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The Factions server has decreased in size to the point where there are only 5 factions that still plays. So these are some suggestions I have to make the server have a longer run.

1) Remove The dynmap or at least remove players and claims. This will make players have to go find a base and determine how to raid it there. Also, there might be more pvp during a raid since people won't know that an enemy faction is coming to raid them because I don't think there have been any big raids where there were people online trying to defend.

2) Reset and decrease map size. Decreasing the map size to work with the removal of the dynmap will work together to make pvp more common without a map. Resetting a map is self explanatory.

3) Make faction sizes smaller. Since there are only 5 main factions that played the past few days, making the faction size 8-10 players will make more factions and more bases to go for.

4) Monthly map resets. With this suggestion I'd say maybe amplifying the world in some resets.

EDIT: Maybe add a bounty plugin and a high enough bounty could put someone on the map or give coords of that person. Thought it was a cool idea.

Just suggestions, but where the server is at now no one is really going to want to play on it.
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Apr 04, 2020, 01:11 AM
10 days late (March 23,2013) Most of you don't know me if you never played Tekkit Classic or Pixelmon but yeah 7 years. If you were ever my friend thank you if not oh well.