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Have a Super Fun Time!

Post your FACE!

Started by Pimmert, Aug 16, 2011, 08:19 PM

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Okay Im bored so im just going post it since it halloween! :P


Halloween Update!
Shoutout to Dondougo for the custom SU Ukulele decal!


Update time!

I can't remember when I did it but it was a while ago.
Happy Halloweenie!


so yeahhh rip hairr


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Yo, this one was bad but you don't need to know that  ;)

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Me in uniform last night... not much else to it.


Time for an update, I suppose.
Don't know why this picture is sideways but you're gonna have to deal with it :P
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I curled my hair the day when I took this pic  :heart:


Merry Christmas once again guys. ;) Have a great time!
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thought I'd post some karate st00f since I haven't yet xD

From club competition we had today, came 2nd in & joint 3rd in two events

From the clubs Christmas party where I won  "Best Competitor 2015" award


Updaaate. Went to St. John in the USVI and it was beautiful!


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Edited out the picture because I make myself cry.
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So its been a long while, and I think I'm around 4 months overdue for an update. Shield your eyes!
I am so sorry the picture is huge. Again, it was taken with my phone.


From my work Christmas party a few weeks back :)


Sorry The image is a bit large ._. But it was 10x bigger before I shrunk it down.
Anyways, Here is me ready for Christmas Eve dinner while I was on my vacation in Florida!

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I did not like my last one so here's this one.

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lmao throwback to when I was emo. enjoy.


[attach name=image.jpg type=image/jpeg]23235[/attach]

And so it begins.



Here's an update folks. Yeah, it's pretty massive  :P

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This may be my skype profile Picture, but at least it give's people an idea of what i look like ^u^


First post since 2013 I think...


I have a facebook-profile picture sized face.
It does face things.


Here's another pic.