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General Announcements / New RightHand
Jun 16, 2017, 04:03 PM
Hey everyone. It has been a great run and a very fantastic experience to be Towelies RightHand. However, due to some reasons, basically life and stuff in general, I am resigning to Specialist.

What this means for RightHand, @Mrs_Ender88 has now fully taken over the rank. I, as well as Towelie have fully taught her the ropes of the rank and she should be fantastic at it! Please report issues to her from now on.

Now, yes, I'm resigning. However, this isn't goodbye. I may not be around much at all but I'll still hop in game every so often and I'll still be on Skype and such. Thank you to so many people to make my 4 years of staffing very enjoyable. Hope to see you all around and good luck with everything! :laugh:
General Announcements / Monthly Vote Contest!
Apr 08, 2017, 08:44 AM
Be one of the top 5 voters at the end this month and win 500k EmpBucks on your favorite server!

How to participate:
- Vote daily on all the voting sites (some allow you to vote every 24h, some allow you quicker)
- On the 30th of April at 20:00 Bucharest time, be one of the first 5 voters on (This Month tab)
- The first 5 players on that list will receive 500k EmpBucks each on their favorite server.

Consolation Prize: 50k on fav server for the next 5 voters (positions 6-10)
Thank you!
Hey SFT! This is just a friendly reminder that I am Tow's RightHand and I tell him what to do on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that if you need something done, please message me on discord and or forum pm. I would say skype but the majority of you don't have me on skype and a lot of you that do, have my old account added (purple galaxy profile pic) which I no longer have access to.

I'm making this post because a lot of you seem to need something done at one point and I don't even hear about it to forward to Tow until like weeks later. This benefits nobody :P

Towelie has a busy schedule and works longer than 12h days at times. He gets home at almost 9pm and only has about an hour or so of free time before he goes to sleep. The smoother the process is of getting him to do something, the easier it is on everyone.

Please message me if you have anything that needs to be done by Towelie, any issues, etc.

Forum PM is the best way to reach me ;)

General Announcements / How are things?
Mar 13, 2017, 06:17 AM
How do you feel that things are running right now? I'm looking for your honest opinion here :P

Truth be told, votes have gone down compared to a couple months ago as well as player numbers and donations.

Let us know what you would like to see on survival or any other server you play on as well

Want more minigames? Let us know!
Want a new plugin? Let us know!
Have a suggestion for anything else not listed? Let us know below!

If you feel as if the general public doesn't need to see your response, please PM myself or Towelie. Thanks!

Spoiler: show
Towelie did not tell me to do this

General Announcements / Whats up?
Jan 11, 2017, 03:32 PM
What's up, how are you doing? What's bothering you? What should change?

Example of what i'm looking for:

- I think you should add <this> permission to gui shop on Survival
- I think you should nerf the spawn rate on pixelmon
- I think ... bla bla bla

One thing per person. Constructive criticism only please.

PS: Feel free to tell us what you dislike if anything, I'm trying to find out some stuff that should be tweaked like for example adding autoshops to voteshop, etc

PPS: If what you dislike is something you would rather not share publicly, please feel more than welcome to private message me
Hello survival players! Seeing as world 1 will be reset soon with the upcoming release of version 1.11, builds will now be moved!

First move: Free
Second move: 500k / 50 vote tokens
Third move: 1mil / 100 vote tokens


We also have a move program if you decide to have 1 of your builds moved to vet world.
During this time, VeteranWorld protection upgrade prices will be slashed in half if your build is moved there

50x50 blocks: Free
First expansion to 75x75 blocks: 250k
Second expansion to 100x100 blocks: 375k
Third expansion to 150x150 blocks: 625k

Reminder, these expansions are separate, so if you start at a 50x50, and want a 150x150, you have to pay for each expansion price.

You may NOT have more than 3 builds moved and they cannot be of a large size. Towns and extremely large builds will not be moved.

Please use this form to request a build of yours to be moved!

Disclaimer: There is not yet a certain date for the reset of world 1 but expect to see a new world before the end of 2016.
Birthday Wishes / HAPPY BIRTHDAY ILAXRV10!!!!
Nov 02, 2016, 04:34 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @iLaxrv10 . You're one of my best friends and I hope you have a fantastic day, you memelord. You're pretty lit, fam  8)
Do you want a chance to win 500k? Well, look no further! Be one of the top 5 voters for the month and you could win this amount of money!

How to participate:

- Vote daily on all the voting sites (some allow you to vote every 24h, some allow you even quicker)
- On the 30th of November at 20:00 Bucharest time, be the top 5 voters on (This Month tab)
- The first 5 players on that list will receive 500k EmpBucks each on their favorite server. (Survival, Bteam , LostIslands and Pixelmon applicable only)

Thank you and keep on voting to win that cash ;)
Happy birthday Cayla! Hope you have a great day! We all love you :heart:
Birthday Wishes / Happy Birthday misspiggy95!
May 05, 2016, 06:59 AM
A very happy birthday to the one and only nub, @misspiggy95 . I hope you have a fantastic day and a great weekend! ^.^ We all love you  :heart:

Community Videos / Server Showcase
Mar 29, 2013, 03:52 AM
I was bored so I made a showcase, showing a few builds :P
Excuse me for the lag/shakiness at times in the video :P

Watch in HD!
Hey guys, I made a video overviewing both world 1 & 2 spawntowns! Check it out here!
Also, it's better if you watch directly on youtube or with full screen mode. Also, make sure you play it in 480p (The highest I could record for some reason)