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Below is the list which states which guard belongs to which drug ring and where they are.

  • Cigs - H - Ste2302
  • Strawberry - G - Xerxers
  • Anti-Toxin - F - Doggggeh
  • Weed - E - GRIMI_
  • Xanax - D - Scotmid
  • Alcohol - C - Camster65
  • Painkillers - B - AtomicPulse
  • Meth - A - BlueTigerESW

Hello everyone. Feel like you'd make a good addition to the guarding team for the upcoming prison server?

Apply below if you are interested.

  • Be able to achieve 3hours of uptime a week
  • You haven't been banned for anything serious in the last 6 months.
  • Must have a Discord account.
  • Must be up for doing roleplay aspects as well as staffing duties.


If you meet these requirements copy the code to the application form below!

Application form:

[u]What is your IGN (in-game nickname)?[/u]:
[u]What is your overall uptime(/pstats)?[/u]:
[u]Were you banned from our server in the last 6 months?[/u]:
[u]Were you ever banned for xraying / advertising / exploiting glitches?[/u]:
[u]Why do you want to be a guard?[/u]:
[u]What region are you from? (EU / US / AU / OTHER)[/u]:
[u]Do you have a Discord account?[/u]:
Hey everyone,

Prison will offically be released Friday 26th June at 4pm(GMT+1)

Hope you're ready to serve your time.

Also if you'd like the chance to join the guard team, apply using the link below!

To help better understand certain things about prison here are some rules that may help.

Contraband item list
If you are caught with any of these, you will be asked to hand over your items. If failed to comply after 5 seconds. Guards will take lethal force upon you. Including death or jail time.
  • No Weapons! this includes swords / bows / arrows
  • No Drugs of any kind this means raw ingredients or crafted drugs
  • No Harmful potions of any kind
  • No Alcohol
  • No Armour(You can wear your prison outfit)

Roleplaying Rules
Within this section I will just be covering some of the rules which are enforced by the guards to create a prison vibe on the server. Please also note that this is a prison server, meaning the guards won't be 100% fair.

  • The following punishments may be given at the discretion of a Guard:
  • Baton Hit (usually as a warning, or to break up crowds or fights)
  • Execution (usually after a warning if hostilities continue towards guard or another inmate)
  • X Minutes in SHU (Solitary Housing Unit) (usually after repeat offences)
  • Cell search (cells can be subjected to random searches, or after repeat contraband offences)
  • Body search (as above, can be random or after repeat contraband offences)

The main 3 things guards will be covering are
  • Guards
  • Gangs
  • Easter Eggs

Regarding contraband, no guard will tolerate armour or weapons, however each guard is assigned to a drug type to run and monitor, therefore you won't be punished if you have the right drug out in front of the right guard, otherwise you're fair game.

Another aspect of guards roleplay is corruption. Now this may look like guards are acting biased or ignoring you. However, I ensure you that this could be due to the fact guards can be bribed to do things by other players, such as moving the guard to a different cell block or turning the blind eye all while someone kills you or is trading contraband. However not all guards will take kindly to this, and may enforce punishments on you.

Because this can be hard to tell the difference sometimes, if you have any concerns about a guard and the actions they're taking, contact an Officer+ who will look into your concern and actions will be taken if required. 

Formal gangs are a decision to be made by players, however when doing this be careful because if you and friends become well known to be a gang, guards will separate you from them and you may become targeted by staff. This could include guards moving you to other locations, searching a cell that could may be sharing via a random bunk search and other things until they feel your gang has disbursed.

Again if you feel you maybe over targeted or being pushed away from friends you came to play with too often please contact an officer+ to investigate.

Easter Eggs
When it comes to Easter eggs, players are all free to roam into any of them they please and do whatever they like inside(within the rules), but note that all these areas are off-limits, and you don't want to be caught inside them.

Once inside these Easter eggs you will safe from guards, however if you enter an Easter egg Infront of a guard or someone snitches the location of one, then the guard may enter and enforce punishments on you as ALL Easter eggs are off limit zones
Here is a list of the rules set for prison, some rules maybe subject to further changes in the future

  • Do not abuse bugs/glitches. Report them to a member of staff
  • English only in main chat
  • Respect all Staff members and players, this includes if you think a guard is biased. If you suspect this please report to an Officer+
  • Discrimination is not allowed. An instant ban will be issued. Even though this is a prison and you'd expect smack talk, any discrimination will not be tolerated
  • No advertising this includes servers and sites etc
  • Don't ask for staff ranks. This includes saying "**** for guard"
  • Any kind of third party mods such as X-ray or hacked clients will be strictly monitored and result in an instant ban
  • This is a PvP server so expect to be killed. No flaming or baiting if you are killed
  • Spawn killing is not allowed, anyone caught sitting outside spawn and killing people as they come out will be banned
  • Buying more than 2 cells per block is not allowed
  • No avoiding staff by logging out when confronted

If you have any questions about the rule list, or feel something else should be included or removed, feel free to send me a msg on the forums or on discord
General Announcements / SFT Prison is back!
Jun 03, 2020, 01:15 PM
Yes you indeed read that correctly, Prison is coming back to SFT.

With an increase in griefing and griefers, one hamster went out to search for a solution. He came around this old abandoned prison from 2013.

Overgrown and falling apart, he still decided to buy the place, grabbed his team and started to fix up the place until they got it in fit running shape.

Now far and wide griefers and banned players are seeing themselves brought to our mighty prison to serve their fate.

Information regarding the server

As of right now we don't have an official release date, however we will keep you all up to date with teasers trailers etc and information on dates as and when we decide them.

We are also seeking to do a beta test on 6/5/20 until 6/8/20 so we will need 10 of you to come help us out and provide us with feedback to improve before the actual release so please only apply if you're going to have enough time over those few days. If you're interested, please apply using the sheet below.

Application form:
What is your IGN (in-game nickname)?:
How much do you think you will be able to play?:
Do you have a Discord account?
Why should we choose you for our beta test?:

We look forward to opening this as soon as possible, time to teach you the ways the of the prison life... will you live and climb to the top, or fall and become another victim to the system.

Greetings Super Fun Time! Recently, the Architect team have been on the lookout for new members to add to the team. This is not an "Apply for Architect" thread, but rather informing you of how you can apply if you think you are a suitable candidate to join the team. Applying does not guarantee your place, as it is a long and vigorous process before you are accepted.

 :apple: Have a warp to your build(s)
 :apple: You built it yourself
 :apple: You are being serious and not wasting time by applying a dirt shack

Once you have pm'd an architect they will review your build(s) along with the other architects, so please be patient while this happens, I will contact you personally to let you know whether you were accepted or not, once your builds have been examined.

Heres Urban's apple  :goldenapple:  EAT IT!

- Camster65