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The SFT Hardcore beta is over! Thank you everyone for participating and for your feedback.
We will be back soon with a full release, and so many surprises!
Please note that the world will be reset for the release, as it is needed for the surprise changes we have coming.

PS: @Dogggeh has joined the SFT Hardcore team :D So he and I will be working together on it now, and he has some ideas! :D
There is a new minecraft server on the network: /hardcore
This started as a challenge, for myself, to see if I can launch a new server in a day, and I am happy to say I did it in half a day!

- Hard difficulty with more mobs than Survival
- PvP is always on
- You cannot protect your house, only lock your chest/door with LWC so expect to be raided/griefed
- There is no economy, no advanced plugins like Slimefun, etc
- The nether and end are present, but with no shortcuts so you must actually build portals to get there
- Health regeneration is disabled, meaning the only way you can heal is by crafting golden apples
- Limited crafting is enabled, meaning you can only craft what you have discovered
- The world border is almost twice as big as Survival's, but there are no backups meaning in case of a world corruption we start over (to be fair that doesn't happen that often...)
- Raiding/griefing is allowed, but if it turns out all a player does is grief other's builds, they will be punished
- Mechanics are close to vanilla, villager trading is enabled, as well as wandering trader trading (seing as we don't have an economy to care about on hardcore, we can do that)
- Spawn killing is not allowed

I would call this a UHC server that's actually fun to play long term. Why? Because you don't get banned after you die, but the game is going to be punishing and hard to progress with difficulty being bumped, number of mobs increased, and other players being able to kill you at any moment.
This is the perfect server for someone who plays Minecraft and thinks "meh".
NOTE: As this is part of the network, we will enforce chat rules as per usually, but otherwise server rules are more relaxed.
- Nether & end were reset
- Scavengeworld was also reset
- Scavengeworld border was increased from 1500 to 2500

Everyone who completes this challenge by  will receive 50k EmpBucks. All you have to do is post proof of completing the challenge as a reply to this post by Sunday May the 7th.

Here's what you have to do:
- Get an emp transaction from me where i am selling/buying something to you  (previous ones work as well, I will be joining today and tomorrow and then throughout the week to host emp, but you're going to have to be lucky to catch me. I won't open the emp by request during this challenge.
- Get a selfie with at least three other staff members of any rank, in one go including aux (so EventHost/JMod+). I ask staff to try and help people with this for this week, but only if they are online eg don't get online to do it.
- Build your own monument of bling and take a screenshot of it. Has to be exactly like the one from 10 years ago (hint:
- Stretch goal (extra 20k emp): Get a selfie with two Global Owners and yourself.

Good luck everyone!
Quote from: Autpek on Apr 28, 2021, 04:14 PMSo one of the things that makes us unique is the fact we stay current with the latest release. Most of the big servers are stuck on 1.8.9 or something similar because of their in house plugins, and the functionality of minecraft before microsoft took ownership. I think the setup we have is pretty good with us being able to give players the new features.

If you go on the server that must not be named, you can not get honey blocks, or bells, barrels. With the new release, there is going to be a minecraft version of backpacks that we will be able to give the players and also the new cave system. The drawback is trying to get that in a building world for everyone. That is why we have to do resets.

With caves, we might just be able to reset SW for resources, but if we want the natural generated caves for players to build in, then we would have to reset a world and this is where the playerbase gets upset with because of the losing and moving of builds. This is where we need to establish a happy medium if/when the next big update and reset happens.

One thing other servers have that we do not have is an entrance world/portal that has all the different servers and the ability to join any server from that world. The server that must not be named does this with all their mini games, and there are a few others that do this with an NPC to talk with to take you to their skyblock, modded, vanilla, and parkour servers. Something like that could help out with new players trying to find the right server. The only issue is they would have to log into different clients, where with other servers the resource packs auto load in when you switch servers from that menu world. We have something similar with this on the modded servers were you enter a portal to get to stoneblock or eternal.
We had a lobby sistem too and found it only brought issues and no real benefits. There is technically still a lobby built in world3 that we can use (my sistem was a bit different, players got spawned on survival by default but in a lobby "world" where they could choose what server to play. if they chose survival we just warped them to spawn, if they chose another server we did that via bungee. I wouldn't mind doing that again if someone wants to help us build such an area (because old ones we have are either too big or outdated. It must not be big, but small and obvious with pre-defined paths
Quote from: TrojanKitty on Apr 28, 2021, 03:15 PM
Quote from: Towelie on Apr 28, 2021, 02:42 PMOur current world schema is:
world1: 4000 border (in worldborder, i am not sure what that means in vanilla mc but its prob 8000x8000)
world2: 3500 border
world3: event world, irrelevant, it's as big as it needs to be
scavengeworld: small but irrelevant as it gets reset often
nether, end - irrelevant, only specify if you feel either hte end or nether need to be removed from the server.

Now I cannot increase world sizes more than that for various reasons, from disk usage to backup logistics nightmares, but I had a few questions and this goes to the players but also to those who are experienced in running MC servers.

Currently world1 and world2 are both building worlds and reset by rotation whenever needed (either when there are new features that we need to reset world to have or when we run out of space).
But I was thinking... is this order good? Got any better ones in mind?

TL;DR Without adding any worlds, how could we improve our current world layout?

I mean the alternative is a world where the seed is chosen to have biomes of every form (or most forms) for resources and the other world is for building and uses a seed with cool regen. Also, maybe disable dungeons like villages. The other option is equalize their size and make sure combined the seeds give each biome available.

Or just make it one big world. I assume you do it this way for the server though.
impossible, because even if a world has all seeds, we will have to impose a border and the chances of having all the biomes are pretty slim
So I have seen it mentioned before that people are adverse to change and resets and they would like a permanent world that is never reset.
Well, honestly I don't think something like that is possible and whoever promises you that is either lying or wrong.
Mojang changes world structure several times, including complete format changes so there is absolutely no way to say for sure that a world from this version will work in version let's say 2.12 or even 1.18 (minecraft just is volatile like that).
Something you are understanding is: Survival dies without resets, you don't do resets, yeah sure people will be happy but the server will be in pain because of lack of players.

TL;DR and this is something NOT ALL SERVER ADMINS UNDERSTAND: The best for the server is not necesarly the same thing to what the players want, it's actually some times the complete opposite.
Our current world schema is:
world1: 4000 border (in worldborder, i am not sure what that means in vanilla mc but its prob 8000x8000)
world2: 3500 border
world3: event world, irrelevant, it's as big as it needs to be
scavengeworld: small but irrelevant as it gets reset often
nether, end - irrelevant, only specify if you feel either hte end or nether need to be removed from the server.

Now I cannot increase world sizes more than that for various reasons, from disk usage to backup logistics nightmares, but I had a few questions and this goes to the players but also to those who are experienced in running MC servers.

Currently world1 and world2 are both building worlds and reset by rotation whenever needed (either when there are new features that we need to reset world to have or when we run out of space).
But I was thinking... is this order good? Got any better ones in mind?

TL;DR Without adding any worlds, how could we improve our current world layout?
So uh, some of you told me that the manager team needs to be a bit more relaxed.
We had a chat about that, and to facilitate that, I am also getting them some toys:

Frost Breath:
Gives the targeted player/entity slowness for a short time. Length changes depending on how many words you know.
With 1 Word (Fo) - 5 Seconds
With 2 Words (Fo Krah) - 10 Seconds
With 3 Words (Fo Krah Diin) - 15 Seconds

Unrelenting Force:
Pushes the targeted player/entity.
With 1 Word (Fus) - Pushes them a little bit.
With 2 Words (Fus Ro) - Pushes them even further.
With 3 Words (Fus Ro Dah) - Pushes them very far.

Marked For Death:
Gives the targeted player or entity poison for 8 seconds. Poison level increases per level.
With 1 Word (Krii) - Poison I
With 2 Words (Krii Lun) - Poison II
With 3 Words (Krii Lun Aus) - Poison III

Aura Whisper:
List players that are near you. Distance increases with each word.
With 1 Word (Laas) - 25 blocks
With 2 Words (Laas Yah) - 35 blocks
With 3 Words (Laas Yah Nir) - 45 blocks

Ice Form:
Completely Freeze a Player or Entity for a given amount of time.
With 1 Word (Liz) - 5 seconds
With 2 Words (Liz Slen) - 10 seconds
With 3 Words (Liz Slen Nus) - 15 seconds

Clear Skies:
Clear a storm for some time.
With 1 Word (Lok) - 15 seconds
With 2 Words (Lok Vah) - 30 seconds
With 3 Words (Lok Vah Koor) - Completely end the storm

Storm Call:
Calls a storm (with lightning) for a certain amount of time. Each level gains length.
With 1 Word (Strun) - 15 Seconds
With 2 Words (Strun Bah) - 30 Seconds
With 3 Words (Strun Bah Qo) - 45 Seconds

Elemental Fury:
Gives you some effects for different times.
With 1 Word (Su) - Haste for 5 seconds
With 2 Words (Su Grah) - Haste for 10 seconds. Strength for 5 seconds.
With 3 Words (Su Grah Dun) - Haste for 15 seconds. Strength for 10 seconds.

Slow Time:
Slows all entities within 40 blocks of you, and gives you Speed.
With 1 Word (Tiid) - Lasts 15 seconds.
With 2 Words (Tiid Klo) - 17 seconds.
With 3 Words (Tiid Klo Ui) - 20 seconds.

Whirlwind Sprint:
Makes you move extremely quickly in the direction you are looking.
With 1 Word (Wuld) - Moves you quickly in the direction you are looking.
With 2 Words (Wuld Nah) - Moves you quickly in the direction you are looking, but you go further.
With 3 Words (Wuld Nah Kest) - Moves you quickly in the direction you are looking, but you go even farther.

Fire Breath:
Sets the targeted player/entity on fire. Length grows with each level.
With 1 Word (Yol) - 2 Seconds
With 2 Words (Yol Toor) - 3 Seconds
With 3 Words (Yol Toor Shul) - 5 Seconds

Throw Voice:
Tells nearby players they hear a voice
With 1 Word (Zul) - Players within 10 blocks
With 2 Words (Zul Mey) - 15 blocks
With 3 Words (Zul Mey Gut) - 20 blocks

Pushes the target slightly and makes them drop the item they are holding (they will pick it up in a second or two if you don't).
With 1 Word (Zun) - 1 Block
With 2 Words (Zun Haal) - 1.5 Blocks
With 3 Words (Zun Haal Viik) - 2 Blocks

Call Dragon:
Summons a dragon for the Player to ride. The dragon despawns when dismounted.
With 1 Word (Od) - Nothing happens
With 2 Words (Od Ah) - Nothing happens
With 3 Words (Od Ah Viing) - Dragon is summoned

NOTE: These will not be added for the players, they are Manager+ and they are meant to be used to ligten up the mood, cheer players and managers+ up but they are NOT meant for excessive trolling, meaning if a Manager+ is asked to stop, they need to stop.

Enjoy your new toys Manager+ team this should for sure help you chill because what is more chill than riding a dragon to a player encounter? :D
SFT Modded / Re: Server Idea
Apr 22, 2021, 02:12 PM
Quote from: TrojanKitty on Apr 15, 2021, 08:36 AMMy idea is to have a new server that is something pretty close to survival, but adds a few mods that improve several sides of survival: it adds new modes of exploration, be-it biomes or dungeons or what have you; possibly some new forms of mobs as a challenge for players to take on
Honestly I would love a "Modded Survival" with nothing drastic added but some "unofficial updates" with more mobs, biomes, etc.
It's kinda hard tho because with any modded server it's just impossible to keep the economy in check tho.

@xQuicScopex @ceddy24 @blalp FYI, I for one think this may be a good idea. A barebone modded server with just modds that add new content, but we should NOT sacrifice performance like mce/stoneblock, we should FOCUS on performance and if adding a mod kills that, don't add it.
I'd be willing to be involved in such a project if anyone else wants to drive it
Quote from: Palker on Apr 21, 2021, 01:39 PM
Quote from: Groot_69 on Apr 21, 2021, 01:30 PM
Quote from: Palker on Apr 21, 2021, 05:02 AM
Quote from: Groot_69 on Apr 21, 2021, 03:41 AM
Quote from: Palker on Apr 20, 2021, 03:21 PMThese are the following "problems" that I can find with Survival in its current state:

- Slimefun doesn't fit well in Survival, it is a plugin that would be a better fit in Modded Minecraft. The advanced machines and systems that you can make are also way too complicated for the average player, especially for the younger players. I personally don't have a huge problem with them, but I've had to do loads of research outside of SFT in order to understand how everything works(for example on their Github repo).

- I'd like to see more focus towards the endgame of Survival on SFT. It usually just takes a few days(if not less) to make it to the "endgame" of Minecraft depending on how much you play. We can assume that the vast majority of our players are situated in the endgame so adding content/plugins or changing something to make endgame more fun should be a huge priority. The mining and fishing plugins are a great example of this, but I believe we need more things to do like with mining and fishing.

- The endgame activities like the mining and fishing plugins only cover 2 specific "branches" of activities. For example, there is no plugin that would allow farmers to progress further into the endgame of Survival like there is for mining and fishing. I know that there are plenty of farmers on SFT that would love a plugin that would function in a similar way as the fishing/mining plugin does.

- Regarding the economy, I believe that there should be more alternative ways of making money on SFT, the only big way to make money on SFT is having a successful autoshop or by doing mining/fishing. This makes it very repetitive in the end, I'm not saying that it should be easier to make money, just that more methods of doing so would benefit the players as they won't burn out while doing the same thing over and over again to get the money that they can spend on survival projects. Some emporium price adjustments could be made so that doing other activities are also viable, such as woodcutting, farming/herbalism, alchemy, taming/breeding animals, hunting mobs, or similar. Mining and fishing are so OP compared to other activities that it makes doing anything else feel like a waste of time from a "money-making perspective".

- Better rewards in general. Again, from a money-making perspective, voting/events/challenges, etc are not worth doing whatsoever if we only take the money into account. If the rewards were increased, we could assume that more players would be interested in participating. I've personally had that feeling a lot of times, why should I go do spleef to get 10-20k if I can do fishing/mining or similar to get 10x the reward? Voting is a different story, most people including myself only do it to support the server, but I'd assume that some people do it just for the rewards and the rewards aren't that "attractive" when you can do plenty of other activities and get similar(or better) return with less hassle.

- I think adding some sort of "Hunting" or battle mechanic that could serve as an activity would be interesting as well, just like we had the Elite Mobs in the past. I think if implemented correctly, with decent rewards, could be a success. Since there is no real PvP aspect of Survival atm, enchanting loads of gear is pretty much useless unless you just wanna look cool. Adding mobs or bosses of some sort that allows the player to get an attractive reward worth their time in comparison to the other activities like mining/fishing could be something really fun for the players. This would also let players help each other to face the mobs/bosses. Alternatively that it is implemented as a "minigame" of sorts like the mob arena minigame we used to have(unless it's still a thing, I have no idea) but with decent rewards so that it is worth doing.

I'll edit my post if I come up with anything else, but that's all I can think of for now. I hope these pointers help!  :)

I don't see how Sliemfun is an issue at all. If you don't wanna mess with slimefun then don't but I feel like a lot of people actually like it so why not keep it in? It doesn't interfere with anything in survival if you don't wanna use it or play with it.
We've sort of been forced to use it though... Because of the hopper change. All of my farms etc broke because of the change and now I'm forced to do a ton of slimefun and I'm guessing a lot of people are in the same situation.

Your not forced to use it. Make your farms smaller or whatever. You can still have 100 hoppers
Nobody is forced to do anything since it's optional to play on the server, but since the hopper limit was decreased by 50%, they are effectively forcing us to use slimefun if we want to keep our usual contraptions going like they used to.
Palker, that has long been changed now, please move on from it, we explained why we had to do that and honestly It's annoying to have to repeat myself
Quote from: Ranger_113 on Apr 20, 2021, 12:31 PMWhat I think that could be really cool is some sort of plugin that has firearms. This would be cool to collect rare "skins" or "variants" of the guns that you could get through drops or SteveCo. It would also be nice to have events allocated to the plug-in. I would research for a plug-in, but I'm busy and a tad lazy :)
I feel like that would just cause a lot of people, mainly those complaining about too many plugins already -to leave
Hi everyone, here is the challenge of the week (a new thing we are doing to try and boost activity).

- Get a picture of yourself in emp, with the person serving emp in the background
- Have at least 2h uptime for this week
- Take a selfie with a JMod and post it on discord or forums
- xQuic is taking over, find 16 of his minions in eventworld! (we are looking for playernames of heads, xquic will verify if this one was passed or not)

FOR EXTRA 50% prize: Take a selfie with Towelie, on Survival (has to be the real me, no skins, no disguises, I will write down who I take selfies with!

Do this by Sunday!

50k Emp (you may not redeem it more than once, and you may not redeem it on alts)
Depending on how this goes, we may keep doing this, with bigger rewards including discord ranks, etc.

NOTE: To redeem, please post proof (screenshots) of the criteria being met by Sunday
Quote from: winston_b on Apr 20, 2021, 12:27 PM
Quote from: Towelie on Apr 20, 2021, 12:25 PMYou know that magic idea that just adds something that keeps people glued to the screen and on the server?
Super glue.
I mean that could work
Quote from: Auzorux on Apr 20, 2021, 12:09 PMNo time / motivation to play and been busy with another game. The world reset kinda set me off.
I get that but.. there needs to be a world reset for there to be a fresh world we can't just keep adding worlds :S And a reset is an opportunity to start over and return to the part of Minecraft that drew you in first!
You know that magic idea that just adds something that keeps people glued to the screen and on the server?
I don't have many examples, stuff like the Murder Mystery plugin, Board Game, but also for some people Slimefun was that.
I just need one idea to give players something enjoyable to do while they are in-game.
So given that I am out of ideas, I thought... let's crowdsource.
I want you all to help look for that "new thing" that will keep players glued to survival, whether it's a new minigame plugin, or anything else really.

Here's what I want from you:
Look for ideas, get some researches. IF you want to look for plugins you can do so here (please make sure they are updated and work with 1.16 before suggesting, should say that).
But I don't mean only plugins.. the sky is the limit in this one!

What's in it for you? If you come with a golden idea that's implemented into the server, you could stand to earn the super elusive and rare "Hype Beast" rank on Discord!
Can you think of another solution for this problem without having to do a full reset? What do you believe is the biggest problem that would require a full reset rn ?
Also, yeah, that thing about players returning only works if the server is not almost fully dead when you do the reset
A full reset, if done in moderation and not too often, it's a great tool to revive a server.
However, I am not too sure about the timing because of a few things:
- When 1.17 comes out we may have to reset one or both worlds again (Not up to us, depending how drastically mojang changes world generation and world formats
- There is a lot of opposition from the community
- The economy isn't nearly as bad as it used to be, and I think overall it's in an ok place. People will gather wealth, some peopel are better at that than others, and just like in the real world there are billionaires with more money on a country on one end, and then people living on the street starving on the other end, that tends to replicate in the economy, so a full reset will only temporarily solve the problem, until people make money again.
I will only consider this if it turns out the majority of players of SFT will want this but I honestly don't think that will happen. What that would mean is a full reset now and then another potential world reset when 1.17 comes out.
Quote from: PyroTempus on Apr 20, 2021, 11:37 AMTLDR: Consider buffing fishing / mining entropy and zeta (and augment values if you want) to make the grind not as 'grindy'. I would however get general feedback on this and be careful in increasing some values as they can have a negative impact on the experience overall if not buffed in consideration. And add some end-game content to cater for the players who are already around who might not have a lot of content left to explore.
@Wppvater You want to do that? But like Pyro said, careful, don't over buff, and maybe we can consult with Pyro when we are not sure of a value
Quote from: PyroTempus on Apr 20, 2021, 11:37 AMA lot of people do enjoy fishing and mining and yoinking them would probably upset a lot of people because of the time invested into those plugins.
Honestly if I removed PyroFishing rn my server would be dead. So yeah, It def wasn't on my chopping block xd
Mining is also well liked by a lot of people.
Quote from: PyroTempus on Apr 20, 2021, 11:37 AMI do believe SFT could be running old configuration files (don't quote me on this) and I have since rebalanced the default config multiple times to balance this discrepency out.
Nah, we got @Wppvater now and he's keeping stuff updated and stuff :D
Quote from: Collier on Apr 20, 2021, 11:54 AMI'm kind of an OG player but due to the amount of times I've lost all my stuff or lost my builds in reset I just lost interest in playing the server. Might play again. :(
Minecraft is a game about surviving and building. It's not a game about living in your minecraft house and keeping everything safe without doing anything adventurous or fun. It's not meant to be a permanent thing, it's meant to be a living, breathing, ever changing thing. Give it another shot and I'm sure you will be captivated by the process of "getting big" all over again!
Quote from: George on Apr 20, 2021, 11:32 AMgrinding a dif game
I can respect that, kinda doing that with Flight Sim now
Quote from: Nubbun on Apr 20, 2021, 11:43 AMPixelmon: Oof.... there's quite a few reasons like drama that went down but I think even without the drama I probably wouldn't have played for long. That first week of being in VC with people I hadn't talked to for a year or so was amazing but also could feel the frustration hit on certain things like how we had to regrind for the same pokemon we had before reset. Resets are fair cuz the game wasn't able to upgrade with an older version of the pixelmon mod but it's just hard to get back into the grind for perfect stats/natures/moves and even shinies/legends knowing that an update could happen and make the grind obsolete. If I play pixelmon now I'd rather play it single player to ensure that if I loose what I grind for then it's on me.

Survival: Idfk i'd play more if @sky_comet did ;D jokes aside, i'm not good at the basics of survival so I tend to just every bluemoon or so get on to play around with the pyrofishing or mine.
Dammit @sky_comet you need to play on Survival and bring all your friends, then survival wouldn't be as empty as it is now :S Pls ? For reals!
Quote from: xJimJam on Apr 20, 2021, 11:38 AMThe reasons I may have stopped playing are because:
- I used to grind for sftmmo and adding skills to my tools but we no longer have that cause of mojang and their annoying plugin breaking updates. Maybe get something similar?

- I don't really have much personal stuff to do most of it is volunteer work that I have to finish (such as staffing/architect things) maybe add a questing plugin with its own world with dungeons?

- this is mostly personal but I have been busy irl to be able to play and whenever I get on my computer I'm usually asked if I finished doing stuff such as clean the house, do school work, etc mostly cause I annoy my sister whenever I play or have fun.

I have started to play and work on my autoshop more often though but doing stuff such as quests, treasure hunts, etc in between would make me stay online more often.
- SFTMMO vs mcMMO - There seem to be two sides on SFT, one prefering SFTMMO and one prefering mcMMO. The truth is I still have the sourcecode of SFTMMO, and we could probably make it work again with a bit of time from an experienced dev but, I'm afraid there are two problems:
- We are too small to justify maintaining such a complicated mmo plugin
- There is no clear push from the players to switch back to SFTMMO. A consistent push, meaning the majority should want that at least
- If we get SFTMMO back, we won't be able to maintain it and update it as well as mcMMO is updated, meaning it will be behind on new features and new skills, etc
- The only way to make this really work would be to make SFTMMO an open source project and allow everyone to help with updates and stuff but a) I do not have that kind of rights for the code b) This was really ever designed as a private thing for SFT