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General Announcements / [Poll] New Server
Sep 27, 2020, 02:05 PM
Hey Guys,

If you could vote on the top two servers you would like us to host that would be great, below is a brief description of each option.

Hardcore Factions

HCF is a fast paced version of Factions, where you will be pvping against other small factions. Small border worlds would be in place on HCF to encourage PvP. There will be a peaceful period which could last about 2 days (or less) and then PvP will be enabled. There will be big events such as King of the Hill (KOTH) where factions will have to battle it out to stay on top! This is just one of the events planned but there are many more to come!

Skyblock Adaptation

Skyblock type server, can include but not limited to Custom Challenges, PVP, Supply drops, Custom Enchants, and more. But of course this can be changed/adaption to however you guys want it.

Fortnightly Mini Competition

The fortnightly mini-competition will be a rotation of small server events/gamemodes such as Bedwars, Skywars, TNT wars, Hunger games, etc and you will be able to compete for prizes on the server of your choice.

Whatever option ends up being chosen we will mostly be going off of what you guys want when adding/changing stuff.

Ty for voting :)
Hey guys,

This weekend Carissa and myself will be hosting a custom Dropper event!

Every round players will have to drop into a pool of water but each round the pool gets smaller or patterns/obstacles are added to make it harder to land safely.

The prizes will be as follows;

400k for First
250k for Second
100k for Third

Each participant will also receive an amazing participation prize :)

The event will be at 8pm cst on Saturday, hope to see you all there!!

A link to a countdown can be found here for all the lazy peoples c;

Survival now has a new minigame/gamemode called VillageDefence, made by the same developers as our much loved /murder gamemode.
To start a game you use /village and it will take you to the lobby where you will wait until the game starts, you can play with 1 player all the way up to 10. The aim of the game is to protect the villagers from the increasingly difficult waves of zombies, there are also many kits you can select and unlock.

You can also vote to change the weather now :), to start the vote do /wm and click either sunny or rainy, to start a vote costs 2k

Hope you all enjoy!! if you have any questions feel free to pm me :)

Effectively you will be able to start a vote for rain or a vote for sun, and then players can either vote yes or no to your proposition. If yes wins your proposition will be applied, if no wins it will not.


Which plugin would you rather we add?


To play you 1v1 against another player and the goal is to come closest to 20 without going over. The player with the highest score less than or equal to 20 wins the round, and the player who won three rounds wins the match. (effectively blackjack)


Protect defenceless villages from hordes of zombies, how long can you work together to survive? Can you get yourself on the leaderboard? Many cool kits to choose from.

Same developers as the much loved Murder Mystery.

Thanks for voting guys :)
Hey Everyone,

With the upcoming world1 reset i thought it would be cool if there was a way to transport animals (pets) across worlds so that they can continue living in the new world :)

Now you can do exactly that by crafting a Mob Transporter, the crafting recipe is below.

When crafted the Mob Transporter has 10 uses and can be recharged by shift right clicking with diamonds in your inventory. Each charge will use up one diamond and give you one more charge.

To transport a mob right click the mob with the transporter, then to let it out left click the ground with the transporter.
Hey guys,

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, when 1.17 update comes out we will be resetting World1.
(but no sooner than 30 days)

Below are the prices and process for getting your builds moved prior to the /w1 reset.

No. of build(s) moved: Cost
1 Free
2 500k emp
3 1mil emp

One build is one build, not multiple builds under one prot.

If the one build is gigantic we will not move it, but most large builds will be fine.

Chests, item frames, signs, etc must be moved manually.

If no Managers are online or you wish to just use an easier option than asking ingame, you can use this link;
Hello again,

Was just wondering on your guy's opinion on these potential new donator items, here are some images for each to help you guys form an opinion.

New cosmetic accessories;

Sky colour changer;

Thanks again!!
Hey everyone,

Just wondering if we were to add a chess minigame would it get much use?

Below is a screenshot to give you guys an idea of how it would work.

Also any other minigame/fun things you guys would like to suggest pls message me on discord @ Doggggeh#0192 , i would love to hear them.

PyroMining has had a huge update, including mining augments(like the fishing augments but for a pickaxe) new boss's and heaps more, you can check it all out using /mine journal.

PyroMining has also been re-added to w1 and w2 so it is not just in sw anymore.

Hope you guys enjoy checking out all the cool new stuff included in this huge update!!  :christmaspig:

I was just hoping to get some feedback on possibly adding this new plugin, which will effectively add new and improved weather events/features/mobs such as but not limited to; acid rain / solar flares / blizzards with more coming in the future.

tldr; Should we add this new plugin which adds cool weather/storms and mobs that come with those cool weather/storms

Thanks in advance for your opinions!!  :christmaspig:
This week's weekend event will be hosted by @MasterX70 and myself on Saturday July 4th 8:00 pm EST,

The event will be a Wipeout tournament, there will be 6 rounds which will start at wipeout1 and finish at Wipeout6. We will be keeping a score tally as from each round 1st place will be awarded 3 points, second place 2 points, and third place 1 point. At the end of the six rounds the top 3 people with the most points will be awarded the prizes of;

1st place, 600k

2nd place, 400k

3rd place, 200k

I hope to see you all at /warp wipeout1 on saturday!


This Friday at 6:30pm EST i will be hosting an intense game of Grassluck (/warp grasslick).

The winner of this game of Grassluck and undoubtedly the undisputed champion will receive 1 Million Empbucks, I hope to see you all there!!

Countdown for those who want it ---->

Factions Staff List


:snowball: Scotmid


:snowball: AtomicPulse
 :snowball: Doggggeh


:snowball: ceddy24
 :snowball: Xerxers


:snowball: BluetigerESW
 :snowball: saywhat2365
Factions Ranks and their power level

The number next to the rank name is the mcmmo power level needed to get that rank, your mcmmo power level is all of your mcmmo levels added together (so to rankup it is much easier to grind a variety of skills). To see your power level do /mcstats and it is the top number. Once you achieve the power level for a rank you should rankup automatically, it may just take a few minutes.

Miner --- 0 :

/kit includes;

Stone Pickaxe, Stone Axe, Stone Sword, and Stone shovel

Kit Cooldown --- 12h

Farmer --- 50 :

/kit includes;

Steak x8, Seeds x8, Stone Hoe, and Water Bucket

Kit Cooldown --- 12h

Ranger --- 100:

/kit includes;

Bow, and Arrow x16

Kit Cooldown --- 12h

Warrior --- 200 :

/kit includes;

Sharpness 1 Iron sword, Iron Chestplate, and a Iron Helmet

Kit Cooldown --- 24h

Salvager --- 400:

/kit includes;

Anvil, and a Iron Block

Kit Cooldown --- 48h

Lancer --- 750:

/kit includes;

Diamond Sword, and a Protection 2 Iron Helmet

Kit Cooldown --- 48h

Demoman --- 1250:

/kit includes;

TNT x8, Redstone x8, and a Lever

Kit Cooldown --- 24h

Paladin --- 1800:

/kit includes;

Sharpness 1 Diamond sword, Unbreaking 1 Diamond boots, Protection 1 Iron Helmet, Protection 1 Iron Chestplate, and Protection 1 Iron Leggings

Kit Cooldown --- 72h

Chiefton --- 2500

/kit includes;

Diamond Sword, Diamond Axe, Diamond Shovel, and a Unbreaking 3 Book

Kit Cooldown --- 72h

Warlord --- 4000:

/kit includes;

Diamond Helmet, Protection 3 Iron Chestplate, Protection 3 Iron Leggings, Diamond Boots, and a Sharpness 2 Book

Kit Cooldown --- 72h

Celestial --- 6000:

/kit includes;

Protection 1 Diamond, Helmet Diamond Chestplate, Diamond Leggings, Protection 1 Diamond Boots, Sharpness 3 Diamond Sword, and a Fire Aspect 1 Book

Kit Cooldown --- 72h

Ascended --- 10000

/kit includes;

Sharpness 4 Book, Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Book, Power 5 Bow, Fortune 3 Pickaxe, and a Diamond Block

Kit Cooldown --- 72h

Permitted Mods

  • Optifine
  • DirectionHud
  • GammaBright
  • ArmourHud
  • Effect Status

If you feel any other Mods should be added feel free to post in the factions suggestions megathread, or you can let me or another staff member know :)