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Post your FACE!

Started by Pimmert, Aug 16, 2011, 08:19 PM

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Quote from: SIR.Platerfin on Aug 02, 2015, 09:58 PMBeing pushed by your older brother(yes in have been pushed off a plane while skydiving and yes by me brother)

1) Skydiving has a minimum age of 16 anywhere due to obvious problems, your profile says you're 13 ;)
2) You're implying that you're not doing it tandem. You have to do a course to be able to do it solo and it can take a long time.
3) You can't just be 'pushed out of a plane', there's a technique you learn to safely exit the plane. The way you said it would be highly dangerous, illegal, and stupid. Just saying.

Not calling you a liar, but.. if you're gonna post stuff that doesn't ring true, at least post photos or evidence ;)

Shots! At the strip club with me mates ;) (i'm on the right)


Aug 10, 2015, 10:59 PM #426 Last Edit: Jul 29, 2017, 09:44 AM by IiRr22Bb

first one ever guess who i am? :>

and yes the faces were both intentional xD



Oh, what the hell, why not.  :D


Barbacue at the club



Just an update :3 one of me two years older...
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Okay so heres an update with the most recent photo i've taken. Enjoy aha andd @camster65



BEcuz brad told me to update n I must not dissapoint :3

Ur turn @badbrad01


An actual good picture of me, but yes, this is moi.  :heart:  :laugh:
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Update, because #whynot?


So sexy...
Much smile...
Very Photo
Much Fancy...
Are insults still insults if I agree with the statement(s)?


here i am in the Mohave desert


Taken seriously like 10 minutes ago on snapchat  :D
â–'█▀▀▀█ â–'â–ˆâ"€â"€â–'â–ˆ   â–'█▀▀▀█ â–'█▀▀▀█
â"€â–,,â–,,â–,,▀▀   â–'â–ˆâ–,,â–,,â–,,â–ˆ â"€â"€â–,,â–,,â–,,▀▀ â"€â–,,â–,,â–,,▀▀
â–'â–ˆâ–,,â–,,â–,,â–ˆ â"€â"€â–'â–ˆâ"€â"€  â–'â–ˆâ–,,â–,,â–,,â–ˆ â–'â–ˆâ–,,â–,,â–,,â–ˆ


Me when i was like 10 or something and The other like 10 mins ago


This is meee xaliejx


I've had to remove a few posts from this forum.  This forum is a place to get to know each other with more than just a screen name.

This is not a place to make fun of people in anyway, shape or form.  If you don't have something nice to say then stay the hell out of this forum.

Thanks, and here is HappyNem relaxing at a cafe.


Sorry I changed it


i feel left out ;-;
HOPEFULLY i don't regret this later ;n;

.... ;-;

 :redflower: :redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower:

:heart:You MUST learn to help yourself. Thats how you become stronger. :heart:


this is my face feel free to laugh and draw on it :p

P.S my beard has grown alot longer so this picture is like 5 months old :p


Edits I did a little while ago.

(classic IPwn massive image, because I can)


I decided to update (ive probably updated already but idk im so basic) so enjoy!