[Survival] First Annual Valentines Day gift event!

Started by Kakota, Feb 02, 2024, 05:08 PM

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Hello SFT community :)

We have brought a new and fun seasonal event to SFT!
A secret gift-giving Valentine's Day themed event!
Please thank Specterminate for this great idea!

Similar to Secret Santa, but for Valentines Day instead!
Just like Secret Santa you will be assigned (3) double chests by any present jmod+ when you ask to join this event.
You will /cdonation all 3 chests from top to bottom.

Do I need to be apart of the event to hand out gifts?
No you do not! You're more then welcomed to hand out gifts, despite not having an assigned chest :)

How do I join?
Ask any present jmod+ online to help assist you assigning your chests!

How long can I give gifts til?
Up until February 14th!

How long do I have to collect my Valentine Days gift until?
You have until February 24th to claim your gifts

What happens to my gifts if I forget to claim them?
They will be at your /home
If you do not have a /home they will be left at your 1st available protection
(ie for Kakota, it'd be Kakota_1 or whatever my 1st available prot shows as)

I accidentally misplaced an item into the chest! What do I do?
Ask any online admin+ or make a ticket on the discord server. Set a warp and let us know the warp, the items name/item type.
We will help retrieve the item back ASAP for you!

How do I get to this event?
/warp vday2024
There are warps signs to make teleporting to certain letters easier! :)

Happy Valentine Day's everyone! :heart: