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Since it's been close to a year since I left SFT, I thought I would explain what happened. In 2013, I started playing Minecraft to get away from what happened in my life. Minecraft was a way to escape the abusive and toxic life that I lived everyday as a little girl who didn't understand why she was being abused. I discovered SFT one day in 2016, and I instantly fell in love with the server and it's players. It gave me something to wake up to and be excited for everyday, and keep me going, since I was diagnosed with chronic depression. Getting to talk to the players on this server made my days worth living for, and I genuinely thank everyone who I encountered on SFT for doing just that. In December 2018, my abuser was kicked out of my house, but my depression worsened. I was diagnosed with cancer, and felt life just wasn't meant for me. But little did I know how wrong I was. In mid 2019 i had become happier than I ever have been. I started to realize, that I no longer needed Minecraft as a safe place. Because I was safe. My love for the game slowly faded, and I felt like I was spending too much time on a virtual world rather than spending time in the real world with the people who love me. To some, SFT might be some random Minecraft server, but to me it is so much more. Thank you to SFT and everyone who made this server my happy place for 3 years.
General Discussion / 3 years on SFT
May 21, 2019, 09:39 pm
Today marked my 3 year anniversary on SFT, and I can't begin to explain how grateful I am for this. I started off as your average troll alongside the troll legend ironlord82. On the daily I would troll Sparkle_Sun, Darren, and Sasha at EMP. Even as a troll, I had an addiction of playing on the best survival server Minecraft has ever known, and even as staff I feel the same way. Thank you to everyone who has made SFT my happy place, I am forever grateful for you, wether you know it or not.  :-* 
Quote from: Towelie on May 06, 2019, 08:01 amThank you for being part of Super Fun Time!
I wish you the best of luck moving forward
Golden, I'm very sad to see you go! You were actually the person who inspired me to become staff. You have helped me on SFT with so many things through the years I've known you, and I can't express how great of a friend you have been to me. Thank you for that.  :heart:
Bridge to Terabithia: a Disney movie that isn't animated, and is probably one of the best considering its for kids (Netflix)

Children of the Corn: a Steven King novel that is turn into a movie, its not scary but it a little spooky (Netflix)

Bridesmaids: a comedy about a sister who is jealous that her unattractive sister is getting married before her (Netflix)

Solo/Team Name: GraceDaBear
Warp Name: /warp Gracexmas
Solo/Team IGN(s): GraceDaBear
Personally, I think it would be super fun if we had more collections of cool items like Steve co! It is one of my favorite parts of SFT, and also if /town (if it is still here) should be advertised more at spawn or something so we can have more attractions to explore if player are willing to create towns. Towns are one of my favorite parts of a server :D
 Hey Tow, When you get a chance can you please put /warp BearNecessities on /autoshop? I have the perms from my last auto shop but since we have different time zones I don't see you online so I haven't been able to ask you XD
My goose out here making money moves   ;)
General Discussion / Re: Autism
Aug 08, 2018, 11:06 pm
I think it is very important that people read and understand articles or in this case, forums about mental disabilities. I personally think it is needed in today's society, especially because of the inconsiderate people on the internet. Thank you for sharing your story with us!
From reading that only the top 5 auto shops are going to be moved and owners are being contacted, I'm assuming CastleAuto isn't in the top five?
Your IGN (in-game nickname): GraceDaBear
Your age: 15
Your current uptime for this week (check with /pstats):9h 10m
Were you banned in the last 6 months?: no