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Is there a way of knowing when a booster is enabled or is it just like pure luck that you login when someone has bought it?
Whenever someone buys something there's a message saying "X bought <booster type> for 2h'
Weird question, but can I ask what the list of words blocked are? Personally feel like you may have left a LOT out xd
Uhm, ok but like are you sure you wanna see that? xD
Do you just hate swearing and people who curse? You can now block that!
Just turn your Personal Censor (plugin developed by @Nafi) on. It will censor more cursewords, with more and more being added each day (feel free to report via forum pm if a curse makes it across the censor)

- /pcensor on (turn your censor on
- /pcensor off

NOTE: Personal Censor only blocks the bad words for you. So if you have the censor on and you type a bad word, it will not be censored.
After discussing with the Managers, we decided to do this (done). Thank you for the suggestion, locked.
The youtuber ImAnderZEL has approached me with a proposal: He is scheduling videos for his channel and has asked me if I would be interested for him to shoot a video of SFT.
Not to be rude, but this in itself made the whole thing sound off
Have had legit youtubers approach me before. They just wanted more which was out of our budget.
No problem, I only posted this as I myself initially thought this was from our server and did extensive testing until I figured out it was not.
There have been, but who's gonna pay $1000-5000 to have an app done? Certainly not me in the harsh times we are having right now due to EULA.

This error occurs when Mojang's session servers are acting up, and it is NOT an issue from our server.
I've only learned this now for myself.

When this error occurs, try 5-10 times to reconnect and you should make it. It seems this error only pops up when the mojang servers are not completely down but are encountering problems
Even if he is shit at the games we play
You wot m8? Oh... nvm, I am shit xD
Woo! Grats dude. Nice to have you on SFT and to have you as a friend and gaming buddy :D
Minecraft IGN: JustJCYT
I have a main channel called JustJC and a second channel called MoreJustJC.
JustJC: 740 Subs : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyz95v-rigwHQJDvJJPbubQ
MoreJustJC:705 Subs : https://www.youtube.com/user/deactivateextreme

Some of my subs are inactive on my second cause it was my old channel before. I made a video on minecraft 1 week ago and it hit 44 views. I can easily grow as i can shoutout my channel from my main aswell.

I made a video on this server: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q6X_mGPXUI
Video is now removed

Inspired by @Delmoren I have added Boosters on SFT!
Check them out at http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/851697

The boosters last for 2 hours and apply to everyone online when bought.

Once again, thank you @Delmoren for your idea, I don't know how I haven't thought about it so far.
Link to original post: https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/topic,169472.0.html

More boosters (such as XP Boost) will be added when it's technically possible (eg: when @AmusingThrone or @darknuju or @Nafi make us a working XP boost plugin which also integrates into SFTMMO. I have talked to @AmusingThrone so far, but I'd like it if he coordinated with the other devs too on this one)

Additionally, a 10% sale has been added until the end of January!
General Announcements / Re: Whats up?
Jan 14, 2017, 09:02 AM
I think we should tweak the item rename tags. If we buy them from the shop we should be able to name anything not just armor/tools/etc. like thats pointless and not fun.

That's what I think, coming from a person that buys a lot from the shop.
I agree. Why would it be called "Item Rename Tag" if you can only rename very few things. I also dislike the character limit - 32 is too little for me because I like to use colour coding, and that uses up lots of the space to name.

(Also is there a way to remove the quotation marks that end up on the items?)
The reason item rename tags are limited is so that I can do custom tools and drain emp when doing it. it wouldn't be fun if anyone could do it
Never mind this guy's a scammer. I asked him for more proof, he provided me this picture:

Then I looked another time at the e-mail he sent and noticed his e-mail had one extra letter.

you live in sweden right ?
not in San Antonio, TX 78288
by the way dipshit
the real anderzel's email is imanderzelbusiness@hotmail.com
yours is imanderzelbusiiness@hotmail.com
that extra i ?
fucking twat
Did anyone else just search up on who that is or nah?
Yeah well we did this once with a hugely popualr youtuber - Bashurverse who charged us nine fucking hundred dollars (this was in the pre-eula days when we could afford such an outrageous number) and then deleted the fucking video few fucking weeks later.

So yeah....
Did Captain Sparklez do it for free?
Updating to 1.10 at this point wouldn't be posssible AFAIK, but 1.8 should be with a lot of work and a lot of dev help.
@Dpa1991  - your thoughts here pls.
Another idea for it is no tax for everyone for a certain amont of time.
I support this. Would give me a chance to donate more to player in game without losing an extra 100k in the process.
not so easily done (actually quite impossible atm)
Which means I'll start listening more to things that are backed by more than one person.

My immediate personal resolution for SFT:
- Stop giving so many second chances (i won't give any examples but it's obvious to everyone what I mean) and ban/detach from soneone once they start being toxic for the community

I'd also like to say that I think it's unfair hearing people say there's bias in the high ranks, when they don't have the access to see what is really going on.
It's in the human nature to be biased, but as @VirginianAE can probably confirm, the amount of drama / bias in the Manager+ team has greatly decreased in the last few months.
I know people expect us to fix things the moment they report, but from my point of view, as a server owner, I can't just demote the entire team and promote new people (not saying that's even the case any more, because it isn't), things are handled slowly, some times they take weeks, other times they take months but please know: WE ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOU. Due to our policy to handle things privately and not in public that may not be obvious but we have never downright ignored someone's complaints / feedback and we are always doing our best to work on that, and in about 90% of the cases, we have resolved the complaints within a reasonable timeframe. Again, @VirginianAE can confirm this one.

I am a very impulsive individual and that sometimes causes me to do things/say things i didn't mean/want to do, I am also working on that.

So yeah... that's all. Peace!

When someone holds a one-sided point of view, we accuse him or her of being prejudiced, or having a bias. Human beings on an individual basis are inclined to interpret situations in biased ways, often based on their cultural norms and beliefs. But there is another kind of bias, called cognitive bias, that all humans share. Cognitive bias is our tendency to make systematic decisions in certain circumstances based on cognitive factors rather than evidence. Human beings exhibit particular inherent errors in thinking when we process information. These errors are the result of genetic predisposition that has arisen over time as humans have evolved; in fact, you can see many of the same biases that humans display in rats, birds, and monkeys. Researchers who study decision making theorize that somewhere in our evolutionary past, many of these biases helped us to survive. For example, the negativity bias causes us to give more weight to negative experiences than positive ones. In the dangerous environment in which our ancestors lived, avoiding negative outcomes likely meant life or death; being especially concerned with avoiding the bad made our ancestors more likely to survive. Other biases may be the result of our brains having limited processing power with which to analyze information, and therefore taking shortcuts--called heuristics--that sometimes lead us to irrational conclusions.

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely puts it thusly: "We usually think of ourselves as sitting the driver's seat, with ultimate control over the decisions we made and the direction our life takes; but, alas, this perception has more to do with our desires--with how we want to view ourselves--than with reality." Bias affects everything we do: from deciding how to handle our money, to relating to other people, to even how we form memories of the past. Though many of these biases were beneficial in the past, these days they sometimes lead us to make big mistakes. Loss aversion, the cognitive bias that makes us strongly prefer avoiding losses to acquiring gains, causes many people to make awful economic decisions. Marketing executives use this to their advantage: you'll sign up for a free trial of a service and then be loathe to cancel it, avoiding a loss. Though we can't eradicate bias--it's far too deeply wired for that--we can try to be aware of it. As we learn more about these biases and where they come from, humans become better equipped to understand why we do the things we do.
General Announcements / Re: Whats up?
Jan 13, 2017, 06:27 AM
Have 2 levels of AutoShop permissions:

Top Level - The current AutoShop plugin (nothing changes).
Junior level - A new 'mini autoshop' plugin.

The 'mini AS' would have a limit to how many chests can be used at any one time (e.g. lets say 5 for instance).

I think having a 'mini AS' would help the donations to SFT as many players just can't or won't pay for the full autoshop (current) permission. I for one know that a smaller $5 donation is a lot more palatable for the younger players (and their parents).

Most of the successful shops are huge and take up a load of time to make and maintain and many player just don't have the time. Also, having smaller shops could be more specialist e.g. just selling wool for instance

Letting players 'have a go' for a smaller outlay can only be good for the SFT bottom line.
Not supported by our current plugin. I did reduce autoshop perms to 10 mils and also ml is kind of a smaller autoshop, so  I think that works. What's debateable is if we should reduce the price for autoshop even lower.
General Announcements / Re: Whats up?
Jan 11, 2017, 05:51 PM
I have made a custom enchantment plugin in the past for 1.8. I could update it to 1.11 maybe add elytra enchants too, and see if we can put it on the server. I think it would be awesome!
Let's discuss this weekend please (sat/sun)
General Announcements / Re: Whats up?
Jan 11, 2017, 05:51 PM
About another 500 words or something added to reaction.
@TheOfficialMiner  - Should I send you the list of current words? XD
I was also considering scrapping the current words and making it 100% pokemon related words -- would that be better?
I don't think it would be better unless you added like ~1500 words, otherwise people would get bored fast