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Storage Wars!
Tomorrow night (Sunday) at 7 PM GMT Lansdiinio and I will be hosting a storage wars event!
The event will be taking place at the official SFT Storage Wars arena located at /warp storagewars.

:slimeball: Expect large hauls from each storage locker however you'll also need to be willing to gamble large amounts of emp on each one as you compete against other players to get the highest bid on each locker! However once you have purchased one locker you cannot purchase another! So be careful which one you chose ;)
:slimeball: Items you manage to win can either be kept or traded to either Lansdiinio or I for the value that will be displayed on each item.
:slimeball: Event is non-death.
:slimeball: Each locker will have a starting bid of 200,000 emp and bid increments must be at least 10,000 emp, if not your bid will not be counted.
:slimeball: Any additonal infomation will be added to this post as needed!

Hope to see you there!

Survival Storage wars! Tonight! At 8 PM GMT! Hosted by Myself and Sparkle_Sun!

There will be five plots up for auction with rare and cool items in each!
The location of this event will be /warp storagewars
You can only buy one of the lockers so chose wisely!

Be there or be square and don't forget to pay the lady! ;)

Super Treasure hunt!
At 6 PM GMT 0 tomorrow (Sunday) Lansdiinio and I will be hosting a super treasure hunt!

There will be many cool and expensive prizes up for grabs such as money, heads and items!

What you will need to bring:
:slimeball: Shovels
:slimeball: Food
:slimeball: Inventory Space

The warp for actual event will be released closer to the time here on this post! So keep checking back for anymore info!
Remeber to have fun and we hope to see you there soon!  ;)
~Lansdiinio and Cr1_98
Hello! Ladies and Gentlefolk of SFT!
Recently the Mob arena on the survival server has been revamped and tweaked!
An overview of the changes made are as follows:
:bow: The minimum players required to play in the arena is now just 2,
:bow: The mob waves have been tweaked and re-balanced,
:bow: Some new mobs have been added to the arena,
:bow: There is a new class to play as in the arena!

To check out the Mob Arena type /ma j while on the survival server!
Once you have done battling mobs to your hearts content type /ma leave to exit the arena!

And remember there is still cool prizes up for grabs!

Have fun  8)