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  • Jasper : if you guys want to support it and see it expanded, then please leave iron and/or hoppers in the donation chest at the top of it
  • Jasper : There is now a spawner on vanilla! Its by my and Duane's houses, and it is a lag machine
  • ParisGrace : Tow is, making his way down down walking fast
  • minecraftluvr546 : Be patient KojoGuy it make take a bit
  • KojoGuy : How much longer XD
  • KojoGuy : No plz Welp... Why bteam xC
  • copen6199 : bteam is temp down, fear and i are working on it. Updates will be in bteam forum
  • rens0wntnoob : tyty. quite bruised right now. hurts like a bitch
  • Towelie : Out for the night, take care guys ;). rens, - I hope you're ok
  • rens0wntnoob : so a scooter crashed against me today. found out the guy that was driving had rheumatism. woman was pissed at me for no reason. all i have is a few scratches on my arm which hurts as fuck. rip in scooterdriverini
  • Eternal_Jamie : He was referring to you saying "no just no" in response to rack earlier I think xd
  • Towelie : What? o_O I helped her with a computer problem. How in the world would you understand somethinge lse
  • killerbee : rofl towlie No just no. XD
  • Towelie : Won't be around tonight, helping djkirsh with a personal computer issue
  • ItsConnor_ : #drama
  • TheGoldenKibby : Or should I not have asked
  • TheGoldenKibby : What happened to Rackoflamb?
  • danielle627 : hi!
  • Towelie : No. Just no.
  • rackoflamb : Who ever just banned kitchen1999 on survival, Yall weak
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[Survival] Important changes to the Warp Plugin

March 02, 2015, 05:22:29 PM   |    : Towelie

Thanks to Dpa1991, I have installed an update to the Warp plugin.

NOTE: The plugin doesn't support spaces in warp names. All warps with spaces have been converted! Instead of spaces we now use underscores. If your warp was named "test warp" it will now be "test_warp"

The most important change (which I felt was needed for somet ime):
- The warp cooldown/warmup were removed. Warps are now instant
- I have raised the limit to 20 public + 20 private warps per player
- If riding a horse, your horse will also be teleported
- The warp plugin is now UUID-compliant. This means that if you change your name, you will have the warps on your new name.

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[B-Team] Premium Shop Revamp

March 01, 2015, 02:06:17 PM   |    : Towelie

The B-Team Premium Shop was revamped!
Check it out at

- Switched from EUR to USD
- Added several new items (check the Items & Bundles Category for info)
- Added icons for all items and categories in /buy
- Tweaked some prices
- Fixed an error in a description

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[Survival] Loyalty Rewards

March 01, 2015, 12:24:32 PM   |    : Towelie

I have added Loyalty Rewards on Survival.
That means that if you log in for up to 7 consecutive days, you get rewards each day, with increasing value.
Rewards range from a cake to 5000 EmpBucks or 2 SteveCo Keys.

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[Survival] SteveCo Crate #31 - Hulk Set

February 28, 2015, 09:12:42 PM   |    : Towelie

SteveCo Crate #31 has been added!
IT contains a hulk themed armor, a iron fence item (knuckle duster), with enchants and a zombie kill tracker (strange weapon, like in tf2), a hulk smash potion and a fail prize.

You can also purchase SteveCo Crates from our premium shop, or get them by voting for our server or just playing (random drops)

PS: Starting March 1st, watch out for discounts from the premium shop.

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