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Hello SFT players :)

Join me this Friday, the 14th at 12PM EST to play 2 rounds of bouncykour! Bouncykour 1 & 2 :)

Each round will be 125,000 with some arcade vouchers!
Do not worry, this is a non-death event! :heart:

Get your bouncy shoes on and get your game face on!
Hope to see you there!
Survival / Re: rAEuyq5NrpNFT6BY
Jun 11, 2024, 03:16 PM
Hello rAEuyq5NrpNFT6BY. You have been unbanned, you may request your rank back when you hit 6hr 54 min via ingame or a discord ticket :)

Welcome back and have fun!  :heart:
Survival / Re: rAEuyq5NrpNFT6BY
Jun 09, 2024, 06:46 PM
Thank you rAEuyq5NrpNFT6BY. Please allow the admin team a few days to finalize your unban request, I will post a reply to your inquiry when you're unbanned and when you can request your rank back :) Thanks!
Survival / Re: rAEuyq5NrpNFT6BY
Jun 09, 2024, 05:45 PM
Hi rAEuyq5NrpNFT6BY! I was the staff member who banned you for xray. I appreciate your honesty on your hacked cilents, how you obtained your diamond tools & armor and handing over all the clothes/tools on you without issue.

Considering your honesty with us and cooperation, I am willing to unban you if you follow these terms.

  • Have your emp set to 0.
  • Have all your iron+ removed.
  • Promise me you'll never xray or use any sort of hacked cilent again! If you do, your punishment will be much harsher.
  • Serve 3 hours of untrusted time(limited commands)
  • To ensure you read thusfar, please tell me your favorite animal!
  • Tell me 2 rules from here.

You have 1 week to respond to these terms, failure to do so will result in this thread being locked and you'll need to submit a new unban request.
Heyo everyone!

I will be hosting tower spleef this Thursday, at 8PM EST :)

This is a non-death event --- there are 10 levels of spleefing!
Grab your best shovel(or go get making it!) and bring it with you for this fun event!

There will be 3-5 rounds depending on outcome, of 150,000 each! :)

See you there! <3
Survival / Re: skylanders2990
May 16, 2024, 02:42 AM
Since its been a little over a week with no response, I will be locking this. If you have trouble joining the server, please open a new ticket and we will assist you :)
Survival / Re: skylanders2990
May 06, 2024, 02:31 PM
Hello @Bynt your unban has been processed and you have been unbanned. I will leave this unlocked for now incase for some reason it gives you trouble to join!

Welcome back to SFT :)
Survival / Re: skylanders2990
May 06, 2024, 02:03 AM
Thank you!

Please be patient, we are procressing your unban. Once you are unbanned, I or someone else will let you know! =)
Survival / Re: skylanders2990
May 06, 2024, 12:24 AM
Hello Skylanders!

You were banned by someone who is no longer staff for advertising, so I will be handling your unban.

Considering this ban was long ago, I am willing to unban you if you comply to these terms.

  • Promise to never advertise ever again! Even in DMs.
  • List me 3 rules from here.
  • Most importantly, tell me your favorite color :)

You will have 1 week to respond. If you do not respond within 1 week, your post will be locked with no unban and you'll need to submit a new unban request.
Hello everyone!

I will be hosting Boatrace Monday, the 29th of April! Starting at 7PM EST :)

I will be hosting 3 rounds of boatrace for 150,000 emp + some arcade vouchers :)

Hope to see you there! <3
Hello boys & girls, potatoes and carrots, dogs and cats!

This weekly event will be Jungle Run!
This is a non-death parkour event :)

There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner for this event!

Prizes are as followed

1st place - 150,000 & 5 arcade vouchers
1st place will also receive a possible store credit if we meet the following thresholds!
$5 store credit if we get 5 or more people attending
$10 store credit if we get 10 or more people attending!

2nd place - $100,000 & 3 arcade vouchers

3rd place - $75,000 and 1 arcade voucher

This event will take place on Thursday, March 21st at 9PM EST :)
Hope to see you all there!  :heart: 
Hello SFT community!

This weekly event is Boat Wars!
Boat Wars is a non-death event!

To win, simply shoot at the players boat. Last team standing wins!

125,000 per round + arcade vouchers!
We will play 3-5 rounds depending on outcome of players :)

This event will happen Saturday Feb 17th, 9pm EST :)
Hope to see you there!
Hello SFT community :)

We have brought a new and fun seasonal event to SFT!
A secret gift-giving Valentine's Day themed event!
Please thank Specterminate for this great idea!

Similar to Secret Santa, but for Valentines Day instead!
Just like Secret Santa you will be assigned (3) double chests by any present jmod+ when you ask to join this event.
You will /cdonation all 3 chests from top to bottom.

Do I need to be apart of the event to hand out gifts?
No you do not! You're more then welcomed to hand out gifts, despite not having an assigned chest :)

How do I join?
Ask any present jmod+ online to help assist you assigning your chests!

How long can I give gifts til?
Up until February 14th!

How long do I have to collect my Valentine Days gift until?
You have until February 24th to claim your gifts

What happens to my gifts if I forget to claim them?
They will be at your /home
If you do not have a /home they will be left at your 1st available protection
(ie for Kakota, it'd be Kakota_1 or whatever my 1st available prot shows as)

I accidentally misplaced an item into the chest! What do I do?
Ask any online admin+ or make a ticket on the discord server. Set a warp and let us know the warp, the items name/item type.
We will help retrieve the item back ASAP for you!

How do I get to this event?
/warp vday2024
There are warps signs to make teleporting to certain letters easier! :)

Happy Valentine Day's everyone! :heart: 
Hello everyone :)

This weeklys event is Connect 4!
We will be playing 3 to 5 rounds of Connect4 depending on turnout!

Each round will reward the winner 125,000 and some arcade vouchers!
This event will happen Saturday, Feb 3rd at 12PM EST!

Hope to see you there  :heart:
Vouchers, emp and other gifts have been handed out and left at your guys /home.

Thank you for participating!  :heart:
Thank you everyone for your patience! We have the results ;)

Drumroll please....

1st place! Emily

2nd place! ShadowTaco

3rd place! Cala

I'll handle rewards next time I am on <3 and will post here once everything has been handed out.
Thank you everyone for your submissions :)

The manager+ team will be voting on this. Results will be back within a week or so - stay tuned!  :heart:
Groot_69 still needs this
Hello SFT community!

For the holidays, starting December 21st and ending January 9th we have added Pyrofishing Snowglobe as a reward redeemable via Arcade vouchers!
50 vouchers will give you one Pyrofishing Snowglobe.

You can find information about the Crabmas event here!

Any admin+ can help in the redemption process.
Feel free to make a ticket in the discord or ask online when any admin+ is present :)

Happy Holidays!
Survival / Re: TheKingOfPop2
Dec 04, 2023, 05:14 PM
Hello TheKingOfPop2!

I have processed your unban, you may request your rank, Veteran back once you hit 374hr and 28min.

Welcome back!
Survival / Re: TheKingOfPop2
Dec 03, 2023, 04:18 PM
We will procress your unban, please give the admin team sometime to finalize your unban. I will return to this fourm topic in the next couple of days when we've finalized your unban to inform you, you may play again. Thanks!
Hello SFT community!

The holidays are approaching very rapidly!
That means *drumroll* our annual Christmas build contest has returned!

The build contest runs from now and will end December 31st, 11:59PM EST!
-->Countdown here til the event ends<--

We ask that all builds are related to Christmas or the Winter season. All builds must be built on survival though however! You can build solo or with a team! Please leave all submissions below including if you created the build by yourself or with a team (including all team members' names), and the warp to get to the submission. If you have any other questions about the contest, please feel free to leave a comment or contact @samanthasnee or myself!

Prizes will include:
1st Place: 3mil emp, 5 arcade vouchers and a player head of choice.
2nd Place: 2mil emp and 3 arcade vouchers.
3rd Place: 1.5mil emp & 1 arcade voucher.
Prize winnings will be evenly split between team members. Everyone who participates will also get a fun and unique custom item!

Once the contest has ended, we will get the results back to you within a week's time.
Happy Building!  :heart:
Survival / Re: TheKingOfPop2
Dec 03, 2023, 03:23 AM
Hello TheKingOfPop2!

Thank you for resubmitting your ban request on the date mentioned from your previous unban.

I am willing to unban you on these conditions listed below

  • Promise to never ever use X-ray again. If you do, your punishment next time will be much harsher!
  • Have your emp reset to 0
  • Have all your iron+ removed
  • Serve 4 hours of untrusted(limited commands)
  • Tell more 2 rules from here.

You have one week to respond to this unban request. Failure to do so will mean this unban will be locked with no unban and you'd have to resubmit an unban appeal.
Survival / Re: TheKingOfPop2
Nov 25, 2023, 03:06 AM
Hello TheKingOfPop2. I was the one who banned you for X-ray.

I first want to say thank you for cooperating with me and giving no fuss on handing over your items.

As you know, we take x-ray extremely serious on SFT and that comes with very stern punishments. X-ray is an unfair advantage to our playerbase and that is why we take it so seriously to begin with. However, you cooperating with me about the X-ray will help your case very much and the outcome of your general unban.

With that said, as a veteran player you definitely know better & our rules here on SFT and how extreme we take X-ray situations. Since we take these situations very seriously, I'd like you to submit a new unban at least 1 week from now which should not be posted anytime sooner then December 1st, 2023.

Hello SFT community!

For the holidays, starting October 22nd and ending November 8th we have added Pyromining Shards as a reward redeemable via Arcade vouchers!
30 vouchers will give you one Pyromining Shard.

These shards will help spawn in The Unknown of one of the four variants that will drop anything from Zeta to rare vessels and other rare drops!

You will need 10 of these to spawn in "The Unknown Variant"
More info about "The Unknown" can be found here.

Any admin+ can help in the redemption process.
Feel free to make a ticket in the discord(currently in survival-feedback) or ask online when any admin+ is present :)

Happy Halloween!