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I'm and always will be perfectly ok with anyone telling me what they think as long as they aren't being dicks about it.
I think most people can confirm that. I have no idea why people are building me this image of a ruthless dictator who bans people for speaking their minds. There's a very great limit between people saying their woes and people using that privilege to start a little "hate group" against me, the latter which will NEVER be tolerated.
Stoovs - Did I ban you or ever punish you for speaking your mind? I may have not appreciated it if it came in a way that didn't sound like constructive criticism but instead sounded like a personal attack.

@Dpa1991 @saywhat2365  - Do you feel like I am not listening to people enough? You as owners should make your voices heard as well in this topic / idea.

@Lucy_23x @magl  - I don't recall ever punishing you for raising concenrs, even when you weren't being the most pleasant about it.

TL;DR - > I just have a problem with people who have an agenda behind making me look bad for the sake of their popualrity and not with people who have legit intent to express their feelings about what they believe is going wrong with SFT. Let's not get the two things mixed, please.
If you are going to make a post asking for some respect, then the least you can do is hand out that same respect.
In the last month or so I have seen you personally ban a few members of this community and give them no heads up whatsoever.
They only find out they were banned because a friend told them.
Its not difficult to have a conversation with someone if you are going to be demoting/banning them.

What, who did Towelie unfairly ban?
Re-read what I specially targeted on.
Its not the fact if they were wrongfully banned or not (trust me, I have my strong views on those, and have spoke them a bit on discord, but that is not what I am talking about here)
Its the fact that you go out and take these actions; demoting or banning, and you don't even have a conversation with the person about why they were banned/demoted.
Instead the messages Tow gets are ignored until someone says something publicly, then he will reply to them.

Staff matters are confidential and will not be discussed with the public.
You are dwelling in the past for the only intent to cause drama. I will begin issuing warnings or even a forum ban if you don't stop.
Added all until now.
Any further submissions will cost a standard rate of 2mil EmpBucks.
@TheOfficialMiner  - monitor this topic
Sorry to see you go if there's anything I can help with please let me know.
since it seems to apply to me quite a lot.
I didn't write this post with anyone in mind, just a general post. You and anyone else are welcome to stay as long as they don't engage in a negative behavior like described in my post
General Announcements / Dpa's 6th anniversary
Feb 20, 2017, 08:13 PM
Today marks @Dpa1991 's 6th anniversary with SFT.
That may not be a surprise, but you know what is a surprise? Dpa spent less than 24h as a player on SFT. Keep in mind we didn't know each other when he first join, he was just a guest which showed potential.

Congrats person who is now my best friend!
Is this aimed by a variety of people or a single person / select few? If so, I think some of the messages said in your post would be better directed if messaged to that person / those people
It's in general.
I'm not asking anyone to kiss my ass but a little respect would be nice.
I founded this gaming community 6 years ago and since you chose to play here then it means I must've done something right.
The fact that you now may have a different agenda and don't care about SFT/me any more, doesn't mean you can just go and turn every post I made into a drama fest.

To be clear, the following types of behaviors are not tolerated and will never be tolerated:
- Flame baiting. Posting for the sake of starting a flame war discussion
- Hateful replies. I make a post about something and you use it as an excuse to start shit with me

I would also like to suggest that if you just can't stand me any more, leave SFT. And by that I don't mean just stop playing on Minecraft but keep posting on the forums to show how much you disagree with me, I legit mean quit sft. Delete your forum account and leave SFT for well.

Second of all, I would like to remind you  / enforce that administrative decisions ARE NOT UP FOR DEBATE. If I decide to ban someone or give someone untrusted it's not up for debate.  You can show your dislike for my measure but the moment you turn that into a popularity contest thinking you'll "show me", I will sanction it.

Third , use this logic: Do I have something to give to this post by replying ? (eg constructive criticism, feedback, suggestions) or am I just replying to be a jerk?

I encourage all my staff to apply warnings from now on for all the situations above. It's time to have a cleaner, more well-mannered SFT.
Congrats and may there be many more years!
Thanks guys :D
General Announcements / Life changing news?
Feb 19, 2017, 02:42 PM
So, I have some life changing (for me) news.
Tomorrow I start my new job at Oracle, as a GIT Systems InfraOps - Snr Systems Support Analyst (Senior UNIX Sysadmin for short)

My working hours will be considerably longer (11am-7pm with 1-2h of overtime daily) and I'll be working every other weekend.
I'm not going to get into details but it's an upgrade in every way xD (career wise, income wise, perks wise).

I'll be available / working on SFT from 7:30 to 8:30 AM each day and then from ~9PM to 10PM each day and during the weekend, whenever I'm not working. (Before I used to work on SFT from 7:30 to 8AM and hten from 8PM to 10PM.

In order for Survival not to suffer, I have recruited @Nafi as a RightHand. He's a special kind of right hand though, with console access and file access, so he will be able to do pretty much what I can.

During work, I won't be able to check in AT ALL, but I do have alerts on my watch showing me playercounts and stuff and I do have my phone so I can always smuggle it into the bathroom and quickly fix any crashed server.

Thank you all, I ask that you are sympathetic with these changes in my schedule, and that if you ask me to do something (transfer perms, sort out donator options, etc) and I don't respond in a reasonable timeframe, feel free to contact Nafi as well.

It's going to be tough for the first few months but if I manage to adjust well this isn't just going to be a new job, it's going to be a career.

General Discussion / Re: Computer Building
Feb 18, 2017, 10:30 AM
Stick with an intel is my tip as well.
How long does the perm/affect last for?
nice work nafi :D!
Permanent, with the exception of boosters which last 2 hours (eg speed boost, etc)
Props for the constant progress and working multiple hours a day. A couple of months ago Pix 1.10 didn't even seem possible and now it's shaping up as a great replacement for the 1.7.10 server. All thanks to you and your hard work (As well as @AmusingThrone 's efforts to port some plugins to sponge, as well as the beta test team!)
B-Team / Re: Thou needs help
Feb 18, 2017, 08:54 AM
@iLaxrv10 @blalp halp xD
FYI, this post started as an intention to make something cool/artsy and not as a way for me to complain xD
I think it was funny and I spent ~30-40 min making the art for it. You're supposed to laugh at it and agree with this, It's not to air any frustrations I may have.
You know what grinds my gears?

That people want to execute you when you make a mistake...

... but quickly ignore any good / positive contributions you may have brought.
Not sure if troll or not.
English is a language, not a race.
Gonna treat you as a troll because it does seem like you are trolling xD
I valued your opinions and I'm sorry it turned out this way. I'm available to talk in private if you wish, if not, good luck.

You can now get Hatchable Eggs from VoteParty!
These eggs have various perks and are unlocked by various statistics. In order for an egg to unlock you have to have it in your /incubator and perform said statistic.

You can purchase more Incubators slots from the shop -> http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/683943

NOTE: It will say on the egg what it takes to unlock it and what the reward is. If you already have that egg / those perks, either sell it as it is, or get enough stats to almost unlock it and then sell it for a higher price.

Thanks to @Nafi (for developing the plugin) and @SashaLarie and @TheStarNomad✯  (for helping me test).
The idea behind this plugin is it allows you to have a spawner which - when upgraded - spawns as many or more mobs than 3-4 spawners would.
48 hours of 1.5 xp boost?

$600 is so worth it :heart:
Not sure if sarcastic or not but:
- You also get these rewards:- 2 weeks of Global Market perms, 2 weeks of /talk perms
- This is a reward for completing the goal, meaning everyone donating for the goal also gets their own perks (eg: if you buy particle trails you get that, and then when $600 is reached EVERYONE (whether they donated or not) also get hte perks from the goal. So obviously the perks are not going to be stellar because a) people already get a reward b) even people that don't donate get this reward.
How would you feel about adding this plugin and adding spawners to the emp as well with a really high price and one per person limit ?

For the duration of February, we have enabled discounts in the premium shop varying from 5% to 15%

In addition to that, we have modified the Monthly Goal and increased the rewards.

Upon unlocking this goal (22% completed when writing this post), the following rewards will unlock for everyone:
- 2 weeks of Global Market perms
- 2 weeks of /talk perms
- 48h of 1.5x XP Boost

NOTE: The goal is increased by buying any package from the Survival premium shop. The target of the goal is $600