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Post your FACE!

Started by Pimmert, Aug 16, 2011, 08:19 PM

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So I guess I'm overdue an update
(Since my last post was like a year or two ago?)

Here be me. This is now my face.

But in all seriousness, all suited and booted for work


Haven't posted in a while thought why not..


So today I was just sitting around doing nothing (as per usual) and I go look in the mirror. I see me and this hair that I currently have and I'm like:

I couldn't say that I was too pleased with my hair. I'd been growing it out for almost 2 years and I had officially decided it's time for a change!

I get this new haircut, a style I've never had before, a fresh new look for me. Although I had seen it at the barber shop whilst getting it cut I hadn't truly seen it up close and personal. I get home, look in the mirror and I see it, finally. My reaction?

And thus concludes the tale of my haircut.
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Most recent edit I did.

Largest image possible just for @BattleAxium


College Life xD

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Me and my friends when it was finally raining in California  :steve:

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A bit of an update. Iunno. Hai. Almost off of my short SFT break and missing everyone. c:


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Quote from: American_Walrus on Mar 17, 2016, 02:06 PMGuys, remember to not post on here unless you are posting your face. Makes the topic lots bigger and clustered ;)

He says whilst not posting his face.

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Was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas :P

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Mar 29, 2016, 11:39 AM #512 Last Edit: Mar 29, 2016, 09:54 PM by Izzdaer
I got my Medal Of Honor shirt finally!!!! (That I ordered agessss ago)

imgur is being a butt so link-
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Not the best with "selfies" but here u go.


For all you land dwellers


So here's an update of me back a few weeks ago before a duty in the zoo. To anyone who's wondering, I volunteer for St John Ambulance Ireland.
(Apologies, it's sidewards and I don't know how to fix it.)



[attach name=DSC_0076+-+Copy.JPG type=image/jpeg]24119[/attach]


I guess I have only been here for forever, and still no one has seen my face  :o So here goes nothing:

Please don't judge me cuz I know I'm fabulous

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Hey there xD


Greetings! Here is me and my cephalopod friend octavius right before my father took a picture, causing her to bite me...

Me and my amazing hair...


I look fabulous x3


It has been a while so why not post two? ;o

Next one is coming on later xD

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Got some new puzzles, decided to take a selfie with them all!

Edit: Just realized how bad the camera angle is.... whatever :P



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