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Have a Super Fun Time!

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1.Username on discord:

2. Have u ever been staff on discord? If so what role did you have?
I haven't.

3. Have you ever been banned on discord or any of the sft server? If so what was the reason?
Never (hopefully)

4. How active on discord are you?
I can be active 1/4 of the day, but if emergencies happen I'll hopefully be reachable to anyone.

5. Do you plan on being an active dj?
Ofcourse lol what's the point in signing up if you ain't going to be active?

6. What do you plan on doing as dj?
This is my first time, so hopefully plans do me

7. What's your taste in music?
Anything that sounds good tbvh
although Ella wasn't my best of friends, I knew she was always so nice and helped us out. Rest in Peace Ella, you'll never be forgotten! <3