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Lost's coming back!
As previously promised, we'll be reviving my first lov... I mean The Lost Islands, it's a wonderful pack, lots of options for everyone from casual players to the more hardcore. Modpack's not published yet.

It's a modded skyblock with loads of magic and tech. Whether you're into flower power, wizards, witches, or blood magic Lost's got it all. Whether you're into automation, reactors, automation, ludicrous machines, Lost's got it all. This will be the same mods we used back in the day. Minecraft version of 1.7.10. Mod list will be shared as release gets closer.

You'll fit right in...(exceptions apply)
Enjoy making your machines just a LITTLE bigger than they need it and got an itch to automate? You'll fit right in. Enjoy stringing together spells and rituals to cast lightning from your wand? You'll fit right in. Enjoy making your base purely out of cobblestone? You'll fit right in (you can do better if ya want, but I'm just too lazy sometimes). Enjoy starting your own business? Well forget about it, people here give away items for free, your business won't exist when people will literally pay you to give items.

Having fun with some old friends (and meet new ones), cause some chaos, and supporting each other. Whether that's in showing off your cool machines, in the pvp arena, or on the wrong side of a tnt cannon. But not just having fun from stuff that's on the server, but building each other up and making up your own games. That being said, I can't promise it will last forever, but every second that it does I'll cherish. Nor can I promise large player counts, but even if it's just you and me on the server we can have a super fun time (sorry had to), the rest are just missing out. They'll never know what insanity this is .

Note to the Veterans
While I know the temptation is there to stick to what you're familiar with, try some mods you haven't gotten as far into before. Enjoy your time here, don't rush through the pack, but live in each moment, build crazier than you need to build, mess around with friends. If your only goal is to complete the pack, you'll miss all that matters. Enjoy each moment, whether honing your craft on your island alone, or sharing with others.

We are not who we once were when Lost released all those years ago. If you expect this re-launch to be exactly like the good times you remember, you WILL be disappointed. Don't EXPECT (though I certainly hope it will) this to be the fun, friendly environment you it become the good times you remember. Be the change you want to see in the world. I need you to make this server what Lost was. I need your friendly attitude, your willingness to help, your insanity, your quirkiness. The server without you is just 1s and 0s, with you it is a place I can call my home. Thank you in advance, you're amazing, can't wait to see what wonderful people you've become :heart:

P.S. Join our cult

B-Team and Tekxit will be shutting down in a little under two weeks (on the 31st) to make room. World downloads available on request as always. I'm sorry that I failed you, we'll take what we've learned to the next server.

In typical modded fashion TNT will fly. @Live2Ride17 Will sound the battle horn (probably Saturday night). Let's see some carnage! You'll have creative, no protections, feel free to make things go boom boom or build massive machines or whatever. If you want to get screenshots of your base, I highly advising doing so BEFORE that weekend (doubt you want a picture of a crater).

What you can do to help
Fill this post with post with beautiful builds from bteam, massive machines from tekxit, anything you want to show off from either server, post it here. Looking forward to seeing all that you've made!

Re-visit the memories of old, recall what you love(d) about this place (whether that's Lost, B-Team, Tekxit, anything modded or any of our servers). Then tell your story below. It is important to remember why we are here, together.
Everyone join me in welcoming @AtomicPulse to the Modded owner crew! From helping out on the backend, helping players in-game, having fun, being one of the major driving forces between multiple large modded projects, he's been alongside helping every step of the way. Thank you for everything Atomic, I know I can count on you, and trust you with the highest modded rank, Congratz!

P.S. He's also heading up the next modded project
Duel of the Dungeons

I challenge you to a duel! This contest will not be decided with swords, nay, but by our wits and our skill as dungeon masters.

To answer the call, divide yourself evenly into two teams; the Witch and the Wardrobe (post below with the team of your choice). Each team will construct their dungeon from the 13th to the 21st of November (feel free to plan), be it a labyrinth, a boss fight, traps, riddles, or something of your own making. I know what you're thinking, and while a death trap would be an effective way to keep people out, you must prove to me that it can be completed from start to finish with not a shirt on your back. To help things along each team will be provided a stack of redstone and 8 secret rooms items of your choosing.

If you want to make your dungeon say... come alive, each team will have the option to summon as many bosses/entities (within reason) as they want at anywhere in the dungeon (give me a valid Hexxit 2 (1.12.2) /execute command to be my the 20th) (look up MCStacker for a command generator)

If you want your dungeon to be protected from some blocks being broken by the ancient magiks of Prut Ect 'In, let me know what areas you want block breaking allowed/forbidden by the 20th)

If you answer my call, and emerge victorious, you and your team will get a trophy (of sorts, you'll see), and an opportunity to pick some prizes from the HALL of PRIZES (post below some suggestions of what you want in it (the more reasonable the more likely I'll include))

The winner will be the team that takes the most attempts to solve (with time as a tie-breaker)! Don't forget about having fun or aesthetics though (the winning teach in either of these categories will get a small prize)!

Team (Witch or Wardrobe):
Hall of Prizes ideas:
Teaser trailer:

After completing a computer themed quest you will be awarded with a basic AE2 system (and power). If you complete the quest within the first week you'll get a bonus 4k storage cell! Further drives will be available for purchase at a shop in the shopping district.

List of changes:
  • Item Computers from AE2 Added
  • Dynamax
  • Player run shops in the Shopping district (/autoshops). Pokeballs, ores, and more!
  • The End opened (/theend)

Existing features:
  • Legend quests in addition to natural spawns
  • Beatiful Gyms
  • Breathtaking chisels and bits structures
  • Pokemon
Before we get into the feedback, we just wanted to apologize for the extremely late response to turning legend spawns back on. It was a mistake to have them off. Our goal with the legend quests was to make legends accessible to all players after they worked for it. We failed in that goal. Having the quests alone restricted which legends could be obtained. Our failure to meet our own schedule further compounded this. We're sorry. But words aren't enough. Legend spawns are now back on naturally, and the legend quest system has been revamped to allow you to work towards certain legionaries in addition to the natural spawns, and its setup so we can meet the schedule we promised. See here for Rally explaining the new system in-depth.

Release was rushed. Sorry. A fair number of things were not as polished as they should have been. Since then we have polished them.

Every mistake we make is an opportunity to learn. We made a mistake, and we will learn from it.

If you have stopped playing, I encourage you to give us feedback here, so we can all have a Super Fun Time (I had to) playing Pixelmon together.
Pixelmon changes:
- Turned on Legendary spawns
- Pixelmon update
- New style of Legend Quest to meet release schedule, @RallyReaper will post more details on the pixelmon board
New mods:
- FutureMC added (enjoy all the new blocks from 1.12-1.16)
- Added MoBends (more realistic animations)
- Added Bibliocraft (asthetic mod)
- Added More Overlays (for seeing chunk boards/light levels)
- Added backpack (BACKPACKS!)
- Added Builds wands (for easier large builds)
- Add More Furnaces (Turn up the heat!)
- TR/TM shop finished (Shopkeepers love rare randy!) (Go straight from spawn, then hang a right at the last building that has a whole down)
- AutoShop permissions!
- /autoshop directory so players can easily find autoshops Request to be added here!
- Reset The End
- Reset The Nether
- Performance improvements
Follow the form to request to be added to /autoshop!
  • At least 10 chests with items for sale
  • Active owner (at least one sign on per month
[b]Your ign:[/b]
[b]Your autoshop name[/b]
[b]What you want the warp name to be[/b]
[b]Description of shop[/b]
If you go inactive, and your shop loses stock we reserve the right to remove the listing. Re-request here if you want it added back.
Rates for plots in the shopping disctrict (/warp shops)
25k/month for a small 1x1 chunk (25k/chunk)
75k/month for a medium 2x2 chunk (18k/chunk)
150/month for a large 3x3 chunk (16k/chunk)
Building requirements
You are free to build up or down, but can only but 24 shop signs per chunk
The build has to look good
Payment processing
Fees are per month. If they don't have the funds by the 1st, they have until the 7th to pay 110% of their free. If they don't have the funds at that point, the shop gets WE above their house and all signs are broken.
Discord Notifications
Tired of checking the forums? Well now you can opt-in to forum notifications to show up on your discord! This is fully customizable in the normal Forums way, with the added option for Discord alerts. You will need to add your discord id (find it by doing +idfinder on our discord, here or here) to your account settings page where it says Discord ID. If you have any questions, please ask!

General Announcements
New topics in General Announcements now automatically show up in announcements, beeping the PingMe role.
New forum user registration shows up on the welcome channel on discord

Thanks yous
Below are some projects that were instrumental in getting this system working.
General announcements/welcome messages ->
Discord PHP link ->
Packaging Tool ->
Actual code hooking into SMF and sending to discord was me.
The NEW Pixelmon 8.0 update is now LIVE! Join today, that is, if you're ready to catch'em all.

  • Full Reset
  • Gen 8 pokemon
  • Gym improvements
  • Updated pack (hats is back! and shader ready)

Download technic launcher:
Run the technic launcher and click on the "modpacks" button
Paste the following link into the search bar:

Thank you to @Dday694 , @KasaiHono , @SaintTheBarman, @Seth5114 , @eegray , @xQuicScopex , @Live2Ride17 , @NotChocobo654321 and others for the amazing work! It looks great :)
SFT Modded / [Modded] Banned Items list
Aug 30, 2020, 12:35 AM
Stoneblock 2
Item NameReason
RFTools Spawner
Watch of Flowing timeLag - Tick Acceleration
MC Eternal
Item NameReasonTerrain worldsother worlds
ICBMBeing too awesomely explosiveYesOf course not, have fun!
DynamiteBeing too awesomely explosiveYesOf course not, have fun!
Wand of AnimationLag with the scale of mob farmsYesYes
Extrautilities ChunkloaderLag - chunk loadingYesYes
mekanism anchor upgradeLag - chunk loadingYesYes
Block hut minerBypass protectionsYesNo
Portal GunBypass protectionsYesNo
Gratity AcceleratorBypass protectionsYesNo
West Coast US: 9am
East Coast US: noon
Europe: evening

MC Eternal has a little bit for everyone. However you play, there is something new to explore. We have a lot planned for this release, hope to see you in-game! If you have any questions, please ask in the #modded-feedback on discord.

System requirements:
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • Generally a computer that can play mc
Technical install instructions TBD.

As always, have a good one!
if ANY of the following happen my profile picture changes to the Prettiest Pink Princess . If two happen, myself and quic will rock the Prettiest Pink Princess Role globally in-game and on discord (y'all know its going to be pink and red). If three, myself and quic wear all pink leather armour. If four, all the above now happens for a month rather than 2 weeks
  • We hit 300$/mo on patreon at the end of the month
  • 500$ globally on all SFT servers over the course of a month
  • :diamond: 2000 votes globally during this month got 7/16/20
  • 1000 new joins globally this month
  • 150 players online at once globally
(special thanks to @Relevent_Choas for the image)

(Post here or dm me if you see any of the criteria being met, this post will be updated as the milestones are passed)
SFT Modded / [Future] Suggest Event Servers!
Jun 26, 2020, 06:37 AM
This is still a ways out, but feel free to suggest/discuss event servers here!

What we are looking for: A pack we can have for a weekend to a month. Different than traditional/longstanding servers in at least one significant way.

Confirmed we will have these:
Modded UHC
A very hard pack. Not sure which one yet.


Lost Islands
Throwback skyblock 1.7
Throwback overworld 1.6
Enigmatica 2 Expert
As the HARD pack
Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons
adventuring pack. DRAGONS
FTB Regrowth
"So basically, in this modpack, you start out in a fresh new world, where the whole world is a like a baron planet, where dirt is somewhat rare (You have to go mining to find your first set of dirt) and this modpack has a questbook to guide you through the modpack too if you dont know what to do. You start from the absolute beginning, where your main focus is trying to get ores, which can be made through botania, botania is a very important mod to progress in this modpack. It includes special types of farming etc. This modpack basically goes through magical and rustic kinds of mods, you could say its kind of like real life where you get to explore different things, because you can see whats in the ocean, but you have to have proper equipment otherwise your air bubbles go down super fast. There are some broken down structures, and treasure maps you can get to find different things. I havent gotten super far, but I got most of the general things like second to highest tier crop farms, and what I can say from this is that it can be very grind-like. You can build things to make the crops grow faster and all, heck you could work on other things while your farm grows and stuff like that, Its a really fun modpack, can be addictive to people, but some people may not feel the same, I just like how its primary focus is, you must build defense first and then start doing things"

Technical garbage:
Any 1.6.X server will be IP whitelisted. Any 1.7.X server will not be added to the bungee. Any 1.8+ server can be added to the bungee. Easier versions: 1.6.4 (B-Team forge version), 1.7.10 (Lost Island forge version), 1.8.8 (Vanilla), 1.12.2 (Enigmatica 2 forge version)
NOTE: Even if you have not played modpacks before, but are willing to give it a try, please fill out this poll to the best of your knowledge, if you don't know the answer to a question, that's fine too.

Unfortunately due to the complex nature in the organization of this poll, please post your response below rather than just checking a box. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but the increased value of having consolations between different answers warrants the extra effort both on my side, and yours. If you want to respond anonymously, dm me, and I will put a post here.
[b]Do you like skyblock or overworld? [/b]
[b]Do you like quests? [/b]
[b]Do you like the grind? [/b]
[b]Do you want a separate server where your skills can be put to the test, but you still have your main base? [/b]
[b]How many GB of RAM do you have? [/b]
[b]Do you like tech? [/b]
[b]Do you like magic? [/b]
[b]Do you like exploring/adventuring? [/b]
[b]How hard of a modpack do you want? [/b]
[b]How much modded experince do you have? [/b]

Explanation of intent of questions:
Do you like skyblock or overworld? This question is trying to figure out which of the two modes do you prefer, or are you indifferent to which mode.
Do you like quests? Question is self-explanatory
Do you like the grind? Some mod packs require an insane amount of repetitive, tedious actions in order to succeed. Do you like that?
Do you want a separate server where your skills can be put to the test, but you still have your main base? Question is self-explanatory
How many GB of RAM do you have? Question is self-explanatory
Do you like tech? Question is self-explanatory
Do you like magic? Question is self-explanatory
Do you like exploring/adventuring? Question is self-explanatory. DISCLAIMER: This is hard to do in a multiplayer environment.
How hard of a modpack do you want? Question is trying to get at how hard do you want it? Some packs aim to give that vanilla+ experience (like our pixelmon server), others try to give a modded experience, others seek to challenge your skills by changing all crafting recipes so it takes a stack of cobblestone just to make one furnace. How hard do you want?
How much modded experience do you have? This can range from I have never played modded before, but am willing to try it, to I am a modded master and know almost any mod you throw at me.

Example response:
Do you like skyblock or overworld? I prefer skyblock, but I am willing to play an overworld pack
Do you like quests? Although I prefer quests, I don't need them.
Do you like the grind? Frankly no.
Do you want a separate server where your skills can be put to the test, but you still have your main base? Yes. I love getting challenged, but there are also times I just want to chill and make a really cool system not worrying about resources.
How many GB of RAM do you have? 32GB
Do you like tech? Yes, and can't really live without it
Do you like magic? Yes, but I can live without it on a normal pack, I do enjoy tinkering with it though and seeing how cool it is. The animations of astral sorcery are on point.
Do you like exploring/adventuring? Eh. Can live without.
How hard of a modpack do you want? I want both a normal modpack experience and a crazy hard one
How much modded experience do you have? I know a good deal of mods, but there are still some that I would like to get into.
SFT Modded / [OUTDATED] Server organization
May 30, 2020, 11:13 AM
IP for all servers (it is in a Bungee network) is


This server will stand the test of time. Modpack chosen for a stable pack, in which people can play for hundreds of hours and still have things to do.

Currently Hosting=The 1.7.10 Pack Install guide

This server is for those who want a simple Pokemon in minecraft experience. We have some small quality of life improvements like chisel's and bits, but gives a vanilla minecraft feel.

This server is a rotating one, every ____ (We have never done this before so we don't know how long people will want it. We will have poll weeks in advance before this is cycled out.). Modpacks that are good contenders for this server are ones with unique content, but not mega-packs that are designed to grind endlessly.

Currently Hosting=Enigmaica 2 Installation guide

This server is about looking good, and a place to gather. Anyone can join using any client from 1.8-1.15.

Event World
This server is for events! Any client 1.8-1.15 can join. You rewards here can be redeemed on any of the above servers!
SFT Modded / How to download MC Eternal
May 30, 2020, 08:29 AM
    CurseForge (Windows or Mac)
    • Download the Curse Forge launcher with overwolf here or by clicking the button shown when navigating to the mods tab on the twitch launcher
    • In the "Choose a game" section install minecraft(Although if you used the twitch launcher things should still be set up for you)
    • Make sure you dedicate at least 6GB of ram
    • Install MC Eternal Version 1.5'
    • Play!
    • IP is

    MultiMC (Windows, Mac or Linux)
    • Download MultiMC here
    • Launch MultiMC
    • Click on Profiles (upper right)
    • Add a new profile
    • Enter your username and password
    • Click Add instance
    • Go to the import from zip tab
    • For MC Eternal download this zip
    • Go back to MultiMC and browse to where you saved the zip
    • Click OK and wait for it to finish installing
    • Open settings -> Java Settings -> ram -> Then increase the max memory to 6500 or higher. Then Hit Close
    • Start the instance!
    • IP is
    • link to optifine can be found here

    Problems? Ask in #modded-feedback on our discord[/list]
    There is a ton of new content coming to modded! Starting with the release of Enigmatic 2. If you are someone who never got into modded because of the learning curve, this pack walks you through it! Even if you are returning modded veteran, this pack will force you to take a different approach to modded, and may spice up your experience. Stay tuned! More details will be added soon.

    Countdown here

    Features include
    - bungee (woo!)
    - a lobby you join to (no more disconnecting for a restart)
    - minigames to play in the lobby to pass time
    - global messaging and parties (message and talk with your part no matter which server they are on!)
    - release of our first rotation pack, Enigmatica 2 mode (on twitch launcher or multimc)
    - a link to pix to bring the modded community together!
    - our own eventworld with a TON of games to play (thanks tow and sasha for allowing us to use one of yours)

    P.S. Sorry about the late announcement, but we have just been so busy working on the server, we totally forgot to announce in detail ahead of time. If you want to stay in the loop about what is coming to modded, get the Modded Player rank and talk in #modded-feedback on our discord

    Installation instructions
    I am stepping back (doing less, yet still being here for emergencies) in order to make time for my own projects and to plan for my future without the feeling that I could/should be helping you guys instead. The breakdown of what will happen to the various servers day-to-day that I am owner on is below:
    Custom plugins for all servers:
    > I am teaching how my custom plugins work to @BluetigerESW and will teach @darknuju
    Lost Sky:
    > @ceddy24 is getting owner he will manage staff/players from in-game
    > If you need to be removed from an island, i am still the one to message, yet I will probably be making this an admin+ ability sometime
    > @Mord3005 is getting owner he will manage staff/players from in-game
    > If any experienced java people want to help out of bteam, message @Towelie with your skill level, an example, and any mc related experience, and sft ranks

    I will be checking my discord, but not forums. So if you do want to contact me in the case of an emergency, use discord.
    When DNA breeders were originally banned they did not need to be as the auto eject upgrade was an element that was needed in order to crash the server. That being said if someone does find a crash with these items pls get in contact with me. Preferably discord or talk to staff in-game. Gene shop closed as no longer needed. Shoutout to @xQuicScope and @Mord3005 quic tested, mord was willing to.
    There are various things to fix/add on skyfactory and I want to do them in order that best reflects what you guys want. PLEASE suggest other additions/modifications in pms with me on forums, or discord (can be found on the official sft discord at You can also suggest changes here, but I would prefer to discuss things in pm first then open it up here so we can discuss feasibility and other factors in pms.
    B-Team / [B-Team] Reset houses
    Sep 16, 2017, 07:21 AM
    way to get to your house (warp or /home):
    did you tell me to move and i said "later":

    It will take some time to do each one, you should have simply moved your build or asked someone else to move.
    B-Team / [B-Team] World Reset Plan
    Sep 01, 2017, 06:03 PM
    Reset on Sept 15:
     :slimeball: Tropicraft
     :slimeball: Moon
     :slimeball: Mars
     :slimeball: End
     :slimeball: Nether

    Moved to archive on Sept 15:
     :slimeball: World 1

    NOTICE: DEPENDING on what blocks you have in your base it may or may not be possible to move bases to World2.

    Reset Weekly:
     :slimeball: Torment

    Reset Monthly:
     :slimeball: Nether
     :slimeball: End
     :slimeball: Dream
     :slimeball: Promised Land

    BCV on Worlds:
     :slimeball: World 2

    I will try to get /random working for all worlds that it makes sense (Nether, Dream, Tropicraft, Moon, Mars).
    Ever wanted your own prefix? Something to stand out from the normal easily obtainable ranks? Say hello to Custom Prefixes!
    Now available in the premium shop! It works by you (donator) requesting a prefix. Then a staff (Mod+) accepting the prefix.
    Would you be interested in a one-time use custom prefix package?

    Here are the basic criteria that the staff are using.
    • Must be surrounded with some sort of brackets
    • No swearing
    • Must not resemble staff/clearly a player rank
    • Must not be offensive
    • Max of 10 characters long

    Thanks to BlunterWarrior for suggesting! And someone else from lost that I cannot remember srry, but thx!
    Quote from: BlunterWarrior on Jun 21, 2017, 10:34 PM
    Quote from: blalp on Jun 21, 2017, 10:05 PM
    Quote from: xQuicScopex✪ on Jun 21, 2017, 07:26 PM
    Quote from: BlunterWarrior on Mar 19, 2017, 04:03 PMWhat about being able to buy (with real money) prefixes

    That is completely possible. Like choose from a list, make your own? @BlunterWarrior
    I'm saying making your own, as I think players would like to have custom prefixes of their choice. @blalp
    Recently there have been some new packages added to the B-Team premium shop! (that being here). Also, the shop follows the design of other SFT Premium shops now! It also has the nicer looking pictures(example below)! New Featured Category! And some changes to the B-Team Owner team below.
    Some new packages got added:
    XP Boost
     :goldenapple: Strength Boost
     :goldenapple: Haste boost
     :goldenapple: Night Vision
     :goldenapple: Regen Boost
     :goldenapple: Resistance Boost
     :goldenapple: Water Breathing
     :goldenapple: Jump Boost
     :goldenapple: Fire Resistance
     :goldenapple: Speed boost
     :zombie: Marine Costume
     :zombie: Spetsnaz Costume
     :steve: Wing Man Kit
     :steve: Dinosaur Keeper Kit

    Also, the shop follows the design of other SFT Premium shops now! It also has the nicer looking pictures!

    New Featured Category (Will be updated with the hottest items)!
    Just thought i would mention, that you DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to donate, you can donate with a Debit or Credit as well! When you click on the pay with PayPal button this will pop up, just click on the bottom button as shown.

    Don't Forget our Patreon Page!

    And Since I have all you B-Team players here already, I have some sad news. My first HoS, Mr. @iLaxrv10 has resigned from Owner on B-Team :'( . He Is really busy atm, so good luck with all that stuff iLax!

    I also have another announcement, we have a new Owner on B-Team. You all know her, @TheStarNomad✯ is the new B-Team Owner! Wooo Congratz and stuff!

    Special Thanks to @TheStarNomad✯ because the forum apparently did not want me posting this. Right as I hit send:
    (my login timer ran out) and when I log back in it gives me a blank screen. Thankfully Nomad was around so I could ask if she wanted to add anything, and just perchance save this post. Thanks!
    There was a dupe glitch associated with the computer, so it had to be banned :( I was wondering what you guys wanted to do in response. For example, should we add horse eggs to emp?
    B-Team / [B-Team] Auto restarter
    Mar 31, 2017, 12:24 AM
    Quote from: blalp on Mar 22, 2017, 03:48 AMLost now has an auto-restart feature! This will trigger when the tps is below 5 for over 10 seconds or so. You can also /voterestart. This requires 100% agreement to prevent trolling or constant restarts. I have the values configurable, so if it is restarting too fast or too slow, please let me know.

    Have a great lag free day,
    Added to bteam as well. If it doesn't work sometime, please pm me with date and time (in time zone 0+) and an details you have. Thank you for you time and have a great day,
    SFT Modded / [1.7.10] Board Differences
    Dec 05, 2016, 03:45 AM
    General 1.7.10 Board:
    • Announcements
    The 1.7.10 Pack General Discussion
    • Guides (general help stuff)
    • suggestion posts
    • Anything else help related
    The 1.7.10 Pack Bug Reports
    • Bugs (not critical or economy breaking. Pm a current 1.7.10 Admin for that. Find who is here)
    • Cannot join server

    Any Questions? Please ask! Any Comments on if you think it should be different? Ex. Suggestion threads should be in Lost islands, not lost islands General discussion. Please post them below with a reason. Thanks!

    Any Posts that you think need to be moved? Use this post to ask staff.

    Have a nice day,
    There have been three new classes to The Premium Shop for Lost Islands. What we added:
    • Hats
    You know the "h" menu? If you don't it opens a menu in which you can choose a hat that you wear on your head. Well, now you can get ANY hat that you want.
    • Prefixes
    Ever want your name prefixed by something other than the traditional ranks? Or even for unique than SkyLord or Donator? Now you can! There are 39 Prefixes! To get one of these prefixes you must have either rank Donator or rank SkyLord. Have fun look'n cool. You can also change your prefix between different ones you have bought! There is also a reset one now, so you can go back to your the one for your rank if you want!
    • Crates
    Ever needed that extra ME drive, but too lazy to make one? You can buy an item crate which drops to all players online, then you can you can open the crate with /cr menu. There are... 30 Crates! That is 10 Separate types of crates with 3 tiers each! When you purchase one of these crates, it will drop to everyone online. Each crate is mod themed for example, there is a Thaumcraft one. Some mods have multiple crates, much as Applied Energistics. It has both a general crate and a me drive crate. Each crate has a tier 1, 2 and 3 variant. The higher tiers are more expensive and better. As you go up in tiers, the chance of getting rarer items may increase or the amount of items or more items may be added in later tiers. Each tier has a small chance of dropping other tiers of the same crate. Each crate has in it's description all the items that MAY drop from that crate. Both the number of items you get from a crate and which items are all chance based. It is guaranteed that you get at least one item though.

    Also, Particle trails were removed because they never worked with Lost in the first place.

    Any Glitches with the crates? received items that were not on the list? Typos? Not getting thing that you bought (may take up to 5mins), please report here. Want to suggest your own prefixes or crates? Suggest them here (prefixes) and here (crates)

    Some Thank yous that made this possible:
    • Zach (some prefixes)
    • Feddz (PREFIX MASTER)
    • Sharking_ (Prefix Color MASTER/The guy with the idea of all of this)
    • Towelie (b/c without him none of this would be possible)
    • The Players (b/c without them, we wouldn't have a server nearly as amazing as it is!)

    A 15% off sale is also active until December!

    Q: Why would you be so stupid to think item crates wouldn't be a violation of the EULA?
    A: They are a global drop, which is allowed under the new EULA.

    Q: Let's say I bought Sky Lord and I like the custom SkyLord prefix that I have. Can I still buy the prefixes?
    A: The prefix you buy would take the place of your SkyLord. You are not allowed to have both. If you want your custom SkyLord back after buying a prefix, it would be like you wanted to change it. The policy there is you can change it once a month.