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We've had a suggestion about adding custom image maps to the donator shop. We'd be able to make very high detail images into maps that you can place. An example:

Any thoughts are welcome :)
Quote from: Canner1 on Nov 24, 2020, 04:49 PMI'll take O for oceanic, might be more like a fishing spot, tiny boat and dock

I'll get the protection set up correctly the next time I'm on!
Updated, both sphere T and X have been finished by Stini, Marisa and Reimu! Thank you for your contributions :)
General Survival Discussions / Re: PyroMining
Nov 12, 2020, 07:39 AM
Looks great, however one thing is incorrect: The vessels have random quirks, not only the quirk listed in /mine journal
Thanks to OrangeJuiceeee and 8snowy11 I now only need a single Imperos' arm!
Updated :)
General Announcements / Olympic results
Nov 02, 2020, 02:28 PM
Hello everyone!

Sorry about the delay, the BuildComp was really close and Saint and I had a really hard time deciding on the winner. We've finally done so, and would like to present the final scores:

Winners are The Big Chunkies with 72 points!
Runner up is Green with 55 points.
Third place is Wasted Seconds... with 46 points.

4th: Choose a name please #2 with 43p
5th: Army of One with 20p (and a 1st place in an event)
6th: Big daddy & The sugar babies with 20p
7th: The Demon Dogs with 10p
8th: Choose a name please with 6p

Well done to everyone who participated, we hope you enjoyed it :)

The winners and runner up may contact me or Saint in-game to receive their heads and custom item :).
All emp prizes have been paid out.
Marketplace / [Buying]1 Imperos' arm
Oct 30, 2020, 07:00 AM
Additional Details:
Only the arm left now.

150k each

Closing date:
Whenever I've got them.
Quote from: Chill2000 on Oct 28, 2020, 01:18 PM
Quote from: Thanos on Oct 28, 2020, 09:39 AMI'm not trying to be picky but shouldn't the prizes be "for everyone"? What I'm trying to say is that many people don't do PyroFishing or PyroMining or Slimefun.. Shouldn't the awards be normal minecraft items which everyone will find useful?

Whilst that would be ideal it would be hard to have every prize useful to everyone. Also hopefully it will give people a nudge to try out pyros plugins since they are fun to play around with
That is exactly my idea. I hope we get more people interested in what I view as the long term progression plugins of the server, and if not it'll hopefully create player to player interactions because you can't sell those to the emp, you have to trade with other people.
Best of luck! I wish you a speedy recovery!

Quote from: Mazeworker on Oct 25, 2020, 04:09 PMSpherecity Vote Party build will be on hold and I wish to remain on the project as this fits me perfect.
Of course! Take the time you need, it'll still be yours when you come back!
Quote from: Mazeworker on Oct 23, 2020, 09:09 PMSo... I pick one from the list?

I pick V for Vote Party!

I'm going to build a Vote Party Area decorated with all vote rewards drops...

OOH I like this! I'll get you added the next time I'm on!
Hello everyone!

At 19:00 UTC on Sunday Saint and I will host the final event for this Olympics, Boat Race, but on a new track. After the boat race we will crown the winners of the Olympics, so all buildcomp builds must be finished by 18:00 UTC!

In addition, I'm offering 250k to whoever finishes the boat race quickest, even if they're not participating in the Olympics!

Remember to talk to me about doing the Redstone Puzzle too, where I'll give anyone who manages to finish the entire thing in under 2h 500k.

Results, as always, can be found here on this spreadsheet
Project name: SphereTown 2.1/SphereCity

Project owner: Wppvater

Project warp:/warp spherecity

Project description:
Spheres made of glass with stuff inside.

For those who are not elderly, back when I first played on the server the original SphereTown had been deleted, and I built what became known as SphereTown 2.0. Since coming back again I've been working on remaking it since I find it relaxing to build spheres.

However I want to involve the community in building the insides of the spheres, so that it reflects more of the server than just me!

To participate, find an empty sphere, use a stick to find out which one it is (the name of the sphere is the letters that come after Wppvater_1 when you right click with a stick inside the sphere) and tell an idea of what you want to build inside.

You do not have to build a biome! There's a lot of biome spheres because I enjoy building biomes.
Empty spheres (26/45):
D, G, K, M, N, P, Q, R, Y, Z, AA, AB, AC, AD, AF, AG, AH, AI, AJ, AL, AM, AO, AP, AQ, AR, AS
In progress spheres (6/45):
E - Enchanted forest - Kakota
J - Cute Jungle - Lady_Carissa
O - Oceanic - Canner1
V - Voteparty - Mazeworker
W - winston_b
AK - RockyAstrologer

Project rules:
To be able to participate, you should at least have the rank of member, and preferably higher.

You may not alter the shape of the sphere or the material of it (You may close some entrances if you want)

If you do not make significant building progress within a month your sphere may be reassigned.

Project manager:

Project contributors:
Completed spheres(13/45):
A - Nether - Wppvater and OwenMeldrum
B - Aquarium - Wppvater
C - Birch Forest - Wppvater
F - Calm Lake - TeraStorm
H - Plains - Wppvater
I - SkyRealm - TrueDemonSquid
L - Desert - Wppvater
S - Cave - Wppvater
T - Mushroom fields - StiniPenguin
U - Arctic - Brotherband
X - Mushroom Biome - MarisaKirisame and ReimuHakureix3
AE - The End - Wppvater
AN - Elementary - Pamfylia

Project donators:
I personally don't mind the chat speed - it's like it was back in 2013/14 which is what I was used to anyways. I like that the chat is active and that there's always someone to chat to. Overall I think the change is a step in a positive direction.

However I think Green brings up a lot of good points, perhaps treating servers like we used to treat [Loc] and having a /sh command would be a good idea.

What does bother me a bit, as a survival one-trick, is the abundance of people on the other servers with colors that in my head are reserved for staff ranks only. I don't know how to solve this, but it took me like a day to realize that people that had a JMod green [Grunt] rank on Pixelmon were not JMods. Since on survival what color your name can be is very strict, this does bother me, especially now that our staff ranks are not named JMod, Mod, Manager, Admin, as we use halloween versions, and even when we're not, a lot of staff have custom prefixes so only the color indicates that they're staff. I can see this being very confusing to both new and old players.

We will also need to make sure that all staff on all servers are on the same page with what's allowed in chat and what goes over the line.
Hello everyone!

Today we updated the voteparty rewards, and in short - we made them a lot better! Voting is one of the best and easiest way everyone can help out the server, and we want to encourage you to do so.

A brief summary of our changes:
 :diamond: You can now get some vehicles, including the otherwise unobtainable BLU Tractor.
 :diamond: Around 10% of the time you'll get PyroFishing items, including entropy crystals, dolphin tails and squid tentacles!
 :diamond: Around 10% of the time you'll get Sifted Ore for Slimefun
 :diamond: Around 10% of the time you'll get PyroMining items like fossils and artifacts(including divine)
 :diamond: The worst rewards are now worth around 1k - No more single prismarine shards :)
 :diamond: You can now get all the Steve Co Crates
 :diamond: Creeper head chance has been slashed from 1/8 to around 1/80.
 :diamond: Extremely rarely, you can get a nether star!

In addition, Towelie has also made it so that you currently get rewarded twice every voteparty, so it's time to get everyone to pitch in so the party starts!

In addition I'd like to tell you a little bit about the rewards for regular voting. Assuming you vote on all 10 sites every day, you'll earn on average a little over 800k every 5 days, which is quite a lot. Even on tier 0 you can expect around 45k worth of rewards from voting on all the sites, while on tier 4 you can expect around 400k worth of rewards from 10 votes.

So remember to vote to help yourself and the server!
Hello everyone!

This weekend the Olympic events will once again fill in as the weekend events, hosted by SaintTheBarman and I.

Both will be hosted on Sunday:
First Pyramid Spleef at 17:30 UTC Link to countdown
Secondly Wipeout Relay at 19:00 UTC Link to countdown
Prizes are 100k to each member of the winning team!

During the Wipeout Relay you'll get a benefit if more than one team member participates.

It's likely that during Sunday the redstone puzzle will be finished, and your team can do it at any time by contacting me :).

Remember that you've now only got less than 10 days to finish your build competition build - /warp olympicsbuildcomp

Here's the current spreadsheet with results.

Survival / Re: MilesDavis750
Oct 13, 2020, 09:47 PM
Unbanned, welcome back!
Survival / Re: MilesDavis750
Oct 13, 2020, 01:25 PM
Hello again Miles!

The manager+ team has decided to unban you with the following terms:
:goldenapple: You promise to listen to staff
:goldenapple: You promise not to lie to staff again (as we know from dyduke that you've not posted the entire truth in your request)
:goldenapple: You're on your final warning now, if you're banned again you're very unlikely to get unbanned.
:goldenapple: You read our rules on this link here and tell me one of the rules in your reply.

Put a  :potato: in your post to show you've read it all and agree to the terms.

Please reply within 48h.
Survival / Re: MilesDavis750
Oct 12, 2020, 10:12 PM
Hello there Miles!

You were banned for Griefing and Lying to staff by dyduke. Since he's no longer a staff, the manager+ team will take over this unban. Please allow us up 48h to come to a decision.
Hello again Olympic athletes!

This weekend we'll again have 2 events, this time it's JungleRun (/warp junglerun) and Skyfall (/warp skyfall).

JungleRun will be hosted on Saturday the 10th at 20:00 UTC Link to countdown

Skyfall will be hosted on Sunday the 11th at 19:00 UTC Link to countdown

The winning teams will once again get 100k per teammate.

Last weeks result is that team Green won both events, leaving him at 12 points, however The Big Chunkies aren't far behind at 9! View the score here (it'll also be updated after there's been an event)

Regarding the Redstone puzzle it is soon ready, and once it's done you'll be able to contact me or Saint to go at it with your team. I may or may not post an announcement about it.

Remember that both the voting and build contest are still ongoing, and the build location has been moved to /warp OlympicsBuildComp

Best of luck!
Marketplace / Re: [Buying]Two Necro's spine
Oct 08, 2020, 11:52 AM
Locking this because I got the 2 I needed! Thanks OJ!  :heart:
Marketplace / [Buying]Two Necro's spine
Oct 07, 2020, 04:33 AM
Buying Two Necro's spine

Additional Details:
I need two Necro's spine for PyroMining, and they seem to be quite impossible to get.

250k each.

Closing date:
Quote from: xsmle on Oct 04, 2020, 04:06 PMI would like to join the mining guild

Welcome! :)
The Olympic torch has been lit and the Olympics have started!

To start the Olympics off this weekend we'll host 2 Olympic events - QuickSand and TowerSpleef.
QuickSand will be hosted at 13 UTC on saturday. Link to countdown. Hosted
TowerSpleef will be hosted at 18 UTC on sunday. Link to countdown.
The members of the winning team for these events will each recieve 100k.

In addition, the two overarching events have now started too:
The Voting event started yesterday, and to clarify it's the team with the highest average amount of votes that'll take home the win.

We're also hosting a BuildCompetition at /warp BuildComp
The theme is Abandoned, and the builds have to be completed by the 25th. All teams have been assigned a plot.
Put worldedit requests down in signs and Saint or I will do them during the last weekend.

So how do you win the Olympics?
Each event gives your team points depending on how well you did - The winning team will gain 5p, 2nd 4p, 3rd 3p, 4th 2p, 5th 1p. For the BuildComp and Voting the scores are doubled, so the winners will gain 10p. We have a spreadsheet up where you can see how well your team is doing. At the end of the Olympics all the points are added up and the team with the most points will each win 1M emp, 1 player head of their choice and a special, custom item :)
2nd place team will each get 500k EMP and a player head.
3rd place will win 500k EMP.

Have you missed the sign up? Good news for you - you can be assigned a team by replying in the comments. Don't miss this chance!

Current teams:
Greennnn - Green_Giant
The Big Chunkies - TristenC7, AtomicPulse, cheddarsoup and 4danneh7
Big Daddy & The Sugar Babies - OrangeJuiceeee, SaiTheSavage, SwiftKingAce and TropicalAttract
Choose a name please - HissBoom, OMGItsMagnet, Mazeworker, Rooster702
Choose a name please #2 - _AfishingMike, XSassyX, noobtube59

What are the other events gonna be?
We're keeping them somewhat secret, but there will be more parkour and spleef, as well as some other events like a redstone puzzle.
Added an option to sign up without a team and be assigned one