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You can now request Staff/Admin help more easily on our 1710 server.

/staffhelp <message> - Send a message to the staff with your concerns
Use it for: Claims, general problems, requesting statues, griefers/rule breakers etc

/adminhelp <message> - Send a message to the admins with your concerns
Use it for: Dupe bugs/glitches, etc

NOTE: Staff will usually check these when they get online so be patient until someone is able to do/check them.

Please use the following form when creating a post that suggests new crates

[b]Name of Crate:[/b]
[b]Item 1:[/b]
[b]Item 2:[/b]
[b]Item 3:[/b]
[b]Item 4:[/b]
[b]Item 5:[/b]
[b]Item 6 (Optional):[/b]
[b]Item 7 (Optional):[/b]
[b]Item 8 (Optional):[/b]
[b]Item 9 (Optional):[/b]
[b]Item 10 (Optional):[/b]

Note:  Please include the following in each item you suggest: 1. Item name, 2. Item enchant, 3. Item description. Please also note that one out of the 5-10 items must be fail prize. (Something that is of worse value then its other contents). You may also wish to include what color you want the name of the item to be! Please note that if a color is not named, a random one will be picked by me during creation.

Please only suggest vanilla minecraft items (Armor, tools, blocks, heads, etc.) and do NOT suggest modpack items as they are not compatible with the Steve Co. plugin.

Thank you for taking time to suggest new crates and items that players can collect and and trade with friends! To keep the post clean, I will be removing quotes and stuff so its just suggestions. Please let me know if you feel something in this post is either wrong or I have left something out.
Like playing on our 1.7.10 Server? Enjoy helping people? Interested in a staff or architect position? You're in the right place! We're now accepting both staff and architects on our server. Make sure to read the requirements and rest of the post before applying!

Requirments (Staff):
  • Be able to get at least 6 hours of uptime a week
  • At least 75 hours of uptime on 1.7.10
  • Have a discord account
  • No serious bans recently
  • Be a dedicated individual willing to help the server

Staff Application Format

[b]What is your uptime in the last week (/pstats)?[/b]:
[b]What is your total 1.7.10 uptime(/pstats)?[/b]:
[b]Have you ever been banned on SFT?[/b]:
[b]What core mods do you know and to what depth?[/b]:
[b]What rank do you wish to be (EventHost/JMod)?[/b]:
[b]What do you wish to accomplish given that rank?[/b]:
[b]Anything else?[/b]:

Architect Application Format

[b]What is your uptime in the last week (/pstats)?[/b]:
[b]What is your total 1.7.10 uptime(/pstats)?[/b]:
[b]Have you ever been banned on SFT?[/b]:
[b]Screenshot(s) or warp(s) to one or more of your builds[/b]
NOTE: Copying builds from anywhere out of an SFT server is not allowed in case it is downloaded. Though, as long as the build is on a SFT server, it can be reviewed by the HoA (@CrafterLuc2)

Extra Information:
  • You will be contacted within 1 week if you're accepted.
  • If you do not receive a reply and wish to know why you were denied, you may contact any 1.7.10 Manager+ to receive a reason.
  • Staff are picked by staff and Architects are picked by the HoA
Since the activity of forums is very low, even a majority of staff are failing to check them, myself & Towelie have come to the conclusion to ask you all what would make you check the forums more often

These could be ideas of any kind, at the moment we just need anything and it will be considered (please nothing plain stupid), eg;
- In-game perks of some kind?
- Forum perks of some kind?
- More interesting topics?
- Rewards of different kinds?
- The forums to become more of the community?

All ideas are appreciated so please leave them below :)

Thanks, AtomicPulse
General Discussion / How to use BBCode
Mar 16, 2019, 11:25 am

Thanks to @wealthywalnut who contributed to creating this.

What Is BBCode?
BBCode stands for Bulletin Board Code and is a lightweight markup language used to format posts. The available tags are usually surrounded with square brackets, such as [ b ].

Closing tags often use the same as the opening, just with a / at the beginning, ie: [ b ] [ /b ]
NOTE: The brackets don't need spaces, its just to show the code.

NOTE: When using bbcode the order doesn't matter however the order must match in reverse order.
For example if you use bold then italics then you must close italics first followed by bold.
[ b ][ i ]example[ /i ][ /b ]

To make something bold, you type:
[ b ]example[ /b ]
Bold Text looks like this

To make something underlined, you type:
[ u ]example[ /u ]
Underlined text looks like this

To make something italic, you type:
[ i ]example[ /i ]
Italic text looks like this

To give something a strike-through, type:
[ s ]example[ /s ]
Text with a strike-through looks like this

Combining them also works,
EG: [ b ][ i ][ u ]example[ b ][ i ][ u ]
Combining Italic, Bold and Underlined looks like this

Adding Colors

Colours can also be added to your text, this can be done pretty easily:
[ color=blue ]text[ /color ] is an example.

This will turn out like the following,

The following colours can be used:
  • Black
  • Red - Generally used for Admins or Elders
  • Yellow
  • Pink - Generally used for Engineers
  • Green - Generally used for JMods
  • Orange
  • Purple - Generally used for Contributers
  • Blue
  • Biege
  • Brown
  • Teal
  • Navy - Generally used for Moderators
  • Maroon - Generally used for Manager
  • LimeGreen - Generally used for EventHosts

Sizes, Fonts and Alignment


Sizes can be added to your text, this can be used to create smaller messages, or larger ones for titles.
The default size is 2 and the maximum is 7

To change a size, type:
[ size = 4 ]this is changing sizes[ /size ]

The sizes look like this:
This is Size 1 (Smallest)
This is Size 2 (Default)
This is Size 3
This is Size 4
This is Size 5
This is Size 6
This is Size 7 (largest)


As well as size, you can add fonts to your text. This can simply be done like this:

[ font=Arial Black ]test[ /font ]
The most similar font to default is Arial, although it's not exact.

The list of available fonts are:
  • Arial ---------- > This is Arial
  • Arial Black ---------- > This is Arial Black
  • Comis Sans MS ---------- > This is Comic Sans MS
  • Courier New ---------- > This is Courier New
  • Georgia ----------- > This is Georgia
  • Impact ---------- > This is Impact
  • Sans-serif ---------- > This is Sans-Serif
  • Serif ---------- > This is Serif
  • Times New Roman ---------- > Times New Roman
  • Trebuchet MS ----------- > This is Trebuchet MS
  • Verdana ---------- > This is Verdana


    Text Alignment can also be done using BBCode.

    To make text go to the right, type
    [ right ]Test[ /right ]

    To make text go to the left, type
    [ left ]Test[ /left ]

    To make something go to the center, type
    [ center ]Test[ /center ]

    Alignment looks like this:
    This is text on the left
    This is text on the right
    This is text in the center

    Images and Embedding Links

    Inserting Images

    Adding images can be done by typing:
    [ img ]Link Here[ /img ]

    An example of an image added is shown here:

    Embedding Links

    You can embed a link into a message by typing,

    [ url=link ] Displayed Word Here [ /url ]

    An example for using these would be in the Staff List, the link to the profile would be the link and the displayed word is the staffs name.
    Using the link as a link to the rules list and the displayed name as `here` is also a common use in ban appeals.

    Extra Things

    There are some extra thing you can use in BBCode.


    [ code ] text [ /code ]
    The code tags create selectable code, this is useful for formats or a way someone can easily copy something.

    An example of code looks like this:
    This is Code!
    It can go on many lines!
    Tags also can be seen here, ie [b]

    Creating lists, with bullet points, can be done like this:
    [ list ]
    [ li ]hello[ /li ]
    [ li ]hello[ /li ]
    [ /list ]
    This will look like this:
    • hello
    • hello

    Bullet Points can also be done by typing,
    [ * ] hey
    Which reads out as,
  • hey

Creating lists with numbers can be done like this:
[ list type=decimal ]
[ li ]heyo[ /li ]
[ li ]heyo[ /li ]
[ /list ]
The outcome looks like this:
  • heyo
  • heyo

Spoiler and HR

Inserting a clickable spoiler can be done by typing,
[ spoiler ] text [ /spoiler ]

The outcome is:
[spoiler] This is a spoiler! [/spoiler]

Horizontal lines to seperate sections can simply be made by doing [ hr ]
One will be shown to separate this section and the next.


Tables are a great way to format a post and clean up the layout but they can be tricky to understand at first.

Opening and closing a bracket set before writing anything is a great way to minimize problems.
Again, for this example, spaces are used so the formatting can be viewed outside of the text editor.

NOTE: The formatting as seen above can also be used in a table to further add to the looks of the post.

[ table ] declares that everything until the [ /table ] is to be inside the tables.
[ tr ] and [ /tr ] declare that the text is part of a row. This goes outside a set of [ td ] text
[ td ] and [ /td ] sort the information into appropriate columns.
You can make the table with as many rows and columns as can fit. Just be sure that the brackets match from beginning to end.
When combined they look like this:

[ center ][ table ] [tr ][ td ] [b ]First Column[ /b ][ /td ][ td ] [b ]Second Column[ /b ][ /td ][ td ][ b ]Third Column[ /b ][ /td ][ /tr ]
[ tr ][ td ]Information 1[ /td ][ td ]Information 2[ /td ][ td ]Information 3[ /td ][ /tr ]
[ tr ][ td ]Other info[ /td ][ td ]Other info 2[ /td ][ td ]Other Info 3[ /td ][ /tr ][ /table ][ /center ]

First ColumnSecond ColumnThird Column
Information 1Information 2Information 3
Other infoOther info 2Other Info 3
One moreOne more 2One more 3

NOTE: Using [ center ][ /center ] around the outside of the table, as seen above, can make the information within the table be centered within its respective column.

If you think anything else should be added or anything is wrong please contact myself on discord or forums.
Step 1

Download the technic launcher from here.

Step 2

Login using your minecraft details (email & password)
You should now receive a screen looking like this:

Click "Modpacks" as highlighted in the image.

Step 3:

You will now need to allocate ram to the launcher

Go to the "Launcher Options"

Then click "Java Settings"

Then scroll down on the Memory section, allocate as much as you want, though it must be at least 3gb ram allocated to make it run. DO NOT allocate more than half of your total ram (total ram will be 0.5mb more than the total you can use)

IF the maximum you can allocate is 1gb then you only have Java 32, in which case download Java 64 bit here.

Step 4:

Search for the "The 1.7.10 Pack" on the launcher, it should be the one with lots of gold as the picture.
Once downloaded, the IP address is: games.superfuntime.org:1338

It may also be a good idea to download some extra mods for the pack, eg Optifine & fpsPlus. These can be found here.

Adding them to your Game:
1. Open your File Browser
2. Type %appdata% in the search bar
3. Click .technic
4. Click modpacks
5. Click The 1.7.10 Pack (must be downloaded)
6. Click mods
7. Drag the mods you want into that folder

You're Done! You should now have a working pack and the extra mods! Contact a staff member if you're still having trouble.
    AutoShop Perms >> 3mil EMP

    MarketListing Perms >> 2mil EMP

    If you wish to purchase one, make a post here

    Please read ahead for rules and how to use the perms!

    How to List Items

    • Purchase this for 2mil from an Admin+
    • Type /market create <price> <amount> with the item you're holding
    • Type /ml to view it on the listings
    • Shift + click it to remove it
    • You will be notified if its bought

    What CANT be listed:
     :slimeball: Tinker's Tools (full tools, parts are okay)
     :slimeball: Strongboxes
     :slimeball: Deep Storage Units
     :slimeball: Project Red Backpacks


    • Place a chest down and put the items you wish to sell inside
    • Place a sign on the front following the format as seen:

    B <buy price>:<sell price> S

    You will be notified if anyone buys anything.

    • If you have problems, message any Admin+
    • Please only advertise your shops/items every once and a while
    • Do not argue with other players about your shop being better

    If you receive problems, contact any Admin+

    You can now purchase AutoShop perms & MarketListing perms!

    Find information on using them here

    AutoShop Perms >> 3mil EMP

    MarketListing Perms >> 2mil EMP
    All players receive access to /ml(list of items to buy) and /mm(list of items you bought)

    NOTE: The prices of these may change at any time! These are only for now!

    AutoShop Perms allow you to create playershops, which others can buy/sell items from you, much like the official one at /warp shop. Only difference is, you can list items yourselves on signs (you must have the items).

    MarketListing Perms allow you to add something for sale on /ml, this will give others the ability to put items up there!

    Reply with this application in order to purchase one:
    Market or AutoShop perms?:
    Do you have the money?:
    Below is a list of all the available commands for each rank on the 1.7.10 Server (Staff commands excluded)

    To see how to get each rank, look at the ranks guide.

    Commands are correct as of 14/03/2019


    Untrusted - This rank is when you are banned, you only get the following commands:
    :grassydirt:  /money - Views your money only, you can't pay anyone.
    :grassydirt:  /pstats
    :grassydirt:  /tpa
    :grassydirt:  /tpaccept
    :grassydirt:  /tpahere
    :grassydirt:  /spawn
    (You can get some 3rd party plugin commands too such as /rtd, /lotto etc.)

    :grassydirt:  /spawn - Takes you to the spawn in the world you are in.
    :grassydirt:  /world1 (/w1) - Takes you to world 1. (Building world)
    :grassydirt:  /world2 (/w2) - Takes you to world 2 (Building World)
    :grassydirt:  /event - Take you to the EventWorld
    :grassydirt:  /kit - Lists the kits you can use
    :grassydirt:  /kit <tools, torches, etc> - Gives you the kit you select
    :grassydirt:  /pos -Shows you your co-ordinates and world you are in
    :grassydirt:  /home - Take you to your home.
    :grassydirt:  /sethome - Sets your /home.
    :grassydirt:  /money - Shows your money.
    :grassydirt:  /pay <player name><amount> - Pays money to another player.
    :grassydirt:  /pm <recipient> <text> - Send a message to another player.
    :grassydirt:  /r <text> - Send a quick message to the most recent player you sent/received a message from.
    :grassydirt:  /iv - Tells you the value of the items in your inventory for the Emporium
    :grassydirt:  /who - Shows who is online.
    :grassydirt:  /warp <warpname> - Teleports you to the warp location.
    :grassydirt:  /warp create <warpname> - Creates a /warp.
    :grassydirt:  /warp delete <warpname> - Removed a /warp.
    :grassydirt:  /warp private <warpname> - Makes a warp that you created private so that only you can warp to it.
    :grassydirt:  /warp invite <playername> <warpname> - Makes a player of your choice be able to warp to your private warp.
    :grassydirt:  /warp assets - Shows you your own warps.
    :grassydirt:  /help - Gives you a book that may help you.
    :grassydirt:  /tpa <playername> - Requests a teleport to another player.
    :grassydirt:  /tpahere <playername> - Requests a teleport so the player can teleport to you.
    :grassydirt:  /tpaccept - Accepts the teleport request.
    :grassydirt:  /random - Takes you to a random spot to build
    :grassydirt:  /nether - Takes you to the nether
    :grassydirt:  /end - Takes you to the end
    :grassydirt:  /pstats - Shows you the stats of your account (Uptime on all SFT servers, votes etc.)
    :grassydirt:  /ranks - Tells you the requirements for each rank
    :grassydirt:  /rankup <rank> - Ranks you up to that rank
    :grassydirt:  /lotto - Displays lotto commands and latest results
    :grassydirt:  /ml - Shows you the global market, click 2 times on an item to buy it
    :grassydirt:  /recv - Shows you who can see your messages when talking in local chat
    :grassydirt:  /talk - Enable/Disable World-only chat
    :grassydirt:  /sh - Send a message to all worlds (just use /talk)
    :grassydirt: /rg i - View information of your claim (Only works if you're added as Owner)
    :grassydirt: /rg am <claim> <name(s)> - Add a member to your claim (Only works if you're added as Owner) (Get claim name from /rg i)
    :grassydirt: /rg rm <claim> <name(s)> - Remove a member from your claim (Only works if you're added as Owner) (Get claim name from /rg i)
    -------------------Party Chats------------------- 
    :grassydirt:  /party create <name of party> - Creates your own party
    :grassydirt:  /p - Toggle party Chat or send a single message to the party
    :grassydirt:  /party invite <party name> - Invite a player to join your party
    :grassydirt:  /party accept - Accept any pending party invites

    You will receive a kit for each rank you get.


    :grassydirt:  /warp shop - Takes you to the shop
    :grassydirt:  /warp emp - Takes you to the Emporium
    :grassydirt:  /warp staff - Takes you to a list of staff
    :grassydirt:  /warp arena - Take you to the PvP arena
    General Announcements / Global SFT Event
    Dec 16, 2018, 01:31 pm
    Global SFT Event
    Starting now, you may begin your quest to complete possibly the biggest event SFT has ever had. Each B-Team, 1.7.10, Survival, and Pocket Edition each have 3 keys. Every time you collect a key, please follow the appropriate precautions as said in the book and let the correct person know;
    AtomicPulse for Survival and BTeam
    Tyler7733 for 1.7.10 and Pocket

    Survival Prizes
    First in server - 500k emp
    3rd of all servers - 750k emp
    2nd of all servers - 1mil emp
    1st of all servers - Player head of your choice, 1mil emp
    1.7.10 Prizes
    First in server- 55k emp
    3rd of all servers - 75k emp
    2nd of all servers - 110k emp
    1st of all servers - 110k emp + one of the following: 40k emp, rank ss terrashatterer, 2 reinforced watering cans, 64 mobius stable ingots
    MCPE Prizes
    First in server - 30k EMP
    Second in server - 15k EMP

    You will not need to complete the pocket keys when claiming all keys.

    BTeam prizes will also not be given due to it shutting down soon so please request for another servers prize.

    • No flying(Survival, Pocket Edition, and the third key of 1.7.10 only)
    • No teleporting unless intended by the design of the path to the key
    • No giving others an unfair advantage
    • No speed/jump buffs(any parkour based portion)
    • No preventing other players from obtaining keys

    Clues / locations may be given as the event progresses  (1 week long).

    Clues for first keys:
    survival: hardest parkour
    BTeam: Trek through W1 Spawn, remembering it may not be right in front of you...
    1.7.10: This key's location is a"maze"ing
    Pocket: Hidden at spawn

    Chances are, this is BTeams last event, so make it a good one :)
    Hello BTeam Players!

    Due to a recent decision from the Owners, W2 will no longer be supporting backups. This means that if the world becomes corrupted, the chance is your base may be removed and gone completely.

    If you need help with moving your base or other materials, contact a Manager+. In some cases, other staff ranks can help too.

    Its still un-certain if the world will become corrupted any time soon, but if you want to be safe make sure to move everything you want to W1.

    (backups have actually already stopped)
    Global SFT Event

    The event teams of all servers have been planning a Global SFT Event recently. The event will be based upon the film/book: ReadyPlayerOne.
    There will be 4 servers participating in this event:
    • Survival
    • BTeam
    • 1.7.10
    • Pocket
    There will be prizes per server for those who cant access the others, and bigger prizes for completing all servers  (pocket won't be required).

    What does being in a team mean?
    Every member in your team will receive the same prize if you were to win. (not just one person)

    If you wish to participate in a team you must make sure you meet these requirements:
    - Teams are to be no more than 3 members.
    - ALTs (alternative accounts) are NOT allowed. Doing this to potentially receive extra rewards will result in a BAN.

    Post a reply below with your team members and team name below.
    Team entries close on Wednsday 31st October as we expect the release of the event to be very soon afterwards.

    more information regarding the event will be revealed when the event is released.

    Thanks, AtomicPulse
    The 1.7.10 Pack / [1.7.10] FAQs & Ranks
    Sep 16, 2018, 03:32 pm

    Credit to @TheStarNomad for creating this.

    Hello 1.7.10 players!
    Whether you're new to the server, helping someone out or just need some info, this is the place for you!

    My 1.7.10 is crashing everytime I log in/crashes on the launcher
    This is just a list of possible fixes, if these do not work you can make a post about your problem.

    Uninstalling and reinstalling the modpack-
    Obvious how to do this

    Give more RAM to Java/Technic-
    1. Click the cog button to go to launcher settings
    2. Press on Java settings
    3. Click on the memory part, and set it to 3GB (MINIMUM!)
    P.S - make sure you're using 64bit Java, 1.7.10 will not run otherwise
    If you need Java go here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html

    Why can't I craft an item?
    More than likely the item you're trying to craft is banned.
    Check the banned item list here: https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/topic,186813.0.html

    I tried to place an item and it disappeared?
    Some items need more space to be placed.
    Normally it is placed back into your inventory and relogging makes it show again.
    If it doesn't show after relogging then it has glitched out, and you can possibly get a refund from a Manager+.
    Note: lying to gain items will result in a BAN.

    How do I stop people from griefing my stuff?
    1. Type /pos1 and /pos2 at either corner of where you want your claim.
    2. Type /claim to create the claim. All info such as adding members, deleting the claims, list of claims, etc are also displayed by typing /claim or /cm.

    Claims DONT go from bedrock to sky so you will need to worry about the Y coordinate.

    My friend can't open any chests or build on my claim!
    Just type /claim or /cm, this will open the gui which allows you to manage your claim.

    Who are the staff on this server?
    Check this post to view a list of staff members:

    How do I get staff?
    Staff are chosen by current staff. To even be considered you must meet the following requirements.
    • You are required to have 75+ hours on the server.
    • Being friendly, helpful and active will increase your chances of being chosen.


    Default Rank:Magic/Tech Path:Hours:
    Novice .0 hours
    Apprentice. 24 hours
    AdeptMagic 100 hours
    LabourerTech 100 hours
    SpiritualistMagic 200 hours
    TechnologistTech 200 hours
    SorcererMagic 300 hours
    MechanistTech 300 hours
    SpellbinderMagic 400 hours
    OverseerTech400 hours
    IllusionistMagic 600 hours
    IndustrialistTech 600 hours
    ArchmageMagic 800 hours
    Professional Tech 800 hours
    OmniscientTop Rank 1000 hours

    • Someone who has contributed to the server / sft.

    Duties expected of an Architect:
    • To build for the server whenever required.

    Staff Ranks:

    Duties expected of an Owner:
    • Admin duties and more
    • Restarting server after a crash
    • Profile resets
    An Owner is someone who owns / runs the server.

    Duties expected of an Admin:
    • Promotions
    • All Manager- duties
    • Forced rankups
    • Restarts
    • Buycraft issues
    An Admin is someone who has been a worthy staff member and made it to the top staff rank.

    An Elder is a resigned Admin.

    Duties expected of a Manager:
    • Removing locks, furniture, and other protected items
    • Opening and closing emporium (do not repeatedly ask for emporium to open)
    • Hosting games (you may request games, but do not spam managers with messages)
    • Most of the things Mods do
    A Manager is someone who successfully got promoted from Mod.

    An Engineer is a resigned Manager.

    Duties expected of a Mod:
    • Protect houses, buildings, and property of a player.
    • Set lava, and water for player
    • Adding members and owners to protections
    • Moderating the chat and resolving disputes (also a JMod duty)
    • Most of the things JMods also do
    A Mod is someone who was successfully promoted from JMod.

    Duties expected of a JMod:
    • Stopping griefers
    • Monitoring chat
    • Resolving disputes
    • Helping players who need it
    • Stopping hackers
    • General assistance and helping point players to the correct staff member
    A JMod is someone who was successfully chosen to be staff.

    Duties expected of an EventHost:
    • All JMod duties
    • Hosting events
    The 1.7.10 Pack / Request Apprentice Rank
    Sep 15, 2018, 03:44 pm
    Similar to Survival and BTeam, we're allowing players to request the 24 hour rank (Apprentice) with only 12 hours. The only thing you will need to receive the rank early is a forum account and to post below (this is to try and encourage more people to use the forums!)

    If you have 12hours+ and would like the Apprentice rank please copy the following format:

    [color=blue][u][b]IGN: [/b][/u][/color]
    [color=blue][u][b]Forum Name: [/b][/u][/color]
    [color=blue][u][b]Total 1.7.10 Uptime: [/b][/u][/color]

    IGN: AtomicPulse
    Forum Name: AtomicPulse
    Total 1.7.10 Uptime: 13hrs 05mins

    Once posted, an Admin+ will update your rank and notify you here ASAP


    B-Team / [BTeam] New Events and Suggestions!
    Jul 23, 2018, 05:27 pm
    Recently BTeam has had a decline in people interested in events, from some private conversations with a few individuals, the main reason concludes to be the fact events aren't fun / are boring. In conclusion of what's just been said, the following would be appreciated:

    :slimeball: Event ideas/suggestions (big or small)
    :slimeball: Any improvements that you would like to be made to current events.
    :slimeball: Any improvements that you think could be made to improve events as a whole.

    Finally, I'd just like to remind everyone of a few things:

    :slimeball: Don't be afraid to ask for an event, any staff member is willing to try and host one. Although, avoid asking Managers and Admins as they have less time to do so.

    :slimeball: Events can be small or big, they could last up to a couple of days!
    :slimeball: Players can host events in the EventWorld under supervision of an EventHost or EventMod. Don't be afriad to ask.
    :slimeball: Players can build their own events if they wish! They can run these events without supervision of staff members. (Not in the EventWorld) .

    Overall, our EventTeam are interested in how we can make events more fun for you, so please leave your ideas / improvements!

    Birthday Wishes / Happy Birthday Luc!
    Jul 14, 2018, 09:13 am

    Even though some of the conversations we've had have been let's say interesting xD happy birthday scrub @CrafterLuc2  ;)
    Name a fact about the topic displayed by the previous user (can be anything).

    Format like this:
    Your Fact

    Subject for the next person

    Carry on making replies until someone can't name a fact about the topic. (last poster would be the winner!)

    I doubt this makes much sense and/or will get much attention, but at least I tried xD

    First Topic
    Happy birthday to @mathmatician17 and @Chara88!
    Birthday Wishes / Happy Birthday Zunix
    Mar 31, 2018, 02:54 pm
    Happy birthday @Zunix00! Hope you've had/having a great day!
    B-Team / Building Project
    Mar 21, 2018, 08:06 am
    Hey everyone,

    If you haven't already heard, I plan on starting a big building project and hope that a lot of the community could contribute to making this a thing. Currently, I've had some ideas on what the project could be based around but none are set in stone. If anyone does have any ideas and/or might be interested in helping then reply to this forum post or contact me in any other way. (Once there is more information I'll be making replies to this thread)

    Thanks, Atomic.
    Birthday Wishes / Happy Birthday to me!
    Dec 30, 2017, 09:01 pm
    A very big happy birthday to me :D (I probably seem so sad whishing myself a happy birthday)
    B-Team / 2nd Key Info Here :))))
    Nov 30, 2017, 07:33 am
    Ello everyone. How are ya`ll? (what the old post decided...)

    Now, you will need to locate the co-ordinates where the second key is hidden. (assuming you've found the 1st). Do this by looking through key posts on the bteam forum and following this:

    • A block/item such as `stone` may be in a post, find the ID of the item(s) and put them together as co-ordinates. Once located the co-ordiantes, go to them in WORLD2. (the order of the co-ordinates should be stated, eg Stone(1) (first co-ords).

    There you will find your key.

    You will then need to message AtomicPulse the co-ords and he will give you the password to enter the room.

    Birthday Wishes / Happy Birthday Dave!
    Nov 19, 2017, 11:17 am
    Happy Birthday to @Dave_Mysterio!
    The disrespectful @theP has broken the capital letter law so we MUST join forces to destroy this monstrosity in SFT.  :laugh: