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Brace yourself - badge system coming tonight

2 hours ago   |    : Towelie

New donation item that will be added tonight: Badge system.
It will cost 10 eur to unlock the badge system and get an initial badge but afterwards you will be able to change your badge for free, as many times as you wish (via the donator shop).
There will be multiple badges/symbols ranging from icons of vehicles (plane/boat) to...

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Pixelmon - 50% sale and 25% sale on ranks!

July 21, 2014, 09:35:54 PM   |    : Dpa1991

Due to the new EULA enforcements we'll be having a sale on the items we're removing. To find the sale navigate to our Buycraft shop and click on the new category.

VIP Perks will be removed on the 1st, but users who have the perks will be able to claim their perks until their full month expires. During this sale, all rank packs are going to be ...

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[Reminder] +1 Our modpack and stand to win 20 Eur Donator Shop Credit

July 20, 2014, 05:53:38 PM   |    : Towelie

I'd like to remind you about our ongoing contest. +1 our modpack and enter the chance to win prizes.
Contest Link -> here

NOTE: We need at least 100 more +1's, please help us get them guys it's really important to us!


Few Changes

July 20, 2014, 05:51:30 PM   |    : Towelie

Few changes happening lately which I felt needed a post.

#1 The nether was reset.
#2 World1 will be increased from 5500x5500 to 5750x5750 4500x4500 to 5000x5000 to give you guys some more space until the world2 reset
#3 We are tweaking vote rewards (as soon as ColesyM is here and can do the changes):
- Remove wool rewards completely (32 x wool, etc).

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