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Post your FACE!

Started by Pimmert, Aug 16, 2011, 08:19 pm

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Taken seriously like 10 minutes ago on snapchat  :D
â-'â-ˆâ-€â-€â-€â-ˆ â-'â-ˆâ"€â"€â-'â-ˆ   â-'â-ˆâ-€â-€â-€â-ˆ â-'â-ˆâ-€â-€â-€â-ˆ
â"€â-,,â-,,â-,,â-€â-€   â-'â-ˆâ-,,â-,,â-,,â-ˆ â"€â"€â-,,â-,,â-,,â-€â-€ â"€â-,,â-,,â-,,â-€â-€
â-'â-ˆâ-,,â-,,â-,,â-ˆ â"€â"€â-'â-ˆâ"€â"€  â-'â-ˆâ-,,â-,,â-,,â-ˆ â-'â-ˆâ-,,â-,,â-,,â-ˆ


Me when i was like 10 or something and The other like 10 mins ago


This is meee xaliejx
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I've had to remove a few posts from this forum.  This forum is a place to get to know each other with more than just a screen name.

This is not a place to make fun of people in anyway, shape or form.  If you don't have something nice to say then stay the hell out of this forum.

Thanks, and here is HappyNem relaxing at a cafe.

Devilz angel 😈

Sorry I changed it


i feel left out ;-;
HOPEFULLY i don't regret this later ;n;

.... ;-;

 :redflower: :redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower::redflower:

Have you heard the news? I'm into dudes! ;)


this is my face feel free to laugh and draw on it :p

P.S my beard has grown alot longer so this picture is like 5 months old :p


Edits I did a little while ago.

(classic IPwn massive image, because I can)
A smile will get you far, but a smile and a gun will get you farther.
-Al Capone


I decided to update (ive probably updated already but idk im so basic) so enjoy!

Thanks to Maya546 for the awesome skin and Mewiebowie for the spectacular avatar!



Okay Im bored so im just going post it since it halloween! :P


Halloween Update!
Shoutout to Dondougo for the custom SU Ukulele decal!


Update time!

I can't remember when I did it but it was a while ago.
Happy Halloweenie!


so yeahhh rip hairr

You could be the greatest why would you wanna be regular?


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Yo, this one was bad but you don't need to know that  ;)

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If mad, grab cat.
If glad, grab cat.
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Me in uniform last night... not much else to it.

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Time for an update, I suppose.
Don't know why this picture is sideways but you're gonna have to deal with it :P
Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. Don't fall asleep... because life never will.
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I curled my hair the day when I took this pic  :heart:


Merry Christmas once again guys. ;) Have a great time!
Today may seem cloudy and tomorrow not much better but you just gotta remember only you can clear the weather so whenever you're feeling down just keep your head up to the sun because at the end of the day there's always better days to come...


thought I'd post some karate st00f since I haven't yet xD

From club competition we had today, came 2nd in & joint 3rd in two events

From the clubs Christmas party where I won  "Best Competitor 2015" award

You could be the greatest why would you wanna be regular?


Updaaate. Went to St. John in the USVI and it was beautiful!



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Edited out the picture because I make myself cry.
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So its been a long while, and I think I'm around 4 months overdue for an update. Shield your eyes!
I am so sorry the picture is huge. Again, it was taken with my phone.


From my work Christmas party a few weeks back :)