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Survival / Re: kogaqua
Nov 25, 2021, 02:43 PM
Hello Kogaqua! Thank you for your patience.

The manager+ team discussed your unban terms.

We are willing to unban you with no untrusted time if you promise to never show any hate towards anyone no matter their sexuality/being trans/etc and promise to never joke about such manners again. We take such actions seriously and will not be as lenient in the future; we have 0%  tolerance for such behaviors. As long as you promise to not do this again and do not repeat it, there will be no more issues.

You have a week to agree to your unban requirements or this post will be locked without an unban.

Happy thanksgiving
Survival / Re: kogaqua
Nov 21, 2021, 05:37 PM
Hello Kogaqua!

You were banned by someone who is no longer staff for Homophobic and derogatory language - I will be handling your unban from here.

I'll be discussing this with the manager+ team and will get back to you as soon as possible. Please give us some extra time with upcoming holidays.

Results are in for boatrace, speedway and KOTL!

Pink Team; Boatrace; 6pt, Speedway; 6pt KOLT; 4pt

Blockdreams; Boatrace; 4pt, Speedway; 4pt KOLT; 6pt

Teams overall have....

Pink Team - 88pt

Peachlings - 34pt

Blockdreams - 34pt

Wasted Seconds - 25pt

 :egg:  team - 3pt

Pink team takes 1st!

Peachlings and Blockdream tie for 2nd

Wasted seconds get 3rd

:egg: gets 4th!

Thank you everyone for attending and I hope you all had fun!  :heart:
The luck event results are in and the following teams got

Peachlings - Sheepluck; 7pt Lavaluck; 5pt Leafluck; 5pt Grassluck; 5pt - With a total of 22pt

Wasted Seconds - Sheepluck; 5pt, Lavaluck; 3pt Leafluck; 7pt Grassluck; 7pt - With a total of 22pt

Pink team - Sheepluck; 3pt Lavaluck; 7pt Leafluck; 3pt Grassluck; 3pt - With a total of 16pt

Teams overall have....

Pink Team - 72pt

Peachlings - 34pt

Wasted Seconds - 25pt

Blockdreams - 20pt

 :egg:  team - 3pt

See you at tomorrows final event ;)
Hello everyone!

This will be the final week of the SFT Olympics!

Wednesday, November 10th at 9PM EST we will host luck events!
Only one member per team may compete

Sheepluck, Lavaluck, Grassluck and Leafluck!

Each luck event will grant the following points....
1st place - 7pt
2nd place - 5pt
3rd place - 3pt

Thursday, November 11th at 9PM EST we will have boatrace, speedway and KOTL!
Only one member per team may compete

Each event will be granted the following points...
1st place - 6pt
2nd place - 4pt
3rd place - 2pt

Ninja Warrior results are in!

Pink team - 14pt!

Blockdreams - 10pt!

The following teams have

Pink Team - 56pt

Blockdreams - 20pt

Peachlings - 12pt

Wasted Seconds - 3pt

 :egg:  team - 3pt

See you at next weeks Olympic Event!
Musical Beds results are in!

Pink team - 5pt!

Blockdreams - 3pt!

Peachlings - 1pt!

The following teams have

Pink Team - 42pt

Peachlings - 12pt

Blockdreams - 10pt

Wasted Seconds - 3pt

 :egg:  team - 3pt
The Olympic Event "Musical Beds" has been moved to November 3rd, 9PM EST due to some real life emergencies; hope to see you all there! :)

If no one shows, I'll move this into week 6
Hello everyone!

This is the 5th week of Olympics, which means more events! Yay

This weeks event will be Musical Beds and Ninja Warrior Tournament

Musical Beds will be hosted, November 2nd at 9PM EST! November 3rd at 9PM EST!
Only one team member may compete!

Ninja Warrior Tournament will be hosted Thursday, November 4th at 9PM EST!
All team members may compete, but only one needs to cross!
Oh, and unlike Wipeout and Mudder events, it will be per event and not overall! ;)

Points will be as followed....

Musical Beds
1st place - 5pt
2nd place - 3pt
3rd place - 1pt

Ninja Warrior
(1 & 2)

1st place - 7pt
2nd place - 5pt
3rd place - 3pt

PS; you may practice the Ninja Warrior events in the meantime!

Happy parkouring, hope to see you there Olympians!
The results are in! The mudder toury is finished ;)

Pink Team competed and won 1st in all giving them a total of 10pts.

The following teams have

Pink Team - 37pt

Peachlings - 11pt

Blockdreams - 5pt

Wasted Seconds - 3pt

 :egg:  team - 3pt

Stay tuned for next weeks! :D
For the wipeout tourney the results are the following!

Pink won all 8 maps with a 1st place win, giving them a 1st place overall win!

Peachlings won 2nd place in 4, giving them an overall of 2nd place!

Wasted Seconds won 3rd in 4, giving them an overall of 3rd!

The following teams have the

Pink team - 27pt

Peachlings - 11pt

Blockdreams - 5pt

Wasted Seconds - 3pt

:egg:  team - 3pt

Goodluck all at the mudder toury!
The following teams received the following points

Pink team- 7pts

Block Dreams - 5pt

Peachlings - 3pt

The total overall points right now...

Pink Team - 17pt

Peachlings - 6pt

Blockdreams - 5pt

:egg: Team - 3pt
Hello everyone!

While we wait for the results of Olympic event #3, lets hop right into Olympic event week #4!

This week we will be doing several events

Tuesday, at 9PM EST we will have a Wipeout Tournament.
The teams winning the most overall Wipeout Events will receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd places!

Thursday, at 10AM EST we will do a Mudder Tournament!
The teams winning the most overall will receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd :)

Like the past events, all members from each team may compete, but only one needs to cross to win!

Each event(wipeout and mudder) get the following points....

1st - 7pt - if you win all you get 3 additional points!
2nd - 5pt - if you get 2nd in all you get 2 additional points!
3rd - 3pt - if you get 3rd in all you get 1 additional point!

Goodluck to all! Happy competing.
The deadline to participate in the rockwall event will be Tuesday, the 26th of October! You must contact me before Tuesday to set up a time to train  ;) Or catch me ingame before Tuesday! Either works
Hello everyone!

This weeks Olympic event will be a bit different then our past 2 events + with a twist!

Instead of competing against eachother, this will be a timed event.
The team to do this the fastest will get 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

You may compete as a team, but whatever team member finishes first wins for the team!
You cannot win any additional placement.

The top 3 teams with the fastest team will win the following points

1st place - 7pt
2nd place - 5pt
3rd place - 3pt

We will be doing /warp rockwall for this weeks Olympic event!

I will host each team individually with a timer, please contact me personally to setup a time to compete in this or wait until you see me ingame :)
My discord is Kakota#2524 or you may PM me on here!
I am around mainly in the mornings and evenings  :heart:   
Thank you all for attending!

Pink team is in the lead with 10pt

 :egg: team is tied with peachlings with 5pt
Myself and @samanthasnee  will be hosting this weekends event - Storage wars; haunted theme!

Each container will be based on a certain movie or TV show that is spooky and haunted  :jackolantern:

We will be hosting this spooky event at 4PM EST, Saturday the 16th and hope to see you there!
Weekend event countdown timer

Sell all your junk, farm those potatoes and get that dough!
Hope to see you there
Happy bidding!
Quote from: Mazeworker on Oct 10, 2021, 04:39 AMLooks like another week of not being able to play...

It truly is wasted seconds...

I'll be hosting more in different timezones, don't worry :D
With the first Olympic event done and over, lets move onto #2

But before we get more in depth, here are the teams with points so far!

Pink Team - 5pt
:egg: team - 3pt

This is still anyones game!

Now, back on track, this weeks event will be Hedgemaze!
For this event, one member of each team will compete.

Each team will receive the following

First place - 5pt
Second place - 3pt
Third place - 1pt

This event will be held Thursday, the 14th of 2021 at 5pm EST
Countdown here

Hope to see you there  ;)
To warp up this event, team "Pink team" won 1st place with 5pt, "Team  :egg: " won 2nd with 3pt.

Thanks all who showed up! Stay tune for next weeks event >: )
Quote from: Mazeworker on Oct 04, 2021, 08:47 PMWith it being 2PM my time(At work)... I will not be able to play in this event.

Wasted Seconds Electric Boogaloo.

I'll be hosting more at different times to hopefully give people in different timezones a fair chance, so don't fret! I'll also be throwing in some twists to hopefully work out well too ;)
With sign-ups closed is now our big release for our very first Olympic event!

This one will be with a bit of a twist!
Each team will face off at eachother & ALL members can be apart of this!
(those with solo members will be paired evenly)
Each winning team will then face off eachother to get 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Ice Hockey!

If we do not get enough teams to show, the raincheck event will be either Connect4 or Boatwars :)

This event will be hosted Tuesday, the 5th, at 4PM EST!

1st place - 5pt
2nd place - 3pt
3rd place - 1pt
Hello everyone! The SFT Olympics is still on and this will still be hosted for several weeks, with events during the week to prevent colliding with weekend events  :D

I will be allowing sign ups for anyone interested until Monday! Once Monday is here; October 4th sign ups will be closed and the very first event will be posted. Each post will have information on if the whole team can play or if only 1 member can, points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and any additional information.

Feel free to contact me on discord if you have any questions, concerns or unsure about anything  :)  Kakota#2524
General Discussion / Re: 7 years
Sep 27, 2021, 03:39 AM
I hope this new chapter in your life brings you good things and a positive outlook. We'll truly miss you, and SFT won't be the same without you </3 goodluck buddy, I hope life brings you good things!
Hello everyone!
Me and @AtomicPulse will be hosting this weekends event!

Hide and Seek - with some possible twists ;)
3 rounds at 300k each.

We will be hosting Saturday, the 11th at 3PM EST/8PM BST
Countdown timer is here --->

Hope to see you all here
Better get hiding ;)