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Happy Birthday to me!

6 hours ago   |    : Towelie

Tonight at 8PM GMT+2 come on Survival for my Birthday Party.
Technically my birthday is tomorrow (I'm turning 31) but because I'll be out I'm celebrating it today.

- A 5 mil EmpBuck Lotto Draw
- A kickass Drop Party at /warp Toweliesparty
- Some minigame greatness

Be there!

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Bukkit is shutting down (Or not!?)

8 hours ago   |    : Towelie

Whelp... bad news.
Bukkit is shutting down. Read why in this post ->

I am literally at a loss of words.
I don't know what will happen to Minecraft's future or whether someone will continue but if not, we will be stuck on 1.7.9 forever.

Will post more as I find out

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[Unturned] Premium Shop

8 hours ago   |    : Towelie

I have added a premium shop for Unturned.
All items will have to be delivered manually so a wait time of ~24h is to be expected
Link ->

Why I added this donator shop?
Because we need to raise about ~$30 / month to cover Unturned's hosting costs. That's our target
After you purchase something, send me a forum PM.

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Unturned - Now Whitelisted

9 hours ago   |    : Towelie

Soo... things are not working out on Unturned, even with a password.
People are mean, they are griefing bases, and people with hacks still can join.
In order for us to be able to run a decent Unturned server we will have to go whitelisted.

Apply for whitelist  ->

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