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  • Toxic_Foxtrot69 : Just got home from work!!!
  • stormshooter : unlucky brindle, hope to see you later
  • brindle2k14 : Been to work nearly all day and now I've been called back in!!! :/
  • Iron_Hobbit : i thought it was still going and i teleported in
  • Iron_Hobbit : I didnt do CRAP
  • BluetigerESW : 5 minutes till the bteam quiz event starts!
  • Hiltons5004 : xQuic I'll help you build a Town
  • xQuicScopex : guess nobody wants to
  • xQuicScopex : so who wants to help me build a town near my auto? it has 6 beacons and a spawner near bedrock near the town
  • rens0wntnoob : so a part of the netherlands (North holland and flevoland) had a blackout. amsterdam,haarlem and the region had no power. went home and the power went back on. woot!
  • wahauger : Ugly add me on Skype im getting my computer in about 2 weeks and already bought arma
  • Uglypenguins : but as i imagine, take money to run it..
  • Uglypenguins : Dang.. we should start it back up, i just bought DayZ
  • killjoy27 : Not anymore, We had Dayz servers in the past, but were always shut down
  • Uglypenguins : Do we have a DayZ?
  • Hiltons5004 : Lol one227. I bet my computer has way more than tha!
  • one227 : i got rid of all the viruses there were 3 in total
  • Fire_Lord_Nero : how can you even xD
  • zomcry : gg
  • one227 : had a new laptop for about 3 hours, already have a virus on
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[Event] B-Team Quiz Series - Week 1

March 24, 2015, 09:00:48 AM   |    : BluetigerESW

Image created by katoon <33

Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that the B-Team EventHost Team is putting together a Quiz Series with loads of prizes and a new theme every week! We plan on continuing this if we get a good turnout. There will also be a larger category/theme that each season/series will be based upon, meaning while all quizzes will follow a different theme they will somehow relate to the main one. I hope you guys will enjoy this and that we can possibly bring in some more players to bteam from this. :)

Season 1 Theme: TV Shows
Week 1 Theme: The Walking Dead (cause finale of course)
This Week's Host: BluetigerESW

Date: Friday, March 27th
Where: -> /warp quiz
Prize: 50k per round* (2 rounds each week)
Countdown to Event:

The event has started!

*Prizes will increase once we have the 10 finalists.

Feel free to post any theme suggestions here.

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Drop Party :3

March 23, 2015, 10:01:59 PM   |    : Sadhero1

Attack of the B-Team drop party

Event Timer

The Attack of the B-Team server is hosting its first drop party. All items will be donated from any player or staff members who would like to donate. Accepting any items from any players. If you would like to donate for the drop party please see a manager + on the B-Team server and let them know the items/emp is for the drop party.

Items we are dropping include 500K, 250K, 150K, and 75K voucher book's, there will also be a B-Team chat badge voucher donated by Copen6199, Steveco keys and chests, diamonds and other ores donated by players and staff members.

When & Where
Attack of the B-Team server /w3 Event Area
Date : Monday (3/30/15)
Starting Time 4:50pm EST


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[Premium Shop] 15% off on all of our premium shops

March 23, 2015, 10:52:22 AM   |    : Towelie

We are currently running a sale on all of our premium shops.
Everything is 15% off!

Survival ->
SFT Pixelmon ->
B-Team ->
Hunger Games ->
Factions ->
Creative ->
Pocketmine ->

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[Survival] Nether is temporarily out of order

March 22, 2015, 05:32:29 PM   |    : Towelie

For a brief period of time (24-48h) you will not be able to build/break blocks in nether due to a Towny test.
Towny is currently enabled in the /nether but we do not advise starting a town yet as it will cost 500000 EmpBucks and  you will lose your money as this is just a test (we will not offer refunds, you have been warned).
Over the next 48h, I will perform tests, with a few other players, and if you wish to participate in the tests, you will have to be one of the people I randomly choose when I'm online and do these tests.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. The purpose of this test is understanding the plugin (for the duration of the test, the command /towny will be available which will contain an explanation on how to use the town commands). and fixing some last minute bugs that we have discovered.

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