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Unserious Section / rip in unserus peperons
May 29, 2015, 11:27 am
rip boaard is rlly ded guises
As we all know, minecraft login and session servers regularly go down. Usually, somebody posts in the forum shoutbox, alerting that minecraft servers are currently down, with a link to- .When this happens, those intending to join the server find themselves with nothing to do. So here's some things that you can do whilst minecraft is down:

Play on another game
We have Gmod and DayZ servers that you can always play on :P
Play singleplayer
You can still play in offline mode! :)
Watch something on TV
There's bound to be something on TV.
Do productive things!
Like homework, or tidying your room.
Use your imagination.
There's millions of things to do, you're just not doing them yet!
Check minecraft status-

What not to do:
Please don't spam on the forums (shoutbox too)- This just isn't needed.
Please don't overreact -It'll be back soon, don't worry!

If you have any things that you do when minecraft is down, post a reply :P