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Greetings Super Fun Time!

I come to you today with a very special anouncement, after months of hard work, it's finally time to reveal what the Architect team have been at hard at work on. A new Event world!
JustAddWater has kindly made us a video teaser on just some of the work that has been done. Check it out above (and subscribe to him)!

What can you expect in our new world 3?

- Some new Events.
- Complete redesigns of current events, both in a technical sense as well as being 1000% more gorgeous.
- A whole world full of Easter Eggs, a huge attention to detail like nothing seen before on SFT.
- More automation and command blocks used to make Events seamless!
- More!

Now finally, the thing I bet you're all anxious to know, the release date. Sadly, the release date is still unknown at this point, but hopefully we will have a release date soon (still lot's to do!)

I'll leave you with a selection of screenshots taken by @JustAddWater

And has a bonus, here is one I took myself.
Dear Survival Players,

We're currently on the lookout for some new Event ideas that can be hosted by EventHosts/EventMods/Managers in World 3. Please suggest here if you have any interesting ideas, theres a lot of new mechanics in the game which means potentially we've overlooked some. Please consider the following:

- The Event does not use Plugins. The Event may use command blocks (so long as it's simple and doesn't require datapacks). If your event does need redstone/command blocks please try and describe it so it can be reproduced.
- The Event is easily hostable by the team (the simpler the better).
- Try not to suggest new maps of current events (for example a new Wipeout course or Boatrace map) unless you have a really interesting spin that could make it stand out.
- One of the things we're on the look out for particularly is new luck games (but any game is good)!

Don't be shy to suggest anything you can think of! The more ideas the merrier!

Many thanks,

General Discussion / 8 years of service
Mar 03, 2020, 07:28 PM

Today (03.03.2020) I am proud to announce is my eight year anniversary of playing on the server! Thinking about it, 8 years is a very long time to be tied to a community, when many communities themselves can be lucky to last even a year. I'm gonna do a quick breakdown of my time here, I could go on for hours but i'll make it short.

I first joined the server in March 2012. Circle spawn was the current spawn. I was invited on by someone who wanted to get me banned and asked me to break a block in his house, thus summoning a staff member to punish me. Luckily my journey didn't end there.

I became JMod in 2013, that lasted for about 2 weeks before I vanished off the face of the earth, I didn't enjoy being a staff member.

In early 2014, I became a prominent factions player and also a Survival EventHost, which many of you know me for. I remained an EventHost for about 2 - 2.5 years.

In July 2014, I also won the Architect rank along with Supermee, by obtaining first place in Kaninka's build contest to recruit Architects. Since then, I have been heavily involved with many aspects of SFT. I have been working for the server for 6 years!

Nowadays, I am active sporadically but my involvement on the server is still ongoing. I have worked on many spawns or builds for the server as well as serving as staff, and I am also a patron.

I won't be doing a comprehensive list of people to thank, you guys know who you who are even if we may not talk/get along well. I want to thank everyone, who has made the experiences on the server what they are. Heres to making it to 10 years!

Greetings SFT! I know most of you are on your Summer breaks now, so I hope you're all making the most out of it! To help spruce things up this summer, myself and Jinxie will be hosting a massive drop party! The drop party will be at /warp Party on Saturday 16th July at 7PM GMT+1 (UK time). The party will have a range of great prizes, such as many stacks of Diamonds, Diamond Blocks, Gold, Gold Blocks, Vote tokens, Sea lanterns, and tons of other awesome valuable items! I'm hoping we have some generous members of the community that are willing to donate a beacon, or other special blocks to make the party even better!

If you wish to donate for this Event, then you're more than welcome! Just contact either myself or Jinxie through this thread or in private message and we'll arrange it. I will update this post with a list of donators once we get some.

NoBoDyWoLf - Steve co. crates
Hughesplace - Enchanted books and potions
Stancrazie - Beacon, Vote tokens, Diamond blocks and Gold blocks
Stoovs - Beacon
Kamer - Vote tokens
American_Walrus - Heads

Slimefun (magnets and armour) will be strictly prohibited, and anybody caught using them will be timebanned and have any items they obtained removed. This also includes using Fly and other methods of obtaining items unfairly.

This Party is sponsord by /warp Stecasino, who generously donated loads of items such as Diamond blocks, Gold blocks and Sealanters. If you wish to win more awesome items, have a go at /warp Stecasino and /warp Highroller.
P.s Please share this post, and let all your friends know about it! I want to get as many people as possible at the Event, to ensure a great turn out and lot's of fun! The more people that participate the better! Thanks!
Heya! The reset of the new world went smoothly, which is great. However, due to the reset we have lost a lot of our old attractions as they were not moved. This is where we need your help! Build us attractions, or suggest warps to current builds that can be used as an attraction, and if they are worthy, I will have the Attraction list forum post updated with it and it will also have a [MyWarp] Sign in the attractions room in the new spawn town!

No need for a form or anything, just build us an awesome building (preferably in the new world so it lasts a while) and then we'll judge! These can also be a good way to apply for Architect, as we're always looking for new talent. Hope to see some awesome new attractions.
What's your favourite Ben and Jerry's Ice cream flavour? Mine is Karamel Sutra Core out of the one's that i've tried. There is so many flavours, that I have probably missed some, if I missed one then comment it below and i'll see if I can add it to the poll (assuming I can edit a poll once i've made one?).
Also, in order to prevent the list from becoming gigantic, I only included flavours here which come in tubs.
A friend asked me to post this here for them, if anyone can help solve it that would be much appreciated.

DEADLINE: Due tomorrow, so if a reply could be given by this evening that would be great.

Judging will happen soon - see the last few posts on this thread for more information.

Hey everyone! As you all hopefully know, October as arrived. This also means that Halloween is just around the bend so let's get creative and festive! As you can probably tell by the title of this post, Jinxie and I have decided to host a skin creation contest! This was inspired by the Halloween themed versions of our skins that we created last year and will also be wearing this year.

Rules and Requirements:
:bone: Your skin must go along with the theme of Halloween in some way or another. The link between your skin and the theme can be less obvious if you like, so long as you state how it links in your submission.
:bone: The skin you submit must be your own creation. If you used any other skins for inspiration (for example the eyes) please mention that in your submission. We will be checking the authenticity of your skins, so please don't cheat!
:bone: Please upload your skin either as a collection of images showing all sides, or a link to the skin on Skindex (This requires signing up to http://www.minecraftskins.com/). Make a reply to this post with images or a link.
:bone: No need to rush! You have until October 30th at 10 PM GMT to submit your entry, so take your time and make sure it's as good as you can make it. Only one entry per person please.
:bone: Be creative! Remember, we won't just be judging how your skin looks, but also the idea behind it. If you made a skin that you think looks bad, don't worry! Post it anyway!

There's a lot of cool prizes for this Event, including valuables, custom items (created by our supreme overlord Evil Towelie himself!) heads, and 400,000 EMP Bucks. Along with miscellaneous items aswel! Here is some screenshots:

Prize Donators:
:bone: Evil Towelie - Custom items and valuables.
:bone: Myself - Valuables and the sponge.
:bone: Jinxie - 150,000 EMP Bucks.
:bone: MINIREES - Player and mob heads.
:bone: FinalTest - Donated a Wither head.
:bone: MasterX70 - A stack of Lapis Lazuli blocks, Skullsplitter Axe, Iron Man's Grappling Hook, a spooky custom potion, a stack of pumpking pies, a stack of golden apples, a stack of cookies, a stack of Pumpkins and 150,000 EMP Bucks! Thankyou very much!
:bone: Chill2000 - Evil_Towelie head! Spooky!
:bone: xaliejx - 100,000 EMP Bucks, 32 diamond blocks, 10 name-tags, 1 horse egg along with a saddle and diamond armour, 1 wolf egg and a cute fox banner! Thanks for large donation!

Want to donate to the prize? Hit up either myself or Jinxie in-game, or send me a forum pm with a screenshot of your payment, and i'll add it. Thanks for reading, looking forward to seeing all your great entries!

Event postponed until Sunday at 8 PM GMT+0 due to issues with login & session servers.

Greetings Superfuntime. I hope you all enjoyed the SFT Olympics, and tested yourselves in the challenging Events. Now, it's time to cool down with a mini spleef tournament (because no good Olympian can finish off without their cool down).

The Event will take place as follows: There shall be 5 rounds, the first four rounds will be rounds that anybody can enter. The winners of these rounds will then go into Round 5, where the four finalists will spleef it out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! Normal spleef rules will apply in these games, however, you may only use non-enchanted shovels, to make it a fairer playing field for all. The Event shall take place at /warp thespleef.

EDIT: Massive thanks to @Lansdiinio for donating 500k to the prize!

So, what are the prizes? The prizes are as follows:
  • 1st - 500, 000 EMP Bucks on Survival.
  • 2nd - 200, 000 EMP Bucks on Survival.
  • 3rd - 125, 000 EMP Bucks on Survival.

Last but not least, the time! The time of the Event shall be Sunday 20th at 8 PM GMT+0. Any other questions? Feel free to post below or PM me. Happy spleefing!  :diamondshovel:

Countdown: http://itsalmo.st/#spleeftime_bs1s4

P.s - Thanks for making the banner, Katoon!
General Announcements / [Teaser] Spawn town!
Dec 20, 2014, 11:27 AM
Greetings Super Fun Time!

The Architect team would like to give you a little teaser on our now spawn town for the world reset. The spawn was built by camster65, diggydogck and I. Anyway, without further ado, here is a short video made by Katoon123 showcasing some of the spawn. Enjoy!

Special thanks for Katoon for making the video!

EDIT: We would love to hear your idea's for a spawn name! Place your idea for the town name below and you could win 100k on the survival server if your name is used!