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This did actually start as a joke in game...

But the word seems to actually exist according on Oxford Living Dictionaries
I don't see why not.
I bet 1 million emp for anyone can even say that word xd
In that case i suggest Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis
Factions / Re: Please DnD!
Mar 21, 2017, 06:06 PM
Good luck with everything!
B-Team / Re: I might be coming back
Mar 16, 2017, 09:17 PM
Yeeeeeeeesss come back ;>
❤ Reference : My current MC Skin (Basically same jacket shape as this:
❤ Line Colour : Black
❤ Background Colour : Black
❤ Facial Expression : Eyes closed, with a smile (Like this:
❤ Extras : A necklace with a sapphire  (just a diamond shape) would be cool
❤ Offer : 500k
Factions / Re: Chorus fruits + Mcmmo
Mar 15, 2017, 04:38 PM
I feel like since creeper eggs are purchesable in the shop, so should these fruits.
Pretty sure fruits have been banned.
B-Team / Re: get to know each other
Mar 15, 2017, 04:30 PM
Ooo-ooh boy where do I even start. I guess I enjoy anything that has any of the following; conveys emotions well, presents powerful feelings well, causes an atmosphere, contains little tricks, harmonious notes/perfectly synthesized, synced singing, has AMAZING LYRICS (only if tune is bearable) and stuff like that

I guess I'll give an example of a song for each of those points xD

Harmonious notes-
Man I have a LOT of songs like this

Perfectly synthesized-
The absolute most perfectly synthesized piece of music I've ever heard. Even the voice and lyrics are perfect with everything in this.
If you like the song I recommend listening to it at half speed, and by listening I mean listen closely to how the notes have been combined together with the synthesization. You might notice something you haven't before ;) (My fav part is the final notes of the chorus)

Synced singing-
And no I don't mean bands, I mean literally playing songs in sync at the same time.
For example, playing these 3 at the same time:
So well worth it.

Good lyrics-
Introduced to me by an old friend, a solo artist named Front Porch Step. His singing isn't up to Adele's standard, but damn the lyrics are deep. (My absolute favourite of his)

Atmospheric songs- (Lil warning on this one, the lyrics are "profane") Literally no way to describe this, just gotta listen to it Couldn't not have this

Little tricks-
Now just so you know what I mean by this, I mean stuff like the echo effect, a repeat of a lyric (but less prominent), a part of the background composition most don't notice, etc.
The best song I can show you as an example is this:
The chorus alone has around 4-5 of these, (specifically after the word "solo") and it just sounds great.
This one, just because dat piano

Presents powerful feelings well-
Most of this is gonna be my epic music mixtape. Because this composer is a legend.
ughh I looove this kind of musicc
(If you like it, hit me up on skype and I can give you loads more)

Conveys emotions well-
Welp, my favourite catagory. This song is just super well done, especially at the end with the repeating lyrics. My favourite for a reason A whole new niche of its own..... Why does this only have 98k views?

Couple extra:
I love this just because the synthesication is amazing. And you know what? Someone mashed this up with Ellie goulding

Heh... halfway through writing this I just started finding good music and slotting it into where it fits.
Since this is getting too long, just PM me on skype if you need more music.
Oh well, enjoy xD
Yea I'm gonna go and lock this before this turns into a severely heated hate conversation xD
The Undertale party in the back of the EMP :')

B-Team / Re: My return!
Mar 12, 2017, 05:58 PM
Woo, welcome back!
At least it was for the best... my condolences
General Survival Discussions / Re: Playerbase
Mar 07, 2017, 05:41 PM
Tbh @Delmoren 's post reminds me of when pixelmon had a player flux so great that we struggled with the staff team. However it's to be assumed this was caused by the release of pokemon go, and barely any of the players actually stayed.

Whenever I teleport to newly joined players on survival, the first thing most of them do is walk around a little, then leave. Barely any new players even stay for longer than 2-3 hours, and I still don't understand why this is. If at least 50% stayed, we'd have over 30 players in the deadzone, instead of 3-4 older players or staff. Further confusing me is when you ask these new players after a few min of playing; "do you like the server?"; they always give the same answer, "yes", but never stay.

Surely if you join a server it means you want to play, right?
That realisation tho ^
B-Team / Re: Might wanna fix this
Mar 06, 2017, 09:48 PM
Intel Core i7-4790 @ 3.60 GHz
General Announcements / Re: What's this?
Feb 25, 2017, 09:51 PM
Am I the only person who saw two cows and didn't think anything else of it?

Man I must be tired

p.s - keep up the good work starri xD
I voted to keep the map, because as many "pros" and "cons" as there are, the map is part of SFT Factions.

It's there, so use it to your advantage, and play Factions.
B-Team / Re: MY RETURN (kinda)
Feb 25, 2017, 09:39 PM
Welcome backkk
General Discussion / Re: Dear Leader
Feb 24, 2017, 09:27 PM
You have joined my kind.
General Discussion / Re: Post a DRAWING!
Feb 21, 2017, 09:16 PM
Me trying to draw Volume2

Some limbs and stuff look weird but I'm working on it xD

Best for last:
Actually going to miss you, hox.
We've come so far since we first met on Factions, it'll never be the same without you
@Dpa1991 I told you someone else would make the post for you ;)
Forum Games / Re: What's Your Excuse?
Feb 17, 2017, 07:58 PM
but that requires like... 10 efforts

Find me new undertale music
Forum Games / Re: Would you press the button
Feb 16, 2017, 04:12 PM
Well id press it cause i dont even have any friends irl anymore xD

Press the button and everyone on the planet will be at peace and no one will ever fight again... but the person who pressed the button would cease to exist
Forum Games / Re: What's Your Excuse?
Feb 16, 2017, 04:09 PM
But like i live in the countryside and the nearest town is 10k miles away

Make me rich pls
Forum Games / Re: Never Have I Ever...
Feb 16, 2017, 04:06 PM
Never eaten it and not exactly wanting to either xD

Never have I ever gone bungee jumping