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Hello everyone!

Ever wanted to be a Youtuber for a community?
Now is your chance to!

We have lowered the requirements to be a Youtuber for SFT!

  • 500 subscribers
  • 1000 views within a month from posted video date

[b]Minecraft nickname[/b]:
[b]Youtube channel[/b]:
[b]Current subscribers[/b]:
[b]Average views on a video you make[/b]:

  • Exclusive Youtuber rank
  • Free premium shop items(based on the recording)
Note; Due to EULA we can only provide shop perks at this time.

Please click the word "select" to copy the required text field above & paste it into a reply to submit your application :)
Applications must meet the posted requirements.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
Have fun everyone!  :heart:
Greetings everyone!
Me and @Maya546 bring you Hide n Seek

We will be hosting 3 rounds of $300,000 a round!
Each round will last 10 to 15minutes depending how many show up OR last man standing!
Whatever comes first ;)

Oh, right! This will be hosted Sunday, the 25th of September at 1PM EST!

Hope to see you there!  :heart:
Hello SFT community!
Myself and @samanthasnee will be hosting this weekend event on Saturday, the 13th at 1PM EST!  ;D

This will take part in the W2 spawn and items some featured items will be 1.19 and older blocks, some arcade vouchers, entropy and even 3 random custom items!  ;)

-->Countdown here<--

We hope to see you there!  :heart:

Hello SFT community!

Me and @Trojan will be hosting 3 rounds of bedwars this Saturday at 1PM EST!
Each round will reward the winner with 3 arcade vouchers and 75,000 emp!

--->Countdown here<---

Hope to see you there!
Hello SFT community!

Myself and @samanthasnee will be hosting a build competition - Summer themed!
This event will solely take place on Survival - all builds entered must be on survival.

This event begins today and ends August 1st, 2022.
Voting will be done by the manager+ team :)

To sign up, simply copy/paste the form below and post it in a reply!
You guys can have up to 4 members to your team, including yourself!

Team Name:
Warp Name:
Solo/Team IGN(s):

Prize list

1st place - 1million EMP(spilt amongst team members) & 2 arcade vouchers to each member
2nd place - 500,000 EMP(spilt amongst team members) & 1 arcade voucher to each member
3rd place - 250,000(spilt amongst team members) & 1 arcade voucher to each member

If you guys have any further questions, just ask below!
Have fun and happy building!
Hello survival community!

The staff team & community have been working hard on this project for the last few months.
We are happy to announce the "Helpers Guild!"

What is the Helpers Guild?
It's a community guild to help out new joins by donating items to the donation chest; provided by the entrance to the left. Items will then be organized and distributed into the chests to their appropriate category for guests to use!
Items may include - building blocks, food, armor, tools, misc items, and more!

We also have some interactive information books & signs with additional information about our server!
You can find out about PyroMining, PyroFishing, MCMMO, Emporium, Autoshops, Public Farms & Guesttown!

Anyone is welcome to donate items at /warp HG
To donate, simply warp and go to the left(away from the staircase) and there is a chest for donations! 🙂

New to SFT?
Simply take the staircase to your slight right, go up and the chests are labeled with items!
Hello everyone!
This weekend will be hosted by myself and @ValVenus!

We will be hosting 3 grounds of towerspleef with a mix of emp prize of 125k, arcade vouchers and other rewards!
This event is happening at 2PM EST, Sunday the 22nd!
--->Countdown here<---

Happy spleefin'!
Helloooo survival players!

I'll be hosting Driprun this Wednesday, May 4th at 5PM EST!
We'll be playing 3 rounds of driprun with a mixture of emp prizes & item prizes!

Emp prizes will be 30k!
2 arcade vouchers
And other rewards!
Survival / Re: 3dLiam2
Apr 29, 2022, 02:50 PM
Hello 3dliam2!

You can request your rank back at 372hr and 33min by asking any admin+ ingame or making a ticket on the discord :)
You can check your uptime with /pstats

You have been unbanned, welcome back!
Survival / Re: 3dLiam2
Apr 28, 2022, 01:55 PM
Hello 3dLiam2!

I see you were banned for advertising by someone who no longer is staff. I will be handling your unban. I see you were banned nearly 10years ago. Considering how long ago your ban was, I am willing to let you off with 1hr untrusted(limited commands) if you promise to never advertise any servers again :)

You have one week to reply to this.
Survival / Re: PlasaYara
Apr 24, 2022, 03:17 AM
Hello PlasaYara!

Since it has been a week with no response, I will be locking this ban request. Feel free to submit a new ban request if you'd like to be unbanned

Survival / Re: JustJ0
Apr 23, 2022, 03:47 PM
Hey JustJ0! Since its been over a week without a response, I'll be locking this topic.

Feel free to make a new topic to request an unban, thanks!
Helllooooo everyone!

This weekend event will be hosted by myself & @Mayalilz!

We will be hosting 3 rounds of bedwars on our Minigames Server with varying prizes of vouchers, etropy/zeta, and a few other cool rewards for survival! ;)

For the best experience, it is recommended you use 1.8 otherwise you may encounter a few bugs!

We hope to see you there at 8PM EST on Saturday, the 23rd of April!
---> Countdown here <---
Hello survival!

This weeklys event will be hosted by @Noahd2005 Thursday at 9PM GMT!

Noah will be hosting wipeout 1, 2, 3 and 4 for 25k each game!

Hope to see you there :)
Hello Survival!

As many of us know SFT has been around for the last 10 years and that is a major milestone!
Over the years SFT has become a smaller community and while that is fine, we thought it'd be awesome to reward YOU to bring your friends to SFT! :)
Our survival relies on you and the more players we have, the longer SFT will be around!

This offer is valid to any rank and not restrictive - if you're an elite, you qualify! An owner who refers their friend? You also qualify! Are you a guest who referred a friend? You too qualify! Your friend must meet our requirements posted below is all ;)

Whats the catch?
Any friend you bring to SFT must get 6hrs of uptime on survival for you both to qualify for this prize!

What do I get?
You get 50k for each friend that gets 6hr of uptime on survival!

Do my friends get anything?
Each friend that hits 6hr of uptime will also get 15k!

How many friends can I refer for 50k?
There is no limit, you may refer everyone at your school if you wish!
As long as each friend gets 6hr of uptime on survival, you both will qualify! :)

I recently referred my friend, do I still qualify?
If you referred your friend in the last 30 days, you can qualify for this referral system!

You will not qualify if you do the following!
-Use an alt for the referral program
-Your friend must not be using a VPN for the first 6h so we can tell for sure it is a true referral and not people cheating the system

Refer a friend fillout form!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask below! Happy referring
Hello everyone!

This weekends event will be hosted by yours truly & @TheStarNomad✯ !

We will be hosting Hockey Saturday the 19th at 1AM GMT/9PM EST
--> Countdown timer <--
The first team to score three rounds will get 200k spilt amongst them!

This is not a death event

Hope to see you there and get skating!
Hello SFT!

This weeklys event will be hosted by me, we will be doing 3 rounds of Skyfall for 25k a round.
This is a death-event

See you guys there Wednesday, the 9th, at 3PM EST!
Survival / Re: S0rry6
Mar 03, 2022, 02:01 PM
Hello S0rry6, you were banned by AtomicPulse for Xray and after multiple times of xraying, the team decided for you to wait a couple of months.

In your most recent unban, which was just about 1 and half months ago, you were requested to not file an unban until May 12th, 2022 for Xray plus ban-evading when actively banned; found here, your old unban. In that case, I will be locking this topic. Do not request an unban until May 12th of 2022, thanks!

Hello guys and gals, potatoes and flowers!
This weekend event will be hosted by yours truly and @Autpek

We will be hosting 3 rounds of Hide And Seek for 40k per round!
Get your game on this Saturday, the 5th at 2PM EST.

Countdown timer

See you there!
-Reduce summerheat and raise winter temps. Even if their own biomes.

-Changing the color palette wouldn't hurt.

If I think of more I'll add.
I voted no to removing it.

We are currently working on fixing bugs like the snow in winter, and we have disabled wolves to help with the murdering of livestock and decreased mob rates to help with farm limiter. As we go, we are doing our best to fix other issues and bugs.

Seasons for me brings an unique, fun, experience. Instead of an infinite summer of vanilla MC, we are thrown seasons as we know it; fall, winter, spring, summer. To each we have to adapt, and with the season changes, so does the land. Yes, it may appear a bit visually disappointing but it personally doesn't bother me much and reminds me of true seasons irl. I really find it fun and challenging, instead of it always being the same season and basically grinding til you reach the now have to adapt to change.

While some things could be tweaked like possible temperatures, overall for me I enjoy it. But some things needing change I am not against, we learn as we go and find out possible issues and bugs :) A lot of this can be fixed with tweaking then a full on removal.

Also, the nether and end are unable to have seasons enabled; I inquired with the dev of the plugin about it and it is intentional. As for SW having harsher weather, I am pretty sure the plugin is overall and not per world.

As for farms breaking, I have not had this issue or experience. Are the farms outdoors, or indoors? Do they "break" in winter or another season? Winter does stunt outdoor farm growth til weather is warmer; indoor farms yield crops during winter(basically any cropland with a block above it).
For the "constant snow" issue I'm looking into it and a fix. Hopefully in the next winter season this won't be such an issue ;) just have to wait for winter to start

Survival / Re: Puttato
Jan 17, 2022, 04:19 PM
Hello Puttato!

You were banned by hi_per for spamming, scamming and using racial slurs. I have notified him of your unban request, please allow up to 48hrs for a response.

Survival / Re: i forgot
Jan 16, 2022, 12:35 AM
Hello RilosaurusRex!

You were banned by Samanthasneez for being rude in PMS and spamming. You will need to get your main unbanned, making an new account will be considered evading and not help your chances at all. I have notified her of your request, please allow some time for a response!

As for discord, you will need to make a separate unban request over here and choose the last option in server type. This is the survival unban request :) <-- copy/paste link to unban forms

Hello SFT!

This weeks weekly event is hosted by me, Kakota this Tuesday at 8PM EST!
We will be playing 3 rounds of sheepluck for 25k a piece - a grand total of 75k!

Event Countdown

See you there!  ;D