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Personally, I think the current set up is pretty good. Two worlds, reset to keep them fresh, but not to often; in addition to some extra worlds for resource collection (scavenge world, nether & end) and an event world.
Thank God. I'll take all the money you have! Hopefully it'll cover the cost of both my flight to central Kyrgyzstan, name change and leave me with enough to start a new life...
TowelieDOH. Has spent roughly ten years running SFT as a second job, putting up with a lot of shit doing so and never walking away. Doesn't get much credit for what he does, considering the effort and time put in. Also, a memelord in chat, when not AFK!
I would be interesting in buying one of these!
Forum Games / Re: [memes] best one wins
Sep 29, 2020, 06:28 PM
This is where my ever growing archive of 897 memes (currently) comes in useful!

All stolen. Oof. And the forum won't let me upload them even though they are within the file limit. Oof again.
General Discussion / Re: Half a dozen
Sep 26, 2020, 11:47 AM
Congrats on six years, and best of luck with university! Glad you're enjoying it so far. :D
I'd like to join the mining guild please! :D
I remember you telling me about this "cool server" that you used to play that we should go on, back in 2013 maths. And I remember that we used to have a text chat over Hamachi when we played. Odd to think that was nearly 7 years ago!
Will be interesting to see factions back, considering its been gone a long while.
Hope the update goes well!
As the original post doesn't mention I would like to clarify that although everyone is able to access the world is it entirely protected to yourself (and anyone you choose to add)? To stop random people building in your world. Also, if you were to lapse on your Patreon payments what sort of time frame would the owners have to re-join Patreon or to download the world?

I think this is quite an interesting idea though, I hope it does well.
Polls / Re: What goes in first
Feb 04, 2019, 09:10 PM
Quote from: djkirsh on Jul 13, 2018, 08:55 PMThere's a psychopath amongst us who puts their milk in first...
4 now...
Quote from: Towelie on Nov 25, 2018, 05:46 PMThat's from 3500x3500 to 4000x4000 so even if it sounds like it's just 500, it's not xD. It's a difference of ~4 million blocks
You could actually argue its an increase of 960,000,000 blocks if you want to factor in the height of a Minecraft world being 256 blocks :P

Nice to see structure appearing in other dimensions and the world getting bigger, though! :D
I think I can say I used to be decently active, however the reason I don't really play anymore is simply because I don't have the time too and because other games (generally things like Fallout 4 and Civilization V but also others) take what little time I do have for gaming these days. For me to play I'd simply need the time I used to have back when I was active. If I had that I'm sure I'd probably come on more, relative to me current activity which is practically 0. SFT didn't do anything wrong in my eyes, what I lost was the spare time I used to play, mainly. (There are other lesser contributing reasons but I cannot state them here - if you want them Towelie you'll have to PM me on something and I'll give you a quick reminder).

Also, while I don't want to speak on behalf of others, I'm sure there will be other players who are in the same, or a similar, boat to me.
I think it would be nice to see the server reset and given another chance, just like with main survival. 1.13 has brought a lot of new stuff that could potentially make the server attractive to players again. I know I'd like to give 1.13 a go in a close to vanilla, hardcore type environment.
Hope the changes give the intended outcome - IE a revamp in the popularity of the server. When this actually happens I may actually try to play a bit again, if I can get time. Like others have stated, after a while you just "do everything" and then you get bored, hopefully this should help rectify this.  :)
That's great to hear!
Classic :')
General Announcements / Re: 7 years
Feb 28, 2018, 05:03 PM
Nice one :D
Thank you to all that have applied. This thread is now closed and is no longer open to receive new applications.