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Added an option to sign up without a team and be assigned one
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Quote from: noobtube59 on Sep 23, 2020, 08:07 PMi want to join a team c:
Quote from: Sassy1233 on Sep 23, 2020, 11:22 PMCan i join a team
we three team?
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Quote from: TristenC7 on Sep 24, 2020, 11:56 PMI need a team, I consider myself good at parkour however I have bad luck I carry in my back pocket.
Quote from: Kamer on Sep 26, 2020, 02:11 AMHope I'm not too late, anyone want to form a team?

Sounds good to me!

Remember to use the form in the initial message to sign up!
Hello everyone!

SaintTheBarman and I are hosting the SuperFunTime Olympics, which will last from the 1st of October until the 25th. During that time the teams will compete in a total of 10 events, 7 of which will be hosted during the different weekends at different times to allow everyone a chance to participate, 1 which can be done at any time, and 2 which will run the entire length of the Olympics.

This form allows you to sign a team up to compete. Team size is 1-4, though we encourage you to be 3-4. Teams must be signed up by 17:00 UTC on the 1st of October.
The one event that starts before that time is the Voting event, where your team's score will be the average number of votes that you can get between October 1st and 25th. More events will be announced in a post shortly after the deadline.

If you want to search for a team to join, please reply to this thread saying so, and maybe you'll find other people looking for teammates!

You can now sign up here individually to be assigned a team

The prizes will depend on how many teams sign up.

Current teams:
Hello everyone!

Me and hi_per will be hosting 5 rounds of Candy spleef this saturday, the first 4 rounds will each boast a prize of 75k + a spot in the final 5th round. The prize for the 5th round is 50k and the glory of being the best candy spleefer.

Time for the event is 19th of September UTC 15:00 (3PM), which is 11AM EST.

We hope to see you there!  :heart:
Welcome CR1 and noobtube!
Mining guide
The best way to mine is with an efficiency 5 netherite or diamond pickaxe together with haste II potions, as this allows you to instantly break stone. In addition you should have a (ender) Talisman of the Traveller to allow you to get Speed III as well as an Infused magnet to vacuum up items easily. Glowstone armor and a hazmat suit are also useful, as they give you nightvision and lava protection.
The best way to tunnel using the above combo is to make a regular 1x2 tunnel, while sprinting full speed ahead. This allows you to find the most ores in the shortest time.
In regards to ores you should ignore iron, fortune coal and silk-touch all other ores.

Pyromining guide
PyroMining is an expansive plugin designed by Pyro. Basically it allows you to get extra drops while mining, and in some cases you can use those drops to give you benefits.
Whenever you mine an ore with a non-silktouch pickaxe you will get some Zeta, which function as a currency of sorts, XP, and a chance to get fluxes, gemstones, artifacts or mysterious dusts.
PyroMining has its own levelling system, separate from McMMO, where at certain levels you unlock the ability to make more vessels and get more drops from mysterious dust. Even if you do not have the level required for a vessel you can still get the fossil pieces, you just can't assemble them.
Fluxes and gemstones are purely there for you to sell using "/mine shop".
Artifacts come with a rarity level, I-IX (1-9), which is the main influence on how good the rewards will be from opening them. When you get an artifact it will be sealed, and while sealed it's stackable (and sellable to us). To use them you need to take the sealed artifact in your hand and right-click to get an unsealed artifact, which are non-stackable. Be aware that if your inventory is full while doing this, the artifact will disappear! The unsealed artifact will display what loot you can get and at what chances. To get the loot you need to open "/mine artifacts", put your unsealed artifact there and then wait the designated amount of time.
Fossils and vessels
The unique loot from artifacts are fossils. Any rarity of artifact can drop a fossil, but the higher the rarity, the higher the chance. Fossils have no use apart from making them into a vessel, which give you various bonuses to the pickaxe you put it on. To make a vessel you need to have all the 8 different fossils of the same name, put them in a refinery and press the fence. Put the vessel on your pickaxe and then open /mine vessels and click your pickaxe, and add a requiem to each of the empty spots beneath the iron bars.
You then need to play a "minigame" to find out which 3 requiems out of the 12 that exist are the right ones. The "minigame" is that every ore has a chance to spawn a thrall that increases your progress towards finding out what the next Requium is, or a boss which will tell you which your first wrong requiem is. Once either one has spawned there's a two-minute cooldown until you can spawn a new one. The order of requiums is random for each player, so you cannot ask someone else for the combination.
Once you've got all the three requiums in the right order, you need to kill the boss and then your vessel will be added to your pickaxe.

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the Mining Guild. We are a collection of players all interested in the mining part of Minecraft who have come together to form this guild. The purpose of the guild is to provide useful information about mining and PyroMining, host community resources, and facilitate the trade of vessels, fossils, artifacts and more.
Our headquarters can be found at /warp MiningGuild (or /warp mg for short).


Drako_Dragon777, Raptor89, minecraftmeme11, SevenHarts, Green_Giant

Green_Giant and D_doge23

Arcticyy, Pamfylia, kray0ns, winston_b, Lou671998, OrangeJuiceeee, Dogggeh, Cr1_98, noobtube59

Total members: 16

Applying for membership
Anyone can join the Mining guild! Either make a reply to this thread stating that you'd like to join with your ingame name or contact Wppvater ingame.

The Ore Placer
The ore placer is a piston machine built by Wppvater, Green_Giant and brotherband that allows you to very quickly and easily place silked ores to mine with a fortune pickaxe. Simply crouch down on the cauldron and get underneath the stair and start holding down your right mouse button, the pistons will move the ores away. Once you are done press the button that's on the wall next to you to move the ores forward to where you can mine them. It may seem weird that you have to do that, but we have good reason.
The ore placer can hold 27 stacks of ores, which is exactly one full single chest. In addition there's a shulker room where everyone can place shulkers, and two crafting tables.
Only guild members may use the ore placer.
The warp is /warp oreplacer

The Marketplace lies beneath the entrance cave and is as it sounds a place for trading. We are working on getting autoshops set up for all fossil pieces, vessels, requiums, artifacts and more. In addition we'll add an auction post for those who feel that our prices are unfair. The goal for the guild is to allow people to trade in an easy way, not to make money. The margins are there to offset the risk that we're taking.
Physically the marketplace is divided into four sections, each with a different species of fossils, and in addition there are three shops at the cardinal corners. The requiums are located in the Chimera section.
Direct warp is /warp fossils
All the different fossils have their own warps too, eg. /warp memento /warp imperos /warp nagyn
The requiums can be reached through /warp requium
For the auction board it's /warp fossilauction
We buy ores at /warp mgores
We trade artifacts, mysterious dust, runes etc. at /warp artifacts

We have a small workshop with an Auto Anvil MKII (thanks Doge!), an enchantment table, pyromining refinery, a gold block, enchanted crafting table and a crafting table. It's near the oreplacer, so that you can easily use up the levels you get from all the ores.
The warp is /warp workshop
Quote from: Mazeworker on Sep 01, 2020, 07:31 PMHeh...
Quote from: T4Tom2 on Sep 01, 2020, 06:47 PMNote: I may make the prizes available to the voters in position 2-4 and give Mazeworker a prize of their own, for obvious reasons ;)


How do you average 14 votes a day?
It's insane.
This is the most amazing nail salon I've ever seen.  ;)

With PaizuriXL, sawhat2365, NotKyleOrg(donnydoom604), MrC0W,SaiTheSavage, IIRR2BB, Stardominate, goosekino, someone I don't recognize, JustAddWater, Wppvater, Sandy191, samanthasnee and MasterX70
Yessss, I've been saving so many ores for this!

CrazyAuctions doesn't tax either person, allowing the people who have those permissions to bypass the tax. (for example by swapping the items and then putting up a stick for however much they agreed to pay)

Make /pstats display X weeks once the person has actually passed X weeks inactive. Right now it displays a rounded number, so 2 weeks and 4 days will display 3 weeks, allowing builds to be BCVed quicker than they should.

Update (I think it should just be dragging the config for emp prices)

Can the XP rates for the McMMO combat skills be increased? The other categories are slow but fine, however the combat skills are insanely slow.

Make the active McMMO mining ability Superbreaker's triple dropchance work with silk touch pickaxes. Currently it only works with fortune picks. (which if you read the McMMO wiki it's actually supposed to work with silk touch, but not fortune).

Include the 200 hopper limit in the building section of the /rules book.