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Topics - Kysentra

Kysentra was really fond of his "Sponsor" title, but it was beginning to smell after 6-7 years. It even shows up as SponsorOLD in /pstats.

Therefore, he has recently purchased a custom prefix and would like to request all you nice SFTians (staff included) to help him find a fresher, nicer smelling title.

You may leave your suggestions in replies to this thread and you may leave as many as you like. However, expect Kysentra to be annoyed by large spammy masses of text and be less inclined to pick from such lists.

You may also vociferously debate the merits of any replies within this thread. He WILL read every single reply even if it stretches into the thousands, although he very much hopes that this will not come to pass.

This is not a carte blanche to be unnecessarily offensive with your posts as the usual forum rules still apply. Even if you are joking, remember: The onus is on the comedian to choose the right joke for the right audience. Comedy is HARD.

The contest ends 12am, 11th April 2020. You will know you have won when Kysentra logs in with your new swanky title idea.

The prize is 500,000 EmpBucks. Good luck.

P.S. He's currently partial to titles that have something to do with SFT's pyrofishing plugin, but that may change over the course of the week.