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General Announcements / Re: Reddit Post
Oct 15, 2019, 07:08 pm
Thank you!
For the duration of Spooktober, a sale has been added to the premium shop.
Check out here -> http://superfuntime.buycraft.net/category/939613

PS: Or, if you would rather instead, become a Patron for $5 / mo and help secure SFT's future! https://www.patreon.com/sftmedia
Quote from: GRIMI_ on Oct 05, 2019, 02:12 pm
Quote from: Towelie on Oct 05, 2019, 01:39 pm
Quote from: GRIMI_ on Oct 05, 2019, 12:08 pm
Quote from: Towelie on Oct 05, 2019, 08:25 am50 whacks - 1 steveCo Key

It's easy. The important thing is that you git gud
I don't want it to be easy! I buy and sell keys!
My top record was 2 whacks xd And most people get 1-3 so I think you're safe
Quote from: GRIMI_ on Oct 05, 2019, 12:08 pm
Quote from: Towelie on Oct 05, 2019, 08:25 am50 whacks - 1 steveCo Key

It's easy. The important thing is that you git gud
Quote from: Green_Giant on Oct 05, 2019, 09:22 amCareful everyone, theres a serious bug. When you join the server, it will drop an item into the 9th slot of your hotbar,  replacing whatever is already there (the item that was there will be lost forever). It happens everytime you log in. I've messaged Tow to fix it but i'd recommend not joining if you think you have something there.

Updated: Fixed!
yep, can confirm, fully fixed
Try your hand at Whack-A-Mole in minecraft (/whack)
Suggested by @GlitterBomb84 - our resident plugin searcher admin :D

Usage: /whack then whack as many moles as possible!

5 whacks - 100 emp
10 whacks - 500 emp
50 whacks - 1 steveCo Key
100 whacks - 1 diamond
500 whacks - 5 diamonds
1000 whacks - 10 diamonds
1500 whacks - 15 diamonds

General Survival Discussions / Re: Rain.
Oct 02, 2019, 08:19 am
Quote from: xJimmyC on Oct 01, 2019, 10:07 pm
Quote from: hi735 on Oct 01, 2019, 07:51 pmWould it be possible to give everyone access to the pweather command in case people don't want it?
pweather is currently a premium shop perk so giving everyone the perm will cause the loss of potential donations but idk just my thoughts.
For 48 hours, we have a sale on Survival that's practically causing us to lose money (not really).
If you buy stuff worth at least $30 from our premium shop, you will get a 60% discount!
To benefit from this sale, add items to cart worth at least $30 (in total - your cart should be at least $30) and then marvel at the 60% savings you get!


NOTE: The sale is active for 48h. Countdown
Quote from: George_Filos on Sep 29, 2019, 08:24 amThe only way to fix this is Item slowers which also dont work. I will try to come up with more stuff eventualy but i dont realy want to add a 3x3 thing in all my hopper lines. I mean the best for the server matters so I'll get working on it.
Please let me know of your findings. IF there is really no way to make things work then I guess i'll have to roll back the change. Looking forward for your input.
Quote from: George_Filos on Sep 27, 2019, 07:33 pmThis update breaks all item sorters and big smelters from what i have tested so far. Item slowing systems dont work since the 3 items movement cant be bypassed. I would like this update to be reverted.
There are ways to probably fix your redstone to do that. This makes a great difference on lag and reverting it would mean having a lot of lag. The alternative is disabling hoppers entirely which probably isnt something people desire
Added everyone until here.

IP: bteam.superfuntime.org

The Super Fun Time B-Team Classic server is now open once again, after a year of absence.
This time, we have decided to make it a whitelisted server.
To play, you will need to download the Technic Launcher, and download the "Attack of the B-Team" modpack from there.

To apply, please provide the following details:

Your minecraft nickname:
Have you played on our B-Team server before?:
Tell us a bit about yourself:
Do you promise not to grief / abuse glitches?:
Do you promise to immediately register your account after being whitelisted? (/register <password>):

NOTE: Please check whether you can play before requesting to be whitelisted. If you played on our Survival server before, chances are you were pre-whitelisted.

NOTE: bTeam runs an outdated version of minecraft. It is important that you register your account with our secondary login system. To register: /register <password>, then every time you join /login <password> . Passwords are stored in cleartext due to how Minecraft works, and even though only a handful of people have access to these, we strongly suggest that you do not use a password that you currently use somewhere else. Also, we suggest a strong password made out of words, letters and at least one uppercase character.

NOTE FOR FORUM STAFF: Please do not delete this post. It is being used as a landing spot for the bTeam button on the front page. If you delete this post, you will break stuff.
Looks like we're going to keep this as it has significantly decreased lag
Closed. We are no longer accepting pre-applications, we will soon open a post where you can apply (if you already pre-applied, check before re-applying whether you can play
Quote from: Waddupcuz on Sep 26, 2019, 03:04 pmI'll just stop using hoppers, not wanting to move things manually isnt worth lagging others xd
No need, just wait for a couple of days to see if we're sticking with this, and then adjust your redstone accordingly if we are :P
General Discussion / Re: 5 Years on SFT
Sep 26, 2019, 03:00 pm
Congrats! Damn, time flies by
After studying the cause of lag on Survival, we determined that to be Hoppers.
We are currently trying an experimental fix, which may or may not break your redstone contraptions.

Until now:
  hopper-transfer: 8
  hopper-check: 1
hopper-amount: 1

This means: Every 8 ticks (1 tick = 1/20 of a second), one item gets passed through a hopper (note: this could be slower, the example above is for 20TPS)
Also every 1 tick, hoppers get checked!? (I don't understand that either)

  hopper-transfer: 24
  hopper-check: 24
hopper-amount: 3

- Every 24 ticks , 3 items are passed
- Every 24 ticks hoppers are checked !?

Basically what you need to know is that hoppers will be slower, but will transfer 3 items at once instead of 1 to compensate for it.

Do not adjust any redstone yet, as this is just for a trial period and we are not sure if we are keeping this (if it turns out it helps immensely with the lag, we will)
Team name: Team Fam Squad
Team members: SFT Staff Team
Warp to your build: /w2 (after Tera halloween-ifies the spawn xd)

Joking, but Tera, make dat spawn be #1!
Quote from: IIRR2BB on Sep 22, 2019, 08:07 amHave fun visiting your friend and I hope your wrist gets better!
^ +1
1 trillion EmpBucks
Survival premium shop is 50% off for today only! Head on and grab something or you may miss it!

I'd like to revamp our patreon tiers, and make it more desirable.
How can we make it more desirable? What perks do you think there should be for each tier?

Currently, the tiers are:
Tier 1 $5/mo:
- Receive a customized item each month (you have to supply the item due to EULA) and a Patron role on our Discord server, showcasing your Patron status on the SFT server of your choosing - please request it after the first succesful payment at https://goo.gl/kzjDPO

Tier 2 - $10 / mo
All of the above and access to a special forum rank and Patreon-only board on our forums as well as $7.5 worth of premium shop credit every month  -  please request it after the first succesful payment at https://goo.gl/kzjDPO

Tier 3 - $20 / mo
All of the above, a Patron rank on our Discord server, a Patron prefix on the SFT server of your choosing and $12.5 (total of $20)  worth of premium shop credit every month -  please request the rewards after the first succesful payment at https://goo.gl/kzjDPO

Tier 4 - $40 / mo
 All of the above, and an unique custom prefix * color scheme ->   https://goo.gl/PGtzW8  *  and $20 (total of $40)  worth of premium shop credit every month  -  please request the rewards after the first succesful payment at https://goo.gl/kzjDPO

NOTE: If you want to contribute, please tell us what each tier should have in your opinion, such as:

Tier 1:
- Perk 1
- Perk 2

Tier 2:
- Perk 1
- Perk 2

Tier 3:
- Perk 1
- Perk 2

Tier 4:
- Perk 1
- Perk 2

Any posts not in this format will receive a warning
Quote from: BluetigerESW on Sep 09, 2019, 02:25 pmHey everyone! Just wanted to make a quick post to let you all know that we've added some new /hats! You can view the new hats here! :)

Interested in trying out these new hats? You can buy the permission from our Premium Shop here: https://www.superfuntime.org/shops

Amount of work I did for this: 0. Thank you blue :D
Thank you @GlitterBomb84 for your great work in finding this :D
Available now, in the premium shop for $6.4 (undiscounted price: $8)

ChestSort will automatically sort every chest after you have used it.

You can enable or disable this feature if desired with the simple command /chestsort. You can also sort your own inventory using the command /invsort. You can also use hotkeys (shift-click) within inventories to have them sorted, if you do not wish automatic sorting.

The chest contents are sorted by category and/or alphabetically and stackable things will be stacked. By default, items will be put before blocks. Automatic sorting will work with chests, enderchests, shulker boxes and barrels. Sorting by hotkeys works with the player inventory, too. Wool, Terracotta and other dyeable blocks will also be sorted by color.