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Community projects: FAQs/explanation

Started by itsConnor_, Jun 24, 2011, 12:51 PM

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Hey guys,

It's Connor and as this was my idea, I thought I'd explain it to you all to avoid all possible confusion :)
During the project you would update as regularly as possible, and would be fantastic to add extra detail like pictures,stages of progress and just an explanation of what your project actually is. The best projects, that have put a lot of effort into not only the project, but the topic itself, will find their topic being pinned!

I have come up with a few FAQs...

What is the difference between Donator and Contributor?

Donators are the people that have donated supplies to your project( e.g They've gave you 6 stacks of logs, or 4 stacks of glass etc.), not people that have donated 40 planks or 5 stacks of dirt. Contributors are people that are helping to build and design(etc.) the actual project(as I said before you can give out ranks within the project).

Can I post any old thing that I'm building?

No. If you post things like: My house or Mud town, they will be removed. The projects have to be things that are not solo, and that people are helping you with(that's why they are called community projects). If you are unsure whether your project 'qualifies' for a community project, please PM the current Board Moderator and they will happily respond :) )

Can I add pictures, stages of building, and extra details?

Yes. Infact this is one thing I'd love to see, and if you put in a lot of effort(If it's ok with towelie) you might find it being pinned!

So what exactly is a community project?

A community project can be anything that is a project really, something like a  man-made chunk error or temple or an airport or a sky island/regular town etc. Or it could be something real like the statue of liberty  etc.

A community project can be practically anything! :D But the one thing i empathize is that you get as much people to help out as possible and put as much detail into your topic as possible(as the project goes on).

Remember: Sky island towns(in fact even official towns!) can be community projects! ;D

If you have any other questions, please post here and we will add the question and answer it :)

Thanks for reading :)
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If anyone ever has any questions/needs help with starting their community project,etc. - feel free to PM me.
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