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General Survival Discussions / SFTEggs
Apr 28, 2017, 07:52 PM
SFTEggs are special eggs that you get during VoteParty which give you some very awesome perks! (from fly permissions, to donator shop perks).
You unlock these eggs by performing various conditions (eg: walking 20000 steps). The condition and the reward will always be displayed on the egg.

Once you obtain the egg, you will have to place it into your /incubator for it to track progress. Your Incubator will have one slot by default, but you can purchase more slots (to progress more than one egg at the same time) from the premium shop

http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/683943 (Look up for Incubator +1 Slot)
General Survival Discussions / Reddit Ads
Apr 28, 2017, 03:50 PM
I've placed a reddit ad in hopes of helping our community with playerbase, so please treat new players extra-nice (not that you don't treat them bad anyway)

Staff - maybe now it's time to be a bit more lenient so we can retain some of these players.
To our Redditor users who joined after seing the ad - I bow to you.

Early statistics.
Thank you @Stariieyed for loaning us our credit card (as they wouldn't take paypal) and @Dpa1991 for his participation
Please vote in the 2nd poll (what is your age group)
As requested by the supreme leader we will make our own bluenia and burn anyone else to the ground.
Applications will be held tonight,
Thank you <3
I am no longer the supreme leader, I am now Father of Dragons. GOML.
This post/poll is just that - to determine if we need. The majority seems to think we need. I do what the majority says :S
General Discussion / Please send help!
Apr 28, 2017, 05:54 AM

RIP boxes
At the beginning this started like a fun joke (which I took it for) but now it's damn right harassing.
Please stop with these posts, start your own city/community/whatever if you want to have a nation and don't hijack the man's hours of work and dedication...

But tow your ruining the fun D,:

It may have started as fun, but now it's just stupid.
I am really against more than one people bearing this status. I see no need to it and at such a low playerbase it's completely silly.
We'll start with one and if/when our playerbase increases, I'll consider a second.
There are some things I really can't involve the entire community in. Eg: unban requests or knowledge of sensitive things that happen (eg: stu gang and so on) because without having the full picture they will react wrongly to it.
A Community Ambassador will be meant as a liason between the staff team and players, between the palyers and myself, will convey ideas from the community to me (like we want minigame x, then I'd say, well go find me a pluginf or it and I'll add it).
A community Ambassador will NOT have access to exclusive manager+ stuff but they will be able to share their point (provided it's drama free and done for the sake of helping and not just for the sake of speaking) on player unbans.

It's messy to do things with a lot of people, it's easier to do it with 1-2 people.
If people vote their friend to be their Community Ambassador only because it's their friend then that's on them. They'll have a shitty community ambassador who will probably do nothing. I can't force the people or tell them who to choose otherwise that wouldn't be an election
At the beginning this started like a fun joke (which I took it for) but now it's damn right harassing.
Please stop with these posts, start your own city/community/whatever if you want to have a nation and don't hijack the man's hours of work and dedication...

At the beginning this started like a fun joke (which I took it for) but now it's damn right harassing.
Please stop with these posts, start your own city/community/whatever if you want to have a nation and don't hijack the man's hours of work and dedication...

Birthday Wishes / Re: Happy birthday Blakus
Apr 28, 2017, 05:17 AM
Happy Birthday Officer!
I'm a fan of this idea. I feel like more communication between the staff and the playerbase would be a good thing.

Like the others, I believe having two would be a good idea. It would help divide up the workload that the position affords, but more importantly it would also mean both parties are more likely to do the job properly - if you were to get conflicting responses from the two ambassadors, you'd know there was a problem of some sort, if you only have one it would be a lot more difficult to determine if there is one or not.
Imo, let's just start with one and if/when the playerbase increases we'll get another one.
I like it. It's definitely been brought up before, and I supported it then as well.

Some points:
- @Jinxie makes valid points, I generally agree with what she said.

- @Tombo_ , I don't think the rep will follow whatever the admin+s say. Current legends and others are pretty fucking stubborn and aren't afraid to state their own opinions. However, I would like 2 ambassadors

Generally, this is a good idea. I think without proper care and dedication however, this can either get ineffective or worse. So be careful how you execute it, admin+s.

Also, if this were to happen, when would the election happen
After this poll ends, if the answer is yes, I will do another post asking people to nominate, then after they nominate for ~48h, we will do a poll, so then.
I'd say multiple ambassadors would be better, maybe 3 to 5? That way different groups on the server have people they like, and have a voice.

Also I agree with @Jinxie 's points, should be someone / people who are ex staff and have been around for a while.
3 to 5? For like 15 players that play online every day? wut ?
Nah, one would be enough...
Not voting cuz i'm not an active survival player, my opinion shouldn't count. But gonna point out the chance of "Hey dude, vote for me then i'll pay you!" xd

and just a question that I could imagine being handy to know, If the ambassador gets banned or warned would that call for a re election? or just scratch the whole idea and be marked as failure? .3.
Yep. A ban will cause a re-election. A warning, depends on its seriousness.
#1 A Right Hand or anyone coming from a background of Staff will always be interpreted as me trying to pick a "sheep" that will do my bidding
#2 If people cannot elect their own representative then I have no faith in humanity.... It's how democratic countries pick their leaders and it's something we can borrow
#3 This person won't get full access into staff boards and chats and so on, just an insight. Like they will be able to ask "Why was this person banned, what did this person do" and we'll be able to explain (stuff that we can't explain now to normal players). No, they won't be able to share this information with the public but they will be able to share their opinion on it (eg: I think the staff decided well on this one or "I think the staff decided wrong on this one)
#4 They won't be bound to the same restrictions as staff
#5 A Right Hand is not meant to represent the people, but to help me better and more efficiently run the server and tune to what the people want
#6 By picking someone that isn't staff we will break the "third wall" between the staff and the players, without releasing any confidential information
Also, a key requirement of nominating someone will be their activity. I won't allow someone who plays 1 hour / month to be nominated as Ambassador because to represent the people, that person would first have to know them.
Curious why people voted No as well. I mean if you don't think we need one, I'm cool with that, I'm just curious as per the reasoning.
I agree that if there were to be a future community ambassador that it should be non-staff. But a few more things too -
- They should be someone who KNOWS how staffing works too (Has been ex-staff, possibly ex-Manager+?).
- They should also not be afraid to say things how it is, but be constructive about stated problems.
- They should each know the designated server they're ambassador for very well - Possible been around for a while.
- They should be talkative, of course, both talking with players and staff about problems and other things.
- They should not be narrow minded, as in, not only seeing one option for problems.

I don't think we should limit this to only ex-staff. I think anyone that hasn't been banned of anything major in the last 6 months should be able to be nominated. I agree with "saying things how they are", but since the people will do the voting, they will do the judgement on that.
I opted for election instead of picking someone to avoid any suspicions (eg: people thinking I chose someone that won't speak up)
We can have elections every 6 months asking people whether to keep the ambassador and if people vote "NO" then we will make another full vote cycle (nominate, vote, etc)
So, this is an idea that was debated in the Manager Chat.
Should we have a Community Ambassador?
What I mean by that is a non-staff player (Legend most likely) who is nominated by the people and elected by vote (forum poll). This person will then gain an insight into how SFT is ran, and will be able to express the voice of the people.

Effectively, what this means:
- The ambassador will have an open link to me via Hangouts where they can share any issues/concerns the community may have
- The ambassador will also have an open channel with the HoS team and the Manager+ team (will also be subjected to non-disclosure clauses - eg: if he discloses staff information he will lose this privilege)

For now we are voting whether we should have an Ambassador. In my opinion, Ambassadors should be per-server, so I will initiate this with Survival and if anyone else wishes, they can do the same on other servers.

Please vote in the poll!
General Announcements / About Super Fun Time
Apr 27, 2017, 10:23 AM
Support us on Patreon -> https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia

Super Fun Time is more than just a game server/gaming community. It's a community of people and friends. It's a place where people can talk without the fear of being judged and hated for who they are (whether it's their race, gender, sexual preference or any underlying conditions). I believe such a place should be cherished and appreciated by everyone.
We've had servers die before, and we jumped back on track a month later with a new popular server or with the revival of another server. However, Super Fun Time as a website and as a safe place for everyone will never die.

While there will be bad apples everywhere, the majority of the people here are extremely supporting, understanding and best of all not judgemental (as I have found myself when revealing my condition)

On that note, I want to ask you that you support Super Fun Time on Patreon and in this way, help us pay our monthly bills (web server, ssl certificate, dropbox subscription for backups, licenses - all these cost money. And these are all just to keep the website up).
I want you to know that I will personally never give up on Super Fun Time, and despite us having a rough time right now, I have faith in the creativity and dedication of everyone involved to turn things around. For that, we need your support, especially in these harsh times.

PS: If you want proof that this isn't just some bullshit to get you to donate and that I really mean it, please know I myself support Super Fun Time on Patreon and have repeatedly paid from my own pocket for ads/other services for SFT. You can easily see that on Patreon, by checking the list of supporters.
Must have a dedicated server (So Overwatch/Rocket League etc are out of the question)
- Must have a dedicated server (So Overwatch/Rocket League etc are out of the question)
- Must be played by more than a few players on SFT
General Discussion / What games do you play?
Apr 27, 2017, 06:15 AM
Please suggest games that you think SFT should host.

- Must have a dedicated server (So Overwatch/Rocket League etc are out of the question)
- Must be played by more than a few players on SFT