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The game is survival. Absolutely not.
It is,
but there is fly and godmode also?
I gave ways for it to be less overpowered :)
It is quite a common addition to keep experience on death.
But you seem quite decided so not to worry!
IT is not debateable. Just because there is fly and godmode doesn't mean we have to turn this into creative. THose are not valid arguments.
I get why you'd suggest and I'm not saying you're wrong for suggesting, I'm just saying I'm not going to make that change on a survival server.
its whitelisted until were ready and @Towelie myself and @bluetiger both are the ones that updated the plugins we use and then passed to saywhat to put on the server so it was a group effort :p
Thank you very much for all the hard work to you, blue and anyone else involved!
The game is survival. Absolutely not.
We've noticed a lack of players and donations, and for a change, I'd like to reassure you and tell you how we are going to handle this:

- Pixelmon 1.10
@Dpa1991 is really close to releasing Pix 1.10 to the general public. All that's left is for a spawn town to be built (@Dday694 is leading the efforts for that) and for a pstats plugin to be developed for it (seing as it is now using Sponge and not Spigot) - @AmusingThrone is on top of that with the help of @darknuju and @Nafi

- PE
@saywhat2365 has recently updated PE to the latest version and a new spawn is being built for it. We are trying to "Revive it" because as data shows, Minecraft players are now mostly on mobile

- Sabotage
@darknuju has promised me a beta version of Sabotage for next weekend. Once we test that and deploy it to Survival, it's going to help give bored players something to do. It's going to be awesome!

- Donator perks
@darknuju is currently re-working fun wands and adding more, so we can split them in packs (which will be more affordable, and we will be able to add more more easily)

- Advertising
I have placed some advertising and will continue with Reddit ads later today (I need @Dpa1991 for that as I need to use his credit card)

So have no fear, we are on top of things and are doing our best to mitigate this / improve.
We are planning on revamping the Fun Wands plugin.
The following actions will be performed:
- The wands will be split per packs
- Each pack will be affordable
- For now 1-2 new wands will be added
- In the future, we will keep adding.

Please suggest wands if you have ideas! Any entity works (not just mobs/animals)

Current wands:
Happy Birthday Tera!
This sucks! I was hoping for a more concrete solution. I know this isn't anyone's fault, I was just hoping that maybe someone knew and it would be an easy fix. However, like most things, it's of course more complicated.

I'm not sure how I feel about the teamveiwer thing. I would rather explore other options first, and come back to that as a last resort. If you have no other ideas then it's fine, I would just like to avoid that if possible.
There is no magical solution to your problems.
Every problem is different and getting to the root cause of it is what's needed to solve it. I don't know why people are so damn scared of remote control, I'm not gonna take over your pc or sell your personal data to nigerian scammers. I've seen people who are like "uh no, I don't trust remote control software" and then proceed to click on random shit and install shit when asked by a random site...
Please explain the circumstances of your last ban.
B-Team / Re: I think this is unfair
Mar 24, 2017, 09:16 PM
to clear things up: you can donate free money to others, that's your right, just not millions of emp, as it happened before (the money wasn't even gotten legally, making it even worse) so please don't worry about giving others a little "tip"
Did he abuse any glitches to get the money? I don't understand the ban. If he was banned purely for giving his money away that he got legitimately then it feels like an abuse.
However, if he abused any glitches/bugs to gain that money, it feels founded, but the ban reason is wrong.
B-Team / Re: I think this is unfair
Mar 24, 2017, 05:54 PM
@TheOfficialMiner  - I'd like to know the full history, please PM me.
Who loves you baby  ;)
you do <3

Quick update: I spoke to PaintballKitty, she's gonna swing by this weekend see if she can help :D
General Discussion / Re: It's my birthday!
Mar 24, 2017, 12:38 PM
Happy Bday!
With pix 1.10 being literally right around the corner of release, wait for that to finish at the least.  Then I can probably push an ark update and have two servers done in 2weeks tops
ok, I can wait 2 weeks
is paintball kitty still a thing
Yeah, already reached out to her and waiting for a reply.
Besides, she still has our server ip in her about page.
We seem to be losing players due to two things. 1. Less and less new players joining and 2. Old players getting bored and leaving.
We've collected some feedback and applied some modifications to hopefully at least slow down 2., but to my knowledge the only way to make 1. happen is to invest in advertising.

I wanted to run an idea by you. Should I spend ~$300 on ads (reddit, promoted slot, project wonderful ads)?

If everything goes right, we will get quite some new players and it will help us get known a bit.
If everything goes wrong, we won't gain much from spending the $300 and we'll end up risking our literal hide this month, risking not being able to pay bills.

I feel like this is something that we HAVE to do right now and I believe it would help. I believe what would help even more would be having a youtuber who would make a video for SFT but a) big youtubers are not found easily b) they usually charge large amounts, starting at $1000 for a video.

I am also open to other ideas regarding how to get SFT better known on the interwebs.
@Dpa1991 The little bugs look like lice to me but I could be wrong. I see the same thing (paduchi) when I'm around chickens in Romania.
We checked that, they look nothing like lice. They're smaller than grains of sand. Towelie says they look like Clover mites, but im not 100% convinced they're that particular mite. Regardless we appear to have gotten rid of them
If you bought the insecticide I recommended that was mites killer so they were some sort of mites.
Like I said, if you give me access I'll know. Don't want to speculate about what it may be.
Pocket Minecraft / Re: Owner!
Mar 22, 2017, 06:05 AM
@iLaxrv10 ty ty ty
20 -> Premium shop, anything you buy here will help us -> For the really generous ones, this is a monthly pledge you can help us with

We are currently in a weird spot - there are new projects in the working but Survival has remained largely the only providing server for SFT.
Pix 1.10 is going to be launched soon as well - currently we are in the spawn building phase (The server itself is ready for launch more or less, with the exception of a pstats plugin which is under development)
Seing as Survival's donations slowed down recently (always happens before Summer), we need your help to be able to optimally continue development on all these new projects (and not have to cut costs / cancel projects)

@Mrs_Ender88  - It would be awesome to see at least some of these events be brought back again. Pls try to make it happen, get as many helpers as you need (Managers+, etc) I am autorizing you as project lead on this one xD
Inactivity Board / Re: Inactive
Mar 20, 2017, 04:18 PM
Good luck!
Rust / Re: Rust Server Raiding Trailer!
Mar 20, 2017, 05:48 AM
Pretty awesome!
This set contains Zelda - Breath Of The Wild items and is now available!
You can also "Drop a SteveCo Crate for everyone" ->
Going to let it be a surprise what the set contains, I will drop a crate shortly!