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If the author isn't able to come up with a fix in say.. a week, I will ask our devs to find a sollution.
Seems to be open source https://github.com/kicjow/Crazy-Auctions
Quote: With a wave of my finger and a flick of my dick, one zap from me will kill you quick so get on your knees to suck and blow but not right now I've got to go´╗┐.

Author: Gfrance
I mean, Im all for sexual innuendos and what not, but there are still kids on this server.-.
Shouldnt we try to make these quotes somewhat appropriate?
^ what she said
SteveCo Rare Crate #10 was added - The Parrot Crate.
In order to get it, you can purchase the "Drop two rare crates for everyone" perk, from:

What it contains:
- Three unique parrot eggs (All parrots are glowing, and have various particle effects: Regeneration, Resistance and Speed
- One of the parrot eggs contains a Fast Parrot with it's speed set to 0.5 (vanilla parrots have their speed set to 0.3 so this is almost double)
- There is also a "fail item" in this rare crate, due to the value of its drops. The Fail item is 8 seeds
Welcome back!
General Discussion / Re: Farewell
Jun 23, 2017, 09:00 AM
Sorry to see you go. Thank you for your service and your time dedicated to SFT!
Any build moves going to be happening?
Not yet, no. We will anonce.
My friend code: SW-6574-1607-3796
I need friends so that we can play games on the switch :D
Leave your friendcode here as well.
Depending on your timezone, you can calculate it yourself. UTC = universal time clock, so it's not region specific.
Due to some infrastructure maintenance with our host - OVH, there may be a possible downtime around 10 AM UTC, June 22nd.
This shouldn't last more than 1 hour according to them.

Follow @SFTMedia on twitter for news and updates in case our website goes down.
We have updated to 1.12 fyi.
We are updated to 1.12.
Are you sure it said you don't have permissions? Seemed to work for everyone else..
Did it say it was delivered?

Not even 2 minutes after taking this picture, she took a key off :\
Cocoa is extremely cute!

But the real question is: what key? :O
one from the numpad xd
Bigger than I thought she was O.o
Yep, she's quite the bird. Hurts like hell when she lands on my head and sticks her claws in my head xD

Not even 2 minutes after taking this picture, she took a key off :\

We are updated to 1.12. All the major functionality seems to work!
Nether works again (no longer corrupts player profiles)
New donator perk (Parrots!) -> http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/939613

Note: Parrots DO NOT currently naturally spawn.  For now, the only way to have parrots is via the perk (or via voting, as voteparty will give sfteggs which contain parrot eggs)
Congrats dude! 5 years is a lot!
General Announcements / [Reminder] Patreon
Jun 19, 2017, 02:15 PM
I'd like to remind everyone about Patreon -> https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia
I'd also like to thank our existing Patrons and tell them I love them and they are one of the main reasons that SFT is able to continue <3
So, this isn't a post saying we updated to 1.12, but rather a post explaining why we haven't updated yet and a few more updates.
Currently, the biggest blockage in updating to 1.12 is SFTMMO, and @ColesyM is on a break until later today, so he was unable to update SFTMMO.
Other than that, there will be a bunch of other plugins that will break such as Pets and possibly even Particle Effects (but should be updated shortly).
After updating, the parrots and so on won't naturally spawn yet, as that will require a new world, which should be here in a couple of weeks.
As a reminder, World2 will be reset, but it will be on Survival for 3 more months as oldw2, after the new world is added.
I want the new spawn to be a surprise, all I can say is that it's a re-imagining of an older spawn, done by dpa and the architect team. If you can figure it out, please don't ruin it for others.
Cleaned up this post for anything off-topic since staff didn't seem to care enough to moderate.
@TheStarNomadÔť»  - As the HoS, you may want to remind staff forum moderation is one of their duties too.
Also, I'd like to throw a peace sign to everyone I've pissed off over the years unjustified

You don't have to take it, but if you want to be the bigger man/woman, you kinda have to xd
Glad to see there won't be anymore negative actions taken without solid proof. :)
yeah, uhm what happens is, there's pressure put on me to solve shit so I then try to do it without having the needed proof and obviously it's going to turn to drama, so I just give up on investigating stuff without proof, don't even bother telling me stuff if you don't have proof.

So, after dealing with this countless of times, I want to ask you something.
When you have something to report to me (eg: Person x is mean and he does this or that), provide proof or don't report it at all.
Because when I go to the other perosn they'll be like "Do you have any proof?" and It'll be your word vs their word.

Please provide proof when reporting something about someone, ALWAYS. Screenshots, video recording, etc.

Thank you!
As some of you may know, Katherine and I decided to switch from a system where every in-game staff also gets staff on Discord, to a system where discord has it's own staff team based on votes from the existing staff.
This was done due to several reasons, one of them being, the need to have a real, solid discord staff team who will clean up Discord from all the drama and spam. A staff team that will be accountable and will pay with their rank for their mistakes.
This staff team will be formed by applications. So you can apply if you wish (answering the questions below), and the existing discord staff will vote whether to accept you or not.

Discord Nickname:
Have you ever been staff on a SFT server before? If yes, which and what rank?:
Most uptime gathered on a single server:
Why you wish to be discord staff:

Troll applications will be deleted and warnings will be issued.
Please allow up to ~72h for the processing of applications (probably a bit more in the beginning)
You can now unsubscribe from the Discord <-> MC chat sync and no longer see discord messages or have your messages be broadcasted in discord.
I can see some problems with this already. When a player wants to insult someone they can toggle discord off and go at the person then enabling it again just so us staff won't see what they've said. When a player reports another player to me because of the things they've said and have no proof with them now it'll be harder to get the proof because the messages won't be logged into discord at all. I use discord to help players as much as i can and try to look into chat logs via discord for proof. But now that will be harder since the players in game can do /discord toggle :/
 maybe have /discord toggle only disable messages coming from discord and instead of disabling in-game chat logging in discord? idk if its possible but it'll be much easier for staff to look through the logs without the logs being tampered with.

Great idea tho i like the thought! :D
I agree if possible it should only disable discord -> you, not you-> discord.
Set this
Code Select
MinecraftUnsubscribedMessageForwarding: false to true in the config if you want what they said. @Towelie
Thank you very much, done.