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General Survival Discussions / Re: An Idea?
Last post by Towelie - Today at 07:34 AM
I can provide support, whatever you need, projects like these are good for the community
Survival / Re: Datfluffyhamster
Last post by SashaLarie - Today at 04:28 AM
Thanks :D you have now been unbanned. Welcome back!
Survival / Re: Datfluffyhamster
Last post by datfluffyhamster - Today at 04:19 AM
I, Andres ZV, (Datfluffyhamster) swear to not grief ever again.
Survival / Re: Datfluffyhamster
Last post by SashaLarie - Today at 04:11 AM
Hey Datfluffyhamster. You were banned by someone who is no longer staff for "Griefing, evading and ignoring staff". Since it was so long ago that you were banned, I am willing to unban you as long as you promise that you will not grief again.

Please reply within 48 hours or this post will be locked, with no unban.
Survival / Datfluffyhamster
Last post by AutoHandler - Today at 04:04 AM
In-game Nickname: Datfluffyhamster

   Forum username: datfluffyhamster

   Why were you banned ?:
   Griefing, evading and ignoring staff

   Why should you be unbanned ?
   I remember playing on SFT when I was in the 5th and 6th grade in the years 2012-2013 and this server was honestly my entire childhood. Right now I am a junior in high school and I got hit with a huge wave of "wanting to play Minecraft nostalgia" and this server meant the world to me. Being a preteen then, I definitely made some stupid decisions and acted exactly like a child in the reasons why I was bad thinking I was cool, but being unbanned just to be able to play again would really mean so much. What I did was unacceptable behavior, but as a 17 year old, I believe that I am capable of controlling my actions and participating correctly in the little society of the survival world.

   Extra Information:
   It has been at least 6 years since I was banned I believe


General Survival Discussions / Re: An Idea?
Last post by winston_b - Today at 03:33 AM
This seems nice. I do agree that every week might be a stretch, but every other week might do. I could help with the project maybe.
General Survival Discussions / Re: New Idea?
Last post by Miricx - Today at 01:01 AM
I already created a thing like this along with tyty71089 and BattleAxium back in 2012, SFT News. We reported news on SFT every week, it was kind of like a youtube series. We did things as Poll of the Week and reported promoted staff members and updates on the community. It was a really fun thing to do and it met with great critics, but it was shut down after a while. People lost interest but most important, we ran out of stories. SFT is not as big as it used to be and there's simply not enough activity today and there wouldn't be enough things to report. That's why we created the Newsstand here; https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/board,244.0.html - so we can post news whenever there shows up any.

We could do like every other week or every month, but then it wouldn't be considered news anymore and it wouldnt be as interesting. We removed the channel we posted the news on but theres still 2 episodes left on towelie's channel if anyone's interested;

General Survival Discussions / An Idea?
Last post by WaterMelonie - Today at 12:37 AM
Soo I have a suggestion! I've had this idea for a while and I've seen other servers do this, and I think it would be cool if SFT did this as well.

I was thinking we could do some kind of "Weekly News" thing for the server on the forums- each week it could be posted on the forums, like a newspaper. It can include new promotions(and maybe demotions), the weekly updates, the weekend event/who won  it, donators of that week, maybe a small interview with someone or a new player about why they play on the server, or just anything really.
I'll edit this if I get more ideas of what could be included.

I think it would be nice for people to be in touch with what's happening in the server. We could have one or two writers for it, (probably high staff members?). But I can also help with anything that's needed.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. You can comment if you have any suggestions for my idea, or if something like this can be done. ☺️

(Also I wasn't sure where to post this so I just posted it here.)
Ayy welcome back! Looking forward to seeing you you on the server c:
General Announcements / Semi AutoFarm Size Expanded
Last post by Aymaneto - Feb 21, 2019, 02:19 PM
Hey everyone, After some discussion we've decided it would be best to change the current Semi AutoFarm size limit rule from 10 blocks wide x 20 blocks long to 30 x 40.
The reason for that is because we would like players to have a chance expanding their farms if they need to, And we'd like them to have a better experience.

Please keep in mind that this does not apply to pistons, as they're still illegal to use!

If you have further questions, feel free to ask! c:
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