot including better slimefun items, high tier enchanting books, rare items like crying obsidian and ghast tears, valuable custom enchanted items (details TBD soon), music disc vouchers, arcade vouchers, x6 vote tokens, zeta and entropy, a platinum lure, and a slim chance at an Elytra. Each scroll gives you three rewards for upwards of nine clues.

  • Platinum lure
  • Explosive tools
  • Large Backpack
  • Celestial Artifact
  • Fortune 3 Book
  • Channeling, Mending, Prot V, Silk Touch Books
  • x6 Vote Token
  • Music Disc Vouchers, for both classic C418 and 1.16+ Lena Raine discs
  • Elytra

Legendary Cluescrolls: Legendary cluescrolls have the most valuable items. Rewards include:

  • Pairs of celestial artifacts
  • Rare Crate Key
  • x12 vouchers
  • x15 vote tokens
  • Radiant Backpack
  • Turtle cap
  • Shulker Box
  • Heart of the Sea
  • High powered custom items (more details TBD) :)
  • A *rare* (2%) chance of getting a Nether Star

New Methods of Obtaining

You can now *buy* each tier of cluescroll using EMP instead of experience. The new system works as follows:

 :iron: Common cluescrolls cost 4,500 emp
 :gold: Special cluescrolls cost 35,000 emp
 :diamond: Legendary cluescrolls cost 100,000 emp

In addition, you can still buy mystery cluescrolls which have a chance to become any cluescroll for 12 initial exp levels (215 points). Each type of cluescroll has a weighted chance, so special has less than half the chance over common and legendary half of that.

Please note that buying cluescrolls now has a cooldown, so you can only buy one every three hours.

In addition, you can now obtain clue crystals from killing mobs! Ordinary spawner mobs including blazes, skeletons, zombies, and spiders do not drop them, but mobs like creepers, wither skeletons, strays, drowned, and piglins have a 1.5% chance to drop a crystal. These crystals, when redeemed, turn into a random tiered cluescroll (with higher odds than mystery cluescrolls purchased with EXP).

Those are our new changes for cluescrolls, and we have more planned and to be implemented in the very new future! If you have any feedback about these changes or questions about the new system, please leave them in a reply so we can improve them further :)
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