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old irish man that throws empty whiskey bottles at the ducks
Wow, this is a great idea. Nice job!
It's great that we can warp with our horses.. it will be easier to get them places. And I always do have a problem with only 10 warps max... thanks Towelie and Dpa  :D
Congrats :D Love the art.. but the knife is dangerous close to dpa's head.... we don't want him decapitated on his anniversary, do we? xD
Wait.. Towelie has done the walking dead game? I need to  see this!
Let the odds be ever in your favor!
I am Madeline, I love reading and swimming. My friends call me sunshine-pixie and I am a Veteran on SFT Survival. I am definitely a fangirl! I love animals of all kinds! I CANNOT stand doing anything rude or I will stay up all night thinking of a way to apologize.
I'm excited to armor up horses!
Cool! I'm looking forward to seeing this new set  :D
Is this Xmas set temporary, will we be able to get it after the holidays?
I'm excited!

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Don't think I'll be able to make it, but grats!  :D