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Have a Super Fun Time!

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Hey everyone!

Make sure to prepare your tools as myself and Darren64_NY will be hosting Treasure Hunt on Saturday 6th @ 8pm GMT / 3pm EST!

Countdown: Click here for the countdown

Hope to see you all there!
General Announcements / Re: [Survival] Parachute shop ...
Last post by Wacky - Mar 03, 2021, 09:39 AM
Where we dropping bois?
As a side note: If we forget and have to add to the lottery, we'll ask a manager+ to ping on discord so that everyone knows to buy tickets.
Back a few months ago @omelet made a challenge for himself and now the both of us are doing it this time around. For the whole month of March (yes I know I didn't post this on the first) both me and omelott will vote every day, but if one of us misses a day that person has to donate 1 mil to the lottery and the other person has to donate 250k. Neither of us are great at long term voting, but we shall see what happens!
General Announcements / [Survival] Parachute shop now ...
Last post by Towelie - Mar 02, 2021, 12:10 PM
Good news! We now have parachutes! Check out /parachuteshop and see you around soaring through the skies!
To use: While in air, right click on the parachute chest to deploy parachute. While back down, shift + right click to get it back.
The Exhibition / Re: Ducky's Palace Casino
Last post by omelet - Mar 02, 2021, 02:49 AM
Congratulations to vballgirl6 on winning a beacon. And she's only a member!

On a side note, the wheel of fortune is back-in-order.
General Announcements / Re: [Survival] Tractors / Kart...
Last post by blalp - Mar 02, 2021, 12:47 AM
Quote from: Mazeworker on Mar 01, 2021, 03:47 PMTo whomever duped items... you suck and should be permabanned with no chance of unbanning.
Thankfully it was reported before it was abused. A huge thank you the reporter and @BrainyDevil for help testing!
General Announcements / Re: [Survival] Tractors / Kart...
Last post by Mazeworker - Mar 01, 2021, 03:47 PM
To whomever duped items... you suck and should be permabanned with no chance of unbanning.

Karts... I think all vehicles(ground based) should be allowed with the same speed level so it feels like you can get a choice of Kart, just like the game... so if you want to pick a motor bike and someone else wants the Landspeeder.

Do I just give the Karts(Tractors) to a manager? I have 10... 8 from two tracks built and 2 from the test drive tractor event.

I also completed two new tracks /warp Chocolake and /warp RainbowRoad.
General Announcements / [Survival] Tractors / Karts we...
Last post by Towelie - Mar 01, 2021, 02:50 PM
Today we found a critical issue/incompatibility with Tractors and Slimefun Backpacks.
Basically tractors can be used to dupe.

Due to that, I have removed permission from everyone to use tractors.
If that bothers you, I was told you can achieve a similar result with mcmmo (auto replanting), so I would suggest looking into that instead.

For the people that built tracks for tractors:
- Don't worry, I will be making a new KART but based on vehicles rather than tractors in the next days.

What you need to do:
- If you have any tractors, stop using them
- If you have a tractor that is already spawned and you are not able to put back in its chest, please make a ticket in #support and leave a warp to the tractor, an Admin can come and help you with that.
- If you would like to use tractors purely for decoration, that is fine (eg: if you already have them deployed that way). However, they will no longer be obtainable / useable.

Sorry everyone, I liked the tractors too :S
- We will not provide refund for existing tractors (since this is an emergency removal of tractors and not something we planned)
General Announcements / Re: [Survival] Apply for Staff...
Last post by CONAN97ZHANG - Mar 01, 2021, 12:33 PM
What is your IGN (in-game nickname)?: conan97zhang

What is your uptime in the last week (/pstats)?: 2H

What is your overall uptime(/pstats)?: 334 H

Were you banned from our server in the last 6 months?: No

Were you ever banned for xraying / advertising / exploiting glitches?: Yes

What rank do you wish to be (EventHost / JMod)?: Jmod

Why do you want that rank?: I wish to assist those people that are important to me and I am a helpful guy in nature! ^_^

What region are you from? (EU / US / AU / OTHER): SH

Do you have a Discord account?: YourDaddyConan#4186
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