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This post will aim to clarify the roles and responsibilities of different staff ranks on the Prison server.

Prison Guard
This is primarily a roleplay rank and does not have access to ban. They can however mute/kick/jail server rule breakers if there is not an Officer+ online. Guards have access to all of the prison, and will typically patrol areas of the prison where there is a lot of activity. Guards are not permitted to enter easter eggs unless pursuing someone seen entering an easter egg, or if that easter egg is linked to a drug they control/smuggle.

The role of a guard is to use appropriate measures to enforce the roleplay rules. This position is played in character and can be corrupt. Guards are encouraged to have personality- they can be lenient or cruel, by the book or corruptable. They may also control drug trade as part of their character. For example, if a guard is corrupt and is smuggling weed into the prison, then they might not confiscate weed from an inmate. They enforce rules according to the guidelines set out in the Roleplay rules.

Corruption means that some guards may be bribed to look the other way when a crime is committed. Other guards might not be corruptible and will not take kindly to any proposed bribes. It is up to players to work out and remember which guards can be corrupted, and which are by the book.

The use of corruption against individuals should be limited to a reasonable amount, meaning that a player cannot be unfairly targetted with repeated bribes. As a rule of thumb, it is reasonable that a guard should not accept 2 bribes within 60 minutes against one player.
If you feel as if a Guard is unfairly targetting you, you may report the incident to an Officer+ and this will be investigated properly.

Prison Officer
In addition to the roleplay aspects of Guard, it is the responsibility of Prison Officers to:
Enforce Server Rules, including investigating/screen sharing cheaters.
Manage the guard team, as their superior officers, including reports of non-roleplay corruption as described above.
Officers have some abilities such as resetting mines.

Prison Warden
Wardens share the responsibilities of Prison Officers and Guards, and can also host server-scale events such as riot mode.
Wardens are responsible for fixing any issues with the server.

This post will be updated as and when the roles of Prison staff change.

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Faction Recruitment / Envy
Apr 17, 2020, 04:18 PM

Recruiting status: Closed! (for now)

About us
We're a "medium-core" faction hailing from the original SFT factions server. We can't guarantee we'll win every fight, but we'll have a lot of banter on the way. That doesn't mean we aren't competitive! You don't have to be a legend to join, we're open to all.

Anarchy, UND, USSR

Bamboo and tnf

Diplomacy requests
Message ste2302 or GRIMI on discord

Members (16/16)
Faction Leader:
Faction admin:
Faction mod:

Application Form
Post in this thread with the following form filled in and we'll get back to you:
In Game Name:
Discord Name:
How active can you be?:
Whats skills could you bring to the faction?
Are you up for a laugh?