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For the "constant snow" issue I'm looking into it and a fix. Hopefully in the next winter season this won't be such an issue ;) just have to wait for winter to start

Survival / Re: Puttato
Jan 17, 2022, 04:19 PM
Hello Puttato!

You were banned by hi_per for spamming, scamming and using racial slurs. I have notified him of your unban request, please allow up to 48hrs for a response.

Survival / Re: i forgot
Jan 16, 2022, 12:35 AM
Hello RilosaurusRex!

You were banned by Samanthasneez for being rude in PMS and spamming. You will need to get your main unbanned, making an new account will be considered evading and not help your chances at all. I have notified her of your request, please allow some time for a response!

As for discord, you will need to make a separate unban request over here and choose the last option in server type. This is the survival unban request :)
http://www.superfuntime.org/forms/unbanreq <-- copy/paste link to unban forms

Hello SFT!

This weeks weekly event is hosted by me, Kakota this Tuesday at 8PM EST!
We will be playing 3 rounds of sheepluck for 25k a piece - a grand total of 75k!

Event Countdown

See you there!  ;D
Quoteit is JasperFritz (no underscore), and I appreciate this though i fully expect to only get coal

Done :) Merry Christmas!
Quote from: jasper_Fritz on Dec 20, 2021, 08:26 PMIf I am banned, Can I request a row of chests in my honor to be placed?

I will /cdonation them in your honor, what is your ingame name?
Hello SFT community!
While Christmas may be almost here, we have released a Secret Santa!
(we apologize for the lateness!)

Due to how late this has came out, with Christmas only 5 days away we have extended gift giving until the end of December!

How does this work?
Contact any manager+ online and request a row of chests to be unlocked for you!
Once the man+ removes the lock, you simply do /cdonation and tada! The chest is yours :)
No one can take back. You can leave anyone a gift in their marked chest by simply opening it and placing the item in there ;)

All names are in Alphabetic order to easily find your friends and signs posted for what chests/side is for A-Z!
You will find a board at /warp SS2021 with quick warps to builds for names A-D, E-H and so on!

What happens if you put the wrong item in there?
Inform an admin+ ASAP to retrieve it for you!

When does this event end?
While collecting gifts may happen on Christmas day, gift giving is extended until December 31st!

How long can I claim my gifts?
Until January 15th, all unclaimed gifts will be left at your /home via an Manager+ with a marked chest - so no risk of being stolen!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kakota via ingame or discord(Kakota#2524)

Merry Christmas to all!
/warp SS2021 to claim your chest and start the Secret Santa gift giving!  :heart:
Survival / Re: BikiniLemon
Dec 19, 2021, 01:33 AM
You are now unbanned. Welcome back to SFT!

Locking topic :)
Survival / Re: BikiniLemon
Dec 18, 2021, 10:42 PM
Hello BikiniLemon!

You were banned by Maya546 for griefing, however this ban is only for 2 weeks and not permanent. I have informed Maya546 of your unban request, please allow up to 72hr for a response - there may be a tad delay with major holidays upcoming.

Please keep an close eye on your unban for her response or it may become locked with no unban!
Survival / Re: kogaqua
Dec 03, 2021, 01:51 AM
Hello Kogaqua, since I haven't heard back for a week from my most recent reply of your terms I'll be locking this post. Feel free to request a new unban if you wish to be unbanned. Thanks!
Hello survival community!

The team is super proud to bring you the new Seasons plugin and allow you to experience a unique gameplay filled with realistic similarities to real life while giving a more survival feel overall!

But what is Seasons and how does it work? Well, we will break it down for you!

Seasons is a plugin that allows you to experience all 4 seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall! Each season has their own pros and cons and you must adapt to the new seasons as they change. With no further ado lets get into some tips and tricks and further information about this plugin!

Base Temperatures

Winter Temp varies from 0C down to -15C

Spring Temp varies from 0C to 20C

Summer Temp varies from 20C all way up to 50C

Fall Temp varies from 5C up to 20C!

But other things like running, swimming, drinking amongst other things all have effects on how cold or hot you get!

Sprinting/Running Adds +5C to your current temperature
Going into any body of water Will reduce your temperature by -10C in Summer and Winter and only -4C in Spring and Fall!
Drinking water Gives you a cooldown buff if your temperature is 25C or hotter for 5 minutes real life time bringing your temperature down instantly by -10C!
Full Hunger Bars Gives a +5C buff if temperature is lower then 25C
Block lights Add 0-15C until temperature is 25C
Rain Reduces your temperature by -4C
Storms Reduces your temperature by -5C

All clothing add the following warmth buffs up to 25C
Leather will add +20C instantly to you - ideal winter clothing!
Iron, Gold and Diamond Armor only add +5C to your temperature
Netherite only adds +3C to your temperature

Farms and Crops

Now you may ask yourself what about farms, how are they effected?

Winter All outdoor crop growth is stunted; bonemeal won't work when winter arrives! However, indoor farms will allow crop growth and bonemeal will work.

Spring Everything is growing! Flowers are flourishing, and crops do grow, just at a delayed rate! Potatoes and carrots you may notice take a bit longer to reach maturity.

Summer Everything is growing like weeds and you'll notice normal speeds for crop growth! You may notice berry bushes blooming too!

Fall Just like Spring you'll notice a delay with some crops like potatoes and carrots taking a bit longer to reach maturity.

Saplings however should grow year around, you may notice some delays in certain seasons though!

How long do the days last? How long does each Season last?

Unlike vanilla minecraft days where each days lasts 20 minutes real life time, in Seasons each day will last 40 minutes giving a more realistic feel to the game and allow you to experience the Seasons even longer!

December: Daytime; 18 minutes Nighttime; 22 minutes
January: Daytime; 17 minutes Nighttime; 23 minutes
February: Daytime; 18 minues Nighttime; 22 minutes
March: Daytime; 19 minutes Nighttime; 21 minutes

April: Daytime; 20 minutes Nighttime; 20 minutes
May: Daytime; 21 minutes Nighttime; 19 minutes
June: Daytime; 22 minutes Nighttime; 18 minutes
July: Daytime; 23 minutes Nighttime; 17 minutes

August: Daytime; 22 minutes Nighttime; 18 minutes
September: Daytime; 21 minutes Nighttime; 19 minutes
October: Daytime; 20 minutes Nighttime; 20 minutes
November: Daytime; 19 minutes Nighttime; 21 minutes

Each season has about 126 minecraft days
Which gives each season about 3.5 days real life time to cycle thru or 84 real life hours or 5,040 minutes
Overall view and feel of each season

Winter will have a blue-greenish color to leaves and the ground. The sky will appear a bit more white to give it a wintery feel. All exposed water will have a thin layer of ice across when winter arrives. It will snow instead of rain and snow will be a bit more common. Crops will not grow unless indoors. You may also notice more wolves, polar bears, and snowmen around!

Spring will be lustful in flowers - they are everywhere! Bees will be out and about collecting honey. The world will appear in beautiful pink spring leaves, flowers, and a light-blue tint to the waters.

Summer all biomes will have light-blue waters and the sky will appear a bit lighter - leaves in most biomes will get the color of jungle leaves. Spring flowers will disappear and patches of summer berries will appear! Outdoor farms will yield crops 2x faster then indoor farms. Jungle animals will be in every biome and the weather will be clear and beautiful!

Fall will bring much needed rain. Trees will turn into all kinds of colours: orange, blue-green-ish, green, yellow and brown and grass will appear a bit darker and muddy. The sky will linger in grey, giving it the fallish feel! Bats will spawn at night and more spiders(and even cave spiders!) will spawn at night - you may notice even foxes and mooshrooms too!

Temperature effects

Freezing effects -11C will give you increased hunger, -16C will give you slowness and -21C will give you frostbite damage! You'll lost half a heart due to frostbite every second until you warm back up.

Spring effects When your temperature is between 15-30C you'll get 2 extra hearts of health!

Heat effects 50C will not let you heal, so you'll need to lower your temperature to heal back up! 60C will give you slowness and 65C you'll start suffering signs of heatstroke; you will take damage and lose half a heart every second until you get 64C or lower in temperature!

Each biome has their own pros and cons; example a desert biome in summer will be much hotter then a summer birch forest or taiga biome.
A desert biome will be much warmer in winter then a summer birch forest or taiga biome in winter!
But no matter the biome, winter will yield no crops unless it is indoors!
Hello everyone!

I will be hosting 3 rounds of Tower leafluck this weekend, Saturday, December 4th at 5PM EST!
Each round will be worth 250k!

Countdown timer here

Hope to see you there! :)
Survival / Re: kogaqua
Nov 25, 2021, 02:43 PM
Hello Kogaqua! Thank you for your patience.

The manager+ team discussed your unban terms.

We are willing to unban you with no untrusted time if you promise to never show any hate towards anyone no matter their sexuality/being trans/etc and promise to never joke about such manners again. We take such actions seriously and will not be as lenient in the future; we have 0%  tolerance for such behaviors. As long as you promise to not do this again and do not repeat it, there will be no more issues.

You have a week to agree to your unban requirements or this post will be locked without an unban.

Happy thanksgiving
Survival / Re: kogaqua
Nov 21, 2021, 05:37 PM
Hello Kogaqua!

You were banned by someone who is no longer staff for Homophobic and derogatory language - I will be handling your unban from here.

I'll be discussing this with the manager+ team and will get back to you as soon as possible. Please give us some extra time with upcoming holidays.

Results are in for boatrace, speedway and KOTL!

Pink Team; Boatrace; 6pt, Speedway; 6pt KOLT; 4pt

Blockdreams; Boatrace; 4pt, Speedway; 4pt KOLT; 6pt

Teams overall have....

Pink Team - 88pt

Peachlings - 34pt

Blockdreams - 34pt

Wasted Seconds - 25pt

 :egg:  team - 3pt

Pink team takes 1st!

Peachlings and Blockdream tie for 2nd

Wasted seconds get 3rd

:egg: gets 4th!

Thank you everyone for attending and I hope you all had fun!  :heart:
The luck event results are in and the following teams got

Peachlings - Sheepluck; 7pt Lavaluck; 5pt Leafluck; 5pt Grassluck; 5pt - With a total of 22pt

Wasted Seconds - Sheepluck; 5pt, Lavaluck; 3pt Leafluck; 7pt Grassluck; 7pt - With a total of 22pt

Pink team - Sheepluck; 3pt Lavaluck; 7pt Leafluck; 3pt Grassluck; 3pt - With a total of 16pt

Teams overall have....

Pink Team - 72pt

Peachlings - 34pt

Wasted Seconds - 25pt

Blockdreams - 20pt

 :egg:  team - 3pt

See you at tomorrows final event ;)
Hello everyone!

This will be the final week of the SFT Olympics!

Wednesday, November 10th at 9PM EST we will host luck events!
Only one member per team may compete

Sheepluck, Lavaluck, Grassluck and Leafluck!

Each luck event will grant the following points....
1st place - 7pt
2nd place - 5pt
3rd place - 3pt

Thursday, November 11th at 9PM EST we will have boatrace, speedway and KOTL!
Only one member per team may compete

Each event will be granted the following points...
1st place - 6pt
2nd place - 4pt
3rd place - 2pt

Ninja Warrior results are in!

Pink team - 14pt!

Blockdreams - 10pt!

The following teams have

Pink Team - 56pt

Blockdreams - 20pt

Peachlings - 12pt

Wasted Seconds - 3pt

 :egg:  team - 3pt

See you at next weeks Olympic Event!
Musical Beds results are in!

Pink team - 5pt!

Blockdreams - 3pt!

Peachlings - 1pt!

The following teams have

Pink Team - 42pt

Peachlings - 12pt

Blockdreams - 10pt

Wasted Seconds - 3pt

 :egg:  team - 3pt
The Olympic Event "Musical Beds" has been moved to November 3rd, 9PM EST due to some real life emergencies; hope to see you all there! :)

If no one shows, I'll move this into week 6
Hello everyone!

This is the 5th week of Olympics, which means more events! Yay

This weeks event will be Musical Beds and Ninja Warrior Tournament

Musical Beds will be hosted, November 2nd at 9PM EST! November 3rd at 9PM EST!
Only one team member may compete!

Ninja Warrior Tournament will be hosted Thursday, November 4th at 9PM EST!
All team members may compete, but only one needs to cross!
Oh, and unlike Wipeout and Mudder events, it will be per event and not overall! ;)

Points will be as followed....

Musical Beds
1st place - 5pt
2nd place - 3pt
3rd place - 1pt

Ninja Warrior
(1 & 2)

1st place - 7pt
2nd place - 5pt
3rd place - 3pt

PS; you may practice the Ninja Warrior events in the meantime!

Happy parkouring, hope to see you there Olympians!
The results are in! The mudder toury is finished ;)

Pink Team competed and won 1st in all giving them a total of 10pts.

The following teams have

Pink Team - 37pt

Peachlings - 11pt

Blockdreams - 5pt

Wasted Seconds - 3pt

 :egg:  team - 3pt

Stay tuned for next weeks! :D
For the wipeout tourney the results are the following!

Pink won all 8 maps with a 1st place win, giving them a 1st place overall win!

Peachlings won 2nd place in 4, giving them an overall of 2nd place!

Wasted Seconds won 3rd in 4, giving them an overall of 3rd!

The following teams have the

Pink team - 27pt

Peachlings - 11pt

Blockdreams - 5pt

Wasted Seconds - 3pt

:egg:  team - 3pt

Goodluck all at the mudder toury!
The following teams received the following points

Pink team- 7pts

Block Dreams - 5pt

Peachlings - 3pt

The total overall points right now...

Pink Team - 17pt

Peachlings - 6pt

Blockdreams - 5pt

:egg: Team - 3pt
Hello everyone!

While we wait for the results of Olympic event #3, lets hop right into Olympic event week #4!

This week we will be doing several events

Tuesday, at 9PM EST we will have a Wipeout Tournament.
The teams winning the most overall Wipeout Events will receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd places!

Thursday, at 10AM EST we will do a Mudder Tournament!
The teams winning the most overall will receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd :)

Like the past events, all members from each team may compete, but only one needs to cross to win!

Each event(wipeout and mudder) get the following points....

1st - 7pt - if you win all you get 3 additional points!
2nd - 5pt - if you get 2nd in all you get 2 additional points!
3rd - 3pt - if you get 3rd in all you get 1 additional point!

Goodluck to all! Happy competing.