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General Survival Discussions / Re: Goodbye
Oct 22, 2017, 03:07 AM
Sas nooooooooooo
Goodbye :'(
Congrats Iron <3

We've been through good, and definitely good times. Will remember those for years to come :D
Polls / Re: Pizza!
Oct 18, 2017, 12:44 AM
Little places down the roads FTW.
Congratulations to this week's SOTW (Staff of the Week):

War has been a great JMod and loves helping players. He welcomes players new or old with a loving Hello!
I have had numerous conversations with him and hopefully you can too because he is a great person to talk to. Congratulations @Warhammerneard ;D :cake: :fire:

Ava has been a Mod for a little while now, and always loves being active in chat. She has a knack for helping players and really wants SFT to be a better place. Personally, I think her name is just extremely clever, but maybe she just has a good attitude! Congratulations @Ava_cado  8)  :apple:  :heart:
I love this idea.
Only thing I don't like are
A: Only Patreons
I would donate 5-10 bucks to join, but not a monthly subscription type server.
B: Plugins
Make it like Hermitcraft/Mindcrack and just make it Vanilla. No mccmo no slime fun etc
Happy 6 Year! =)
You're so old! So so so so so Old!
You're as old as a gran-
I can't do this,  YOU'RE NOT OLD MAN LIVE LIFE

Happy Birthday :D
General Announcements / Re: We gotta talk
Oct 12, 2017, 04:24 PM
I kinda think that people just don't have access to their Bank account yet. (Not allowed from their parents,etc.) [inculding me btw ].
And can u explain how voting helps getting SFT money? (just asking, don't attack me.)
I just think it's kinda annoying for the people who don't/can't donate. I (personally) think it's annoying because we get notified with @everyone and for me it's kinda getting annoying. That's all I wanted to say. Again, don't attack me please, I'm just giving my opinion and I'll try to vote for SFT.
- I specify every time when asking for donations that if you can't donate, it's perfectly less, i won't think any less of you
- Voting helps by bringing new players which in turn may donate (our biggest two problems now: lack of players, lack of money. Voting puts us in higher spots on the voting sites, and if we ever get in the first 3 pages, we have a higher chance of players choosing our server to play on
- I get it's annoying but there isn't a magical discord tag @peoplewhoactuallycan'tdonate so I can not beep people that cannot. So I am sorry about that, but please know I fully understand and will never blame or think less of anyone for not being able to donate. Also, I've worked also half my career on minimum wage so I truly know what it feels like to live from a month to the other
just a small comment that could help on the notification thingy, is it possible to do @ here instead of @ everyone when it's something that isn't urgent? (not that donations isn't important enough but doubt the people who are sleeping would rush to donate right after the notification)

I think it would make a big difference for all the "towelie plz it's 3am" comments and you could do it in the announcement channel so the notifier wont go away till people wake up and check discord
Sounds good. What's the difference between @everyone and @here ? I never understood that
I belive it's just everyone that is online (hence everyone "here")
General Announcements / Re: We gotta talk
Oct 12, 2017, 12:22 PM
Dab on dem haters.

(Lol kill me)
Dab on demand taters ;)
Nex 😢

Through all of the fun, you were truly a great friend, currently one of my best friends on SFT (for now 😢)
Yes, I have an addiction but @Britney1177 can attest, I AM working on it!

Please stop by every once and a while and don't be a stranger :)
Just keep swimming just keep swimming... No? I'll be leaving now.

Good reference. Good reference.
Here are this week's picks for top JMod and Mod!


Luna is one of our hardest working JMods, and she always does her part with helping players, debating hefty topics, and having fun in-game! Luna is always super kind, but she is not afraid to tell people the honest truth. Luna is a super awesome person to work with and I truly love her being on the staff team.
Gratz @Lunarine  :heart:  :fire:  :cake:


Spirit has been a Mod for just enough time to be an awesome staff member! She has learned how to do protections well, fast, and she helps players very often! On a normal day, you can see her join a voice chat, have fun and much more. Spirit can have lots of fun, but you can also see her do a lot of staff work like BCV's, placements and much more!

Gratz @SpiritDance  :cake:  8)  :heart:
Well stated ^
I agree with chan. As he's a mango and mangos taste bad. And everything thats horrible is genius, and this genius is what makes uranus the best planet. The purple hue of this red planet is very amazing. It is a dwarf planet as it is the mother of pluto. And pluto is a dwarf. So uranus is a dwarf. In conclusion, the planet 'uranus' is very horribly named, i am starting a petition to get this planet removed from the solar system, NOT renamed, but removed from the solar system entirely. I have a dedicated team of spongebob clones working day and night to see our goal be achieved by the year 2020. This will also be when kanye wins the presidential elections. With the help of kanye 2020, we will push uranus out of the solar system. Good day sir, i am going to speak to saturn and jupiter about this decision.
You do know that
A: Mangos taste good
B: Earth is better DUH
C: Uranus is light blue and one of the largest planets
D: Planets don't have mothers silly!
E: Uranus is a large gas plant
F: Nasa/UN won't listen to your petition
G: You can't just remove a million upon million tonne planet made of gas out of existence
H: Uranus had multiple considerations of names before it
I: SpongeBob isn't real silly!
J: 3 years to remove a planet? Helll no
K: Ka: No chance he runs Kb: No chance he wins
L: Again, can't push a huge gas planet out of existence
M: We don't have the technology to talk to gas clusters
N: Also planets don't speak
I have a good 13 points against you m8 ;)
Wait, they're not endangered anymore so that's a good thing :D
No, they say that in the sense that threatened=close to endangered. So yes, some ill-informed people want to make them non-threatened, but in no sense are they safe with drastic amounts of ice melting where they live. They are technically endangered, and the people who spend their whole lives studying this are arguing not to tamper with their work. Bottom line: it's not a good thing because it isn't true
Let me rephrase:

Wait. They're still endangered so that's a bad thing :(
Forum Games / Re: TIAY #1
Oct 08, 2017, 02:55 AM
Nice new signature xD
Loves Thanos more than he appreciates his butler D;
General Discussion / Re: Post a DRAWING!
Oct 05, 2017, 02:43 PM
Made this map on my ipad. Used another map for reference since I haven't mastered drawing Europe from memory (yet).

That's super impressive. What's good is that I can point out each country with ease ;D
Slaughter is correct, this whole thing has spiraled out of control.
Iron is correct on this (I like starting quote trains)
Britney is correct, I also like starting chains ;)
Don't you mean chans.
I think now is a great time to promote my business...
Buy ONE chan and get another chan FREE! Best hurry our chans are going out fast!
(We are not responsible for anything wrong with the chan you buy)
Next time you see EMP open you know exactly what to get ;)
I think this is a great time to promote my business...
Buy ONE pug and get another pug FREE!
Best hurry our pugs are going out fast!
(We are not responsible for anything wrong with the pug you buy)
Next time you see the EMP open you know exactly what to buy ;)
Slaughter is correct, this whole thing has spiraled out of control.
Iron is correct on this (I like starting quote trains)
Britney is correct, I also like starting chains ;)
Wait, they're not endangered anymore so that's a good thing :D
Has a cool signature