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I find it utterly ridiculous, what President Trump and his backers did. I won't go off about how idiotic he is acting like others do, but I really do think it was an awful idea to pull out.
General Announcements / Capture the Flag!
Jun 09, 2016, 11:14 pm
Capture the flag

Helloo SFT! This weekend I will be hosting a Capture the Flag event!

-What? Capture the flag will be an event where there are four flags (two of each color) on a map. You will PVP to step on the dispensers and steal the flags from opposite sides. The rounds will end when both of a team's flags are captured. The "flags" are banners, and you bring them back to your base and tell me when you captured one. They cannot be captured back. You capture a flag by standing on a pressure plate which activates a dispenser to drop the banner/flag. The flag-dispensing contraptions look like this:
This is a blue one, there is also red.
If a flag is present in the dispenser, there will be a banner on the contraption. If not, there will be no banner.

-When? Sunday 7:00 PM GMT- Hope you can make it :D (changed it for you, Wally)

-Additional rules/information No potions, slimefun, armor (outside of what I give you), or anything else that enhances your performance in PVP. Bring nothing to the event because you will die a lot. I will provide you with an iron sword and an iron chest plate every time you die.

There will be multiple rounds, all of which with a prize of 20k to each player on the winning side

Post questions and comments below :)
Hey Guys! @Katherine and I are trying to find new, original, event ideas, so what do you guys want?

Leave all your ideas down here, make them original, (No new wipeouts, variations of existing events, stuff like that.) and, if they seem like it would entertain you guys, we may build, or at least experiment with it!

If I like your post, we may experiment with this! :D
Study Corner / Studying Tips :O
Feb 02, 2016, 03:05 am
I've had some trouble studying lately, and I was wondering of you guys had some good tips for studying. It can be flashcards, all that, I just want to see if you guys have anything creative/useful in mind. :D