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General Announcements / Re: SFTModded Changes
Jul 31, 2020, 01:21 PM
Can confrim that sb2 and MCEternal are going to be a hell of a lot fun so look forward to both when they come out people!
Throwing this out there. IF anyone has questions I can attempt to help you yet I only know so much about the update itself. So please dm me @I_Can_Fly#6789
   So as many people may have noticed Pyromining has received a massive update. Due to this the lack of post updating was slowed down. This was due to me trying to figure out the new mechanics of pyromining and working on figuring things out to make the best post possible for all of you people.

Some things that have changed since last post
Rune guardians require redstone ore instead of diamond ore
Oracles need emerald ore to spawn

Now for the breading of the post.
   A lot of things have changed with pyromining. First off anything that you had BEFORE the update is can't be used at all cause pyro changed NBT data so chuck those items out
   Next,  Guardians have changed dramatically. They have gained new attacks (Some of which you have to explore to find out yourselves)  They now will gain health and attack the more vessels you get making them much more of a threat later on. Even with full netherite armor with prot four you will still struggle to take them on.
   After that a lot of pyromine fluxes and gemstones had prices changed. For starters the flux you get from the nether has changed prices. So if you were mining quartz for $ via pyromining its now shit lol sorry. (I was doing it as well .-.)
All right now for the true part probbaly why you all came here for.  (or all the innards of a sandwich lol.)
            Vessels, Artifacts, and Fossils.
Artifacts: As many people have known every so often when you mine an ore you will get something called an artifact. This artifact can be right clicked to identify it and put in /mine artifacts once you do that you will be given a time and possible loot that can be obtained from said artifact along with a % chance to get a fossil. Each artifact comes in 9 tiers. Basic 42%, Unusual 21%, Epic 14%, Exceptional 10%, Legendary 6% Fabled 4%, Mythic 2.4%, Celestial 0.5%, Divine 0.1%

Fossils: These can come out of artifacts as mentioned above with a % chance. Depending on the artifact you might have better odds or shit odds like 1% or something. (Really what was pyro thinking?) Anyhow once you get a fossil you have to put it back into /mine artifacts in the same place you put your artifact and that will begin another timer, yay for waiting! After that is done you will get a fossil part there is a total of 8 parts per fossil set with multiple sets... So have fun collecting them all.

Vessels: So you finally collected all 8 chaos... i mean Fossil parts yes,  once you collect the 8 fossil parts place them in a refinery(ya know the multi-block that you use to find out the dust you get from mining) and boom bada bing you got a vessel. Wouldn't it be easy if that's what you had to do to get a vessel? Well there's a boss fight that involves the vessel that you make. In order to kill said boss you need to get Requiems which you can get via final whisper upgrade in /mine artifacts those requiems can only be obtained via tier 5 or higher artifacts. So since basic is tier 1 and Divine is tier 9 than you can find out what tier 5 is (spoiler alert its Legendary) On top of getting the requiems as well you ALSO need to put them in the right number order as well so isn't that fun!  Each vessel that you get does something unique like triple ore, autosmelt, more zeta, more pyromine xp ect. To find more about the vessels do /mine journal and find the vessels info and click on that. It will give you a more detailed guide of what each of them do.

More info will come as pyro updates and i find out what each do so be ready for that.

If you have any questions at all please talk to pyro lol
a uh... unhealthy amount of tf2
I say optional reset and give hard mode a try. I went with optional cause im thinking on long term server playability yet with the old players they might feel left out if they went with reset and saw others who had stuff still. At least it gives old players still stuff to do in a way.
Villager Luck where theres villager on pressure plates reachable by a zombie. The zombie would aggro onto a villager, kill them and the pressure plate would be deactivated causing a piston to be retracted dropping someone into lava thus eleminating them.
Do you like skyblock or overworld?     Never played skyblock before yet willing to give it a shot
Do you like quests?   Yes gib all the quests plz k tnx
Do you like the grind?   Yes and no as long as there is a way to be able to farm resources via crops or some other way like milking cows or using common resources
Do you want a separate server where your skills can be put to the test, but you still have your main base? All though not really liked by myself I would agree with this to help bring new people in too the pack and help them get started and understand what to do before going to a challenge.
How many GB of RAM do you have?   16 gb of rams 
Do you like tech?   Are robits made of metal? Yes
Do you like magic? As long as im not forced into thaumcraft than 100% fine
Do you like exploring/adventuring? If theres a lot to see and do in the worlds/dimensions yes
How hard of a modpack do you want? something kinda challanging at first yet with a high end reward (kinda like Mc-Enternal ;3)
How much modded experince do you have? I would say a good portion of my playtime for sft is modded so fairly good bit.

*I mean i already have everything yet i guess i can help if i play*
Dibs on  muderer

Gotta kill em all ;3
Extending till people join.

If no one joins than ill be sad
Hello there everyone, I have been busy the last few days hatching a lot of eggs that I have been breeding for something special.

I have created a special RANDOMIZED POKEMON TOURNAMENT! What makes it so special you might be asking? Well for starters its randomized, No one will know what they will be getting until the day of the tournament where I will distribute the Pokemon to everyone so that way I can make sure that no one tries to sneak in bred mons that are perfectly planned and have perfect ivs as well as egg moves.

The tournament will be hosted at /warp Battletower at the very top!
In order to claim said Pokemon, you will need to the following format
Box1 Space#30, Box2 Space#20, Box3 Space#4, Box4 Space#15, Box5 Space#23, Box6 Space#1

Now that's just an example of how you can claim your pokemon before the tournament begins. Those who don't get the mercy of a random dice generator so best pick before the due date.

The starting day of the tournament is 11/9/19 at 2:30PM EST those who aren't there who are entered will be sadly out of the running for the prize, people who are a few minutes late (Example 2:40PM EST) will be allowed in with an exemption of they have to do one more fight at the end in order to make up for the time.

I took the liberty and disabled leveling on all pokemon hatched so far and I also named a few of them with special effects (Not revealing what they are)

If you happen to pull a named pokemon than you will be allowed access too what that pokemon says
BE WARNED Some of the pokemon have a NEGATIVE thing. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Signups for the tournament will end on 11/8/2019 at 5:00 PM EST any entries past that will be ignored
(This is so I can tell how many pokemon will be needed and do last minute changes if theres more)

Too signup do the following
Pokemon (See above) :
Tell me your favorite pokemon generation

(the last one is for funsies)

Now for the dull boring part. The rules

1. No Enabling levels during these fights, if anyone is caught with pokemon gaining levels the current fight will be stopped and the person who gained levels will be removed from the tournament.

2. You may bring one item too this fight (No zmoves,choice items, eviolite, leftovers, or healing)

3. You get stuck with a bad mon, deal with it. It's random for a reason. (For the final fight  you are allowed to swap one pokemon with the semi-finals person you defeated ex. Nubbun defeats me, they can decide which pokemon form the team I have to replace a member of their team)

4. If you get a pokemon that is special you can choose too use it or not (Note if you have discord and one of the pokemon you pick ahead of time

5. Last fight is a best of 3!

Now the good part, the reward
The reward is a special shulker box(sadly you can't take the shulker box otherwise I would give it) full of random goodies that I got for the winner.

Hope too see a lot of people join and as always if anyone has any questions than leave a comment or DM me @I_Can_Fly#6789
Yes, yet not nearly as long as i would have liked
Yes because its the only birb that is super fun ;3
Brought over a good friend of mine onto survival.,

post number 4 is his.

(Yes im NotChocobo654321)
General Announcements / Re: SFT Pixelmon
Aug 06, 2019, 09:51 PM
Confirmed Pix > Survival for SFT's best server.

JK both are the best just uh... pix is slightly better ;3
Just FYI might run into a Pichu pyromon, Thats me right there. Countless yelling at @PyroTempus  and pestering him got me in xD. Anyhow awesome plugin can't wait to play around with it and have fun (Also this proves that pix and survival get along tots...)
Happy Birthdays

Sorry im not sorry for breaking pix so many times ^_^
General Announcements / Re: ????
Apr 14, 2019, 03:13 PM
Either or, Yet perfer a bit early ;3