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Reminder: "NO REFUND" rule.

Started by Towelie, Jul 24, 2014, 07:00 PM

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This is just a post to remind you guys that we have a "NO REFUND" rule in place.
This ofcourse applies to any items lost that were not the direct consequence of a staff member.

For example:
- If you die losing items, we will not refund
- If an admin slays you (and it was unprovoked) and you lose some items, we will do our best to refund

Why this rule?
- It's impossible to verify the veridicity of one's claims. For example, you say you lost 100 diamond stacks, when in fact you lost 1. We cannot check that, the logs don't log item drops/pickups.
- Even if we do believe you (for example let's say you are a very old player who has never broken the rules in their life), we cannot refund your items upon loss because that would constitute as preferential treatment over the other players

We ask that you understand this one big rule and understand that we may not be liable for any of the bugs in mojang's game and/or third party plugins.
If you are affected by a first party plugin (plugin we made), we will do our best to refund where possible.

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