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What do I type to get back to regular sft?
I spawned in water near spawn
I would like to introduce a very Beta GTA 5 / FiveM server!
What you need:
- Grand Theft Auto 5 on steam
- FiveM ( https://fivem.net/ )
- After FiveM is installed, search "SFT" in the servers list and join our server

How to play: https://www.superfuntime.org/forum/index.php/topic,182707.msg874539.html#msg874539
It was moved up to 3000 votes?
Yep, that was decided to be the final criteria.
The SurvivalHardcore server has been launched!

This is a pay to play server, you may get a free 5 day trial or buy a subscription here -> http://sftsurvivalhc.buycraft.net/category/1042317

If you are a Patreon subscriber or have over 3000 votes, reply here and you will be added to the whitelist for free.

To play, log in to Survival and type /server shc (or /shc which will become available as of tomorrow)

What is SurvivalHardcore?
- It's a Hardcore Survival server
- There is no health regeneration (so regen potions / god apples won't work)
- Players are automatically healed every 3h
- If you die, you will be banned for 30 minutes.
- The server is set on max. difficulty
- There is a comprehensive MMO-like party plugin, with shared XP and other awesome features!
- Custom plugins provide an integration between the Party plugin (in the form of party names in chat and a scoreboard add-on coming soon)
- There are no warps, no economy, no shops and no fancy plugins (Slimefun, SFTMMO, etc)
- This is NOT a Survival replacement, but a server that is as close to vanilla as possible.
I saw that, it will most likely be temporary but still good.
What day of the week do eggs fear most?

Spoiler: show
Fry-day ;D

Vote omelott for mayor!

Voted you. This pun shows you should be our mayor.
This may not be the right place for this post, but:

Aren't we having too much cars and planes plugins? Like we have the submarine, plane,bike,car, and now the hoverbikes.
I also think this is kind of unnecessary.
Already answered this please read my answer above.
Thank you for all your time here blalp, and for choosing to stay for emergencies.
That is appreciated!
This may not be the right place for this post, but:

Aren't we having too much cars and planes plugins? Like we have the submarine, plane,bike,car, and now the hoverbikes.
That is all a single plugin :)
General Announcements / [Survival] Hoverbikes
Jan 15, 2018, 08:41 AM

Did you ever say "I wish Survival had more fun but pointless gadgets so it would enhance my Star Wars cosplay?" Oh, you didn't? Never mind well... here's hoverbikes... yay!

/hoverbikeshop - Prices are between 500k and 1mil, I decided to add them for everyone rather than premium shop, even though we are not doing that well on money (Shameless plug for Patreon, become a Patron for awesome and unique rewards and perks https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia )
@Towelie when will you be whitelisting qualifying candidates again?

Hopefully within a week or two when we finish some last minute changes.
So.. everything reset? like VW and all?
In case we have to, yes. It will be a case of us HAVING to rather than me choosing to. However, I believe they willl make current worlds convertible so we may not need to.
Tow is shelling out 300$ for  US to play while he works IRL... And we are arguing about flowers... Anyways.

I don't mean to sounds like a jerk but I am pretty sure there are enough adults on here able to donate.
If you take the stats that are located on the forum and Patreon website we have 1/3 of the player base able to make some form of electronic payment.
Of that number 1/3 of whom are current Patreon supporters.

I started my pledge to be a Tier 4 Patreon supporter 9 months ago.
I am on and off
I would really like to be on more often, but I am sick.
I pay no less than 200$ per month on my medication.
My daughter was born in October of 2016.
While I was on parental leave my restaurant was shut down at the end of March.
I got paid Insurance money until Mid September.
I've been living off of my savings since.
40$ a month to Patreon.. that is actually converted to 53$-55$ of MY currency.

I still donate

I can't tell you how to budget your $$ but it could be 1 or 2 coffees a month by 5 more people to make the world of a difference.

Just sayin

I will try to vote more when I am on, I kinda slipped on that a bit even though the rewards are better now.

Thank you very very much for your support! It's highly appreciated.
+Expanded map from 1500 to 2500 after @SpeashuLK 's comment. There is no way to ensure all biomes are present without making a huge map which in turn would pose a problem, but increasing it another 1000 shoudl hopefully give more diversity

+The crafting table bug - I am not able to reproduce :S

+ Exiting properly - I could add a plugin that gives invincibility for the first ~5 seconds when joining but I fear that it would be abused. Also, logging out in the right place should be a thing of its own you have to watch for.

+ Increased the timing between auto broadcasts from 2min to 5min.

+ Increased item despawn timer from 5min to 10min. That means that best case scenario you have 10 minutes until your items dissapear. In practice, this will be random, because an item clear occurs every 10 min, but you can have the bad luck to die at like 5 seconds before an item clear.
Could we not stay 1.12 u till the plugs are fixed and then update? Or am I being simple.
That would mean staying on 1.12 for months time in which we would stop receiving any new joins. Playercount decreases dramatically when you are a version behind, and seing as our playercount is already low, we can't risk that.
I mean honestly, staying at 1.12 will not kill you. Pix went almost 2 years without updating to the newest version and it had a consistent high player join count. You could just hold off on it until you can work on corresponding plugins and having a majority of them ready for 1.13.

You have to equally expect the risks in updating. If you run into the new update with your legs blown off and hope that the new player join rate will fix one issue, then expect other issues to arise such as broken commands/aspects of what survival uses as well as discontent from some older players.

You really can not risk that as well.
I'm afraid vanilla players don't wait so much for an update as modded server folks. modded server folks are used to lax upgrade schedules, every time there's an update we lose quite a lot of the playerbase until we update
You may apply if:
- You are an active Patreon subscriber
- You have 2000+ votes (check with /pstats)
- You are Sponsor/SantaClaus on Survival

To apply, post a reply here mentioning:
- Your exact in-game nickname
- Which of the criteria you are applying for and proof you meet it (screenshot or transaction ID)
Added Discord integration!
I think you made the picture a little big... it's covering the whole front page
RIP, was not meant to be on the front page :)
I am now adding a plugin that will display in chat when someone finds ores. That way players will know when someone MAY be an xrayer (eg it will show the light level) and may decide to votekick that person.

NOTE: This is not the system we are using on survival, we are using a proprietary system there, this is why I can afford to make this public.
So, the SurvivalHardcore server will probably be launched and added to the bungee instance within 1-2 weeks.
Until then, I'd like to give some more information.

We now have a spawn area, thanks to @dondougo1

We now have the party you are in displayed in chat, thanks to a plugin made by @BluetigerESW

We SHOULD soon have a plugin made by @BluetigerESW  which displays the party members and their health in the scoreboard, as well as an indicator that shows if they are within "Shared XP" range (this last one is a maybe)

The following people will be able to play for free:
- All patrons regardless of their tier
- Everyone with over 2000 votes
- All Survival Sponsors (since this is a Bungee server, I will only consider Survival Sponsors). You will need to find your transaction ID or to have the sponsor rank active.
- People who buy a subscription (monthly subscription, will be priced at $2-4 / mo)
- People who buy a lifetime membership (purchase once, play free for the lifetime of the server, will be priced at $20-$40)

Other information:
- The server is set to the highest difficulty
- Health regen is disabled and every item that regenerates health won't work (eg regen potions, god apples, etc)
- An automated heal will heal everyone every 3 hours
- If you die, you will be banned for 30 mins
- Griefing will be a grey area. While everyone can protect their own build, we won't tolerate people who just go around griefing and don't otherwise play  / build / etc. Also the griefing of the environment will not be tolerated (like the mindless griefing of the map)
- All explosions are enabled (TNT, blaze, wither, enderdragon, etc)
- Fire spread is disabled, for safety reasons (we don't want the whole map catching fire, do we?)
- The server will NOT have a staff team. It will be moderated by the community. There will be automated votes (thanks to a plugin made by @darknuju ) which will allow you to vote to kick a player, or ban them for 30 min, or toggle the weather (and more added when people suggest)
We don't need a full reset for survival...

The same thing happened to pix and now no-one plays it regularly. <-- just a thought
Uhm, did you not read the post? We may HAVE to do a full reset, so it's not whether we want to or not.